The Mafias Strikes Again Against Venezuela


For all those that have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

Former guns driven+ pedovore zionist Jewish mafia affiliate, Rick Scott= now a junior senator in Washington for Florida, and along with affiliates politicians as Mario Diaz Polar from Florida too,+ bubble boy, Marco Rubio= senator from Miami.+ as well children burning kingpin Mike Pence+ foreign agents as Mike Pompeo+ John Bolton+ Elio Abram, etc. And in unison, we are most certain with the South Eastern Florida Mafia that covers Weston, El Doral, Hialeah, and Miami, are now planning another strike against the sovereign nation of Venezuela.

Rick Scott, is influencing for our Marines Corps from the State of Florida, and or any other State for that matter= First Marines that is, Be boots on the ground bringing “AIDS” to Venezuela. But what they do not tell you is, that with them are coming ones of the most vicious terrorists groups that are being trained specifically for this “humanitarian operation.” Keep in mind that if they are bringing the supposedly AID, it is mixed, and or packed with weapons of all kinds. Also keep in minds that the ships from the RED CROSS will be there too! How convenient, is it not?

As we already know, The RED CROSS is known to be a facilitator for navigating stolen goods from countries to countries,+ kidnapping children+ humans organs,+ arms, etc. This is the main objective for the RED CROSS, not in any moment be of assistance for any relief efforts from any disaster, although they pretend to be! 

Their aim is entered Venezuela any which way, and then start shooting civilians. Remember that the terrorists are some dressed as civilians, and then many dressed as the Venezuelan Military. All is carefully planned accordingly. 

When the shooting start, dead people are everywhere… and then when the military is call to defend the people, many from the terrorists cells then will appear dressed as the military, that then at will, will start shooting all civilians on their way! 

Here is when the people will see that their own military is shooting their own people. Not knowing that the terrorists are the ones shooting due the fact that they are dressed as their own military, all that it is, is confusion, and disbelieves.

The terrorists are in charge, and the military is lost…

Then with this scenario the public goes crazy, and then the terrorists that are disguising as civilians as well, will blame Maduro for what it is taking place. Suddenly Maduro will be the most vicious dictator of the world, worse than Qaddafi, and Saddam Husain. The world will soon condemn Venezuela as a nation that have their people NOT with any democracy, and thus Maduro most likely will be gone. 

KEEP in mind that the same thing the international mafias, of which the corporal USA has been involved, and this includes England of course, are the fuckwits doing this as usually with all nations of the world. 

We have gone so deep, we can even provides some of the terrorists cells:

Leonardo Lopez Gavilan= the chief

Freddy Guevarra= Ideologist and propagandist

Juan Guaido= auto proclaim 

Carlos Vecchio= RR internationals

Roberto Marrero= chief of terrorists cells

Juan Planchard= financial operator

Sergio Vergara= assistant

Roxana de Cucuta= recruiter for terrorists

Agricultot= chief for terrorists operations

Freddy Superlano= logistic

We have called the mafias from the allege USA corporation, and its worldwide mafias affiliates to cease and desist from infringing the sovereignty of Venezuela. And in particular the CERCO team from England that main aim is privatizing nations across the world, as if they owned them. Which we have no doubt they are behind the destruction of Venezuela just as they have done with all known and unknown  nations. 

Their aim, we are most certain, is doing the same thing in Venezuela. These clever mafias families use the people= pay them all the money they can afford to achieve their goal. The poor and uneducated buys into their schemes.

These criminals until today have hidden military units in Syria call Aegis Defense Services mercenaries in which are human traffickers and terrorists from England! This is the same scenarios they are planning for Venezuela. 

Venezuelan, get ready to kick these parasites from your country, and bring Guaido against the wall. He is part of all these. He is a traitor of high caliber ready to kill his own brothers and sisters for a bowl of porridge. Have no compassion for this dog+ all his accomplices before millions get perished just like they did in Iraq+ Libya+ Yemen+ Palestine+ Vietnam+ South and North Korea+ Nicaragua+ Colombia+ El Salvador+ Ukraine, etc, etc.

Viva Venezuela, and Viva Suda America! Let us all be sovereign nations without the invasion+ violations+ piracy from these evil tyrants. Spread this every where so their cells and plan be disruptive. So be it.


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~the people

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