The New Religion



The religions in your world are man made and find their premise on age old renditions of those who came before as divine emissaries to teach and reveal the word of God. God sent many of his ones to bring enlightenment through the spoken word yet seldom were the teachings recorded accurately; and have been tampered with by those responsible for its translations and dissemination. The words are barely recognisable to the ones who gave them initially. Always was the word given in a way to inspire understanding yet seldom were they understood. God therefore continues to send his messengers to repeat the word and to render further truths through various projections so man’s understanding might be reached in measure to grasp the truth.

Thus throughout the ages men of authority took it upon themselves to distill doctrines from what was taught and convert them into teachings to be religiously followed by those who became followers. Religions therefore have become manifestations of beliefs and doctrines crystallised in records which bear not the original thoughts or natural words but condensed and re interpreted versions.

Man made religions are ‘tradition based’, finding their credibility in those who hold themselves out as authority for the beliefs and teachings espoused by the religion. They are sectarian in nature and appeal to the minds of men through the use of symbols, ceremony and established creeds.

Those who subscribe to the religions of tradition find security in the chosen system of beliefs which provide directives for living. Religion plays a supportive and crucial role in the lives of these ones whose experience in mortal form is underpinned by the dated beliefs and doctrines taught to them. It has become a safety net for many who wholeheartedly accept them as truth without any personal input or experience of what they tend to follow.

There exist truth in the some of the teachings espoused by each religion and you may even find some common ground amongst them; yet they do not represent the whole truth. God often spoke to the readiness of the mind of the receivers. As messenger after messenger was sent, greater truths were revealed to accord with the receptivity of man and his abilities to comprehend; and what was taught before was projected in new and revealing ways.

The reality is that traditional religion has capsulated truth of what is recalled and projects it as a Gospel. I say to you that the gospel as given is incomplete and erroneous in many ways. Those who seek truth will not find it wholeheartedly in the realms of traditional religion but must seek it elsewhere. Man’s understanding of religion has become an inherited one, as he assents to what is placed before him as a bestowal of truth.

Those born into religious families will be conditioned by the precepts of that particular religion without a choice. Those who are independent minded will however grow in awareness and be led to seek beyond the mainstream to find his truth.

What really is religion? Your religion should be your way of life. Religion should therefore be a way of life or living. Where does life exist? Is it not in the spirit which is eternal? If religion is a way of life and there exist life only in spirit; then should not man’s religion be the way of spirit instead of a proliferation of sects espousing various dogmas without knowledge of truth of spirit.

If man is to find God through ‘a religion’ and God is pure spirit, then surely the way to God is through the knowledge and experience of spirit. Religion should be a way of life founded on spiritual truths discovered by each individual on his/her mortal journey. The revelations of spirit through the temporal experience enable man to discover and know the presence of God within himself and to feel the divine presence within him and as part of him. The religion of spirit will reveal to man his oneness with God whilst the traditional religion teaches of a God who is over, beyond and above his children.

A new religion has been dawning for some time now and many have found their religion in spirit and in so doing have discovered God within themselves and many are choosing to exercise their free will choice to manifest the presence of God through their mortal journey.

It is the discovery of God within and the choice to manifest HIM that will initiate the career of the ascending mortal. The spirit of God within inspires man to a higher understanding and will provide insight into realities of the life and ways of spirit. Man is then able to express God’s ways in his living as the fruits of the spirit become the values by which his life is moulded. He will come to know and grow into his moral worthiness as he embraces the light of God within himself and became drawn to all that light offers instead of being motivated by guilt and fear to uphold the values of God.

The religion of spirit is revelatory in character. One of its greatest revelations is the existence of God’s love in man’s immortal soul. Man will come to know God’s love and will know love as God and God as love; and eventually know God as himself and himself as love. He will in his search for truth discover that love is all there is and God being love means that God is all there is and in that knowing there will flow awareness that man and God are one. In spite of what man’s senses perceive, man will discover that there is no separation. As he begins to know God and feel HIS presence within himself, he will eventually know the wholeness of love and he will develop the ability to manifest God’ s love.

Inherited or traditional religion may teach about love and even provide directives on how man should love but this will be no more than an intellectual understanding based on mind awareness rather than spirit awareness. To know, to understand, to experience, to have, to hold, to retain, to live and to express love you must feel unified with God’s love that dwells within. It is only through the experiences you have on your mortal journey that this unfolding can occur.

True religion therefore cannot be taught but must be discovered through the mortal experience combined with the motivation to seek truth. It is only then that man will come into remembrance of who he is, as this awareness must dawn from within, so that he may be bonded to the experience and know the revealed truth and remain unmoved by what others tell him is truth, whether or not it be so.

Man has taken this mortal journey to have an experience through which he will discover himself and in so doing experience a release of his faith. This faith shall be the rope which leads him to the pinnacle of himself, should he be able to retain hold of it. Faith when discovered through experience will become the inevitable accessory that will facilitate attainment. What man begins to know through spirit revelation must be anchored in his faith lest he falters when the exigencies of life threatens the foundation of his knowledge.

The religion of spirit will always work through inner discovery; and this perpetuates a feeling of certainty and allows for that feeling of security that within you lies all that you seek.

The religions of your times are outdated and static in many ways. It pre empts the fresh winds from passing through the minds of its followers that real discoveries and revelations of spirit may be enjoyed. It numbs the minds of followers and curtails their freedom to question and explore beyond the projected ‘Gospel’. It holds on to what has been rewritten from generation to generation as truth. It seeks to convert and dominate through authority rather than liberate. It keeps its followers stuck in paradigms and practices that do not field spiritual growth. It breeds differences between sects and superiority of one’s belief or doctrines over another. It teaches love and tolerance yet is marked by division and disunity.

It deals in the finite; being that which is recorded as Gospel from cover to cover of a ‘book’ without an appreciation that God in HIS infiniteness cannot be limited by words on paper and cannot be experienced through the written word. The existence of God, the goodness of God the reality of God cannot be derived from what someone else tells you or what is recorded. It is to be discovered through myriad, vibrant mortal experiences. Indeed man must intellectually comprehend God’s processes and the science of creation but to know God in spirit man must experience him from within. Man cannot experience God through his outer senses but through his inner faculties that bear knowing.

The religion of spirit offers freedom, the ability to retain one’s sovereignty, control over one’s life, impetus to seek truth of God and self and the ecstasy in discovering the depth and breadth or spirit’s knowledge .

A religion based on spirit will unify the hearts of men through the love of God and provide the knowing that God is individualised within each and therefore each has identical God presence within. It does not dictate or decide what one should believe for it thrives on progressive revelations. It allows for experiential insights whilst it leads to a shared or common understanding of the oneness and brotherhood of all, the sole destiny of the ascending mortal, the reality of the ONE will, a determination to accede to that will and the realisation of self through service.

The barriers that have long held MY children in bondage will be dissolved in the wake of the ascension; for it is through this process that the spirit presence within each will find its resurrection in truth.

Welcome home MY little ones for the spirit of truth within each of you will be awakened and in this you will find your new religion.

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