The More You Know: Are You Ready?

We all know that we are at the precipice of confusion, and deception. Truly, we the people from this planet have had it. Regardless, do not despair, as we are heading for great things ahead of us.

Many of the things we are about to say here, many already are aware off, however many are not. First of all, we all should be aware that the way of banking as we been used too until now, it no longer would be. All banks are literally broke, and ALL would be permanently closed sooner than later. This is due the new changes upon us, and the destruction of the “Petrol / Petro dollar, or fiat money that was for a fact very dominant worldwide.” The Petrol dollar was based on oil, so they made us think. The real truth is / was that the American so popular money was entirely based on human trafficking. Not just based on kidnapping and killing people, and wars, etc., but it was a system where our Birth Certificate+ our Social Security bonds were all pledge for the activities of creating money. In another way, we were / are chattels for a group of criminals that disguise as our government. These people owned us because we were for a fact the money itself; the gold itself. And this was / have being happening since 1913, while we the people were left behind being treated as slaves, and within a parasitic state struggling for survival. We were / are the capital for the Stock Exchange in the United States that was / is the base for all banks across the world be connected too. And each human being, dead or alive on the planet, was / is registered in the Stock Exchange.

Actually, the entire world was being run by Maritime law. Meaning, we the people lost power over the land, and all laws that protected us from pirates, traitors, and infiltrators. The entire world have being run by top criminals that only cares about their own interests. Corporations owned the entire planet, and we the people were / are their slaves. No wonders there it is / was no respect for our humanity, and all moral values were thrown in the garbage.

In fact, so powerful are we, that our signature automatically, that is if we want to write a check, a Note, and or pay for anything in particular, our signature produces the money for it in that instant, as in magic. The comptrollers knows this, and it is their responsibility making sure that they have that working out for the people’s well- being worldwide. We are unlimited when comes to this universal law. This law is not just privy for particular ONES, or particular king or queen only, although most certain an evolved soul or souls most likely would be chosen for maintaining order among society, and for keeping the safety for all evolving species, beside directing the financial system for everyone accordingly.

Photons, atoms, cells, and molecules are gold. Are energies. Are currency. Energy flow. Currency flow. I AM flow. And these cannot be counted for, nor measure. It is just impossible. Gold as light. As golden light. Light= gold in solid state. It also= silver. And guess what we are made off. Enough said.

Many were not even aware that our Birth certificate was actually a bond, and as well our Social Security Card, that on the back does have a bond certificate number. This bond was intended for us cashing it and live a comfortable life without so much struggling after we were born. And they never told us so. They never informed us about this gift bestow upon us. And in case you were not aware off, even our driver license was / is a bond, and so are marriages certificates; death certificates, etc. And what it’s disgusting, is that all these bonds were / are redeemable times over and over again indefinitely.

There it was a time when there it exists links where we could find out where our Social Security bonds were being used for. Anyways, I have you know that I found out that my bonds were being use for paying / for financing a bunch of clothing Boutiques in France! This was just one example, as my name, all in capital letters, was financing many businesses across Europe, and United States. This system was being used by the elites for their own gain and power, and by everyone that was aware off, inclusive distinguished high class traitors as lawyers; judges, politicians, Royals, clergies; Hollywood; sports; Big Pharma; medical, science; governments, schools / colleges; religion, investors from all level, and last but far away from the least, all pedophiles alike.

Beyond fraud. High crimes indeed. Without. My. Consent. Without our consent. This is the REAL human trafficking system.

Now we all can innerstand why the entire system must be destroy, and many businesses would disappear, only to be rebuild by the people themselves. Further, it seems as all the resources from each country would be nationalize for their own people survival. This way, no one can come and steal it.

If this is triggering you because you were ignorant about this, and because you have a million dollar or more in the bank, and now you do not know what to do. Well- are you aware that according to bank law, in case that a bank would default, we are only secure for “two hundred thousand dollars.” This mean that if your bank closes its doors tomorrow, two hundred thousand dollars is the amount that anyone would get if they have more than that amount. Matters not if you or anyone have billions. Capisce?

Now, chances are that your bank might not have CASH money in their drawers. Petrol money is hard to find now days. Pray if you can get at least ten or twenty thousand in cash. The more cash you have at hands, the better for you. We think, and according to what we can discern this would be redeemable, but not more than two hundred thousand when the new system kicks in publicly.

Why would anyone would have so much money in the bank!

Anyways, get your affairs together because you are running out of time, and no one can stop what is coming. No. One.

What is coming can be of some challenges for a while, but it would be worth it. The entire old system would be no more. Fear not. Instead, keep healthy. Pray. Keep your family together. Have plenty groceries at hands, and last but not least, you might want to have a wood stove in case we do not have electricity for a while. Fear not if this happens. You can make it through. And keep in mind that if there it is no electricity, there it would be no internet. Can you live without internet? Yes you can. We think this is the time for family get together, and have fun with the kids playing games, and story- telling, etc., if this were to occurs.

Keep also in mind that there it would be no more debts. This means that all your debts would be paid off! And we would be financially rewarded, so be not afraid if you lost your job. After all, when this is over, there it would be plenty jobs everywhere for everyone+ and many creativities for everyone enjoying life.

Also, do not waste your time thinking about 5G, smart city, AI, more Covid; UN, etc., etc., as all these are going down the drain. Also be assure that all bad actors from all corners of the spectrum have been replaced with look- alike- this has been going on since 2017.

When would these changes would happen. It is already happening, however a big impact of something could happen any time, or no later than this year. So be prepared.

More coming about the New System.

Enough said.


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