The Only Thing to Do


Beloveds, what is there to do but smile and laugh! Can you think of something better to do?

Anything else you think of, what is the point of it? To complain, grumble, point out the errors of the world, for what purpose? To deflate your spirit and the spirit of others? To set you back on a rack you are tied to?

It is not true that when you cry, you cry alone. Not at all. All the world is pulled down and cries with you. One end of the see-saw does not stay high. All of life staggers or trips and falls. You have a responsibility. You are the fulfiller of yourself.

You have light and upliftment to give, and you must give them. Keep yourself upbeat, and so you set the gong for the world. If you want to do good for the world, this is how you do it. No longer impart bad news. Not even once more do you tell about your aches and pains. Not even once more do you tell who hurt your feelings. Not even once more do you allow yourself to express disgruntlement. Just don’t say it. Don’t stir the pot of dissatisfaction. Don’t let toils and troubles bubble.

Can I say it more clearly?

What makes you adhere to old outlived habits? You have no obligation to them. Just as you would not knowingly mumble, don’t knowingly grumble. Consider that with your words and moods, you pull the world up, or you pull the world down.

Enough, I say. Enough.

For one day can you speak well of someone or something, or be silent?

When you take the trash out, you don’t spill it all over and go over each piece before you throw it out. Simply throw out of the trash of your thoughts. Be done with them. Don’t keep a list.

Now, you may say: “But, God, I want to be an honest person and be true to myself.”

For Heaven’s sakes, the complainer is not you! He is a cartoon of you. You don’t have to keep repeating and repeating what was. Let it no longer be. Be a good-natured person, and let the rain that falls roll off you. Don’t harbor the rain. Don’t keep splashing rain all over you and over others. There is nothing that says you have to collect the occasions of rain and report them. You can just as well be a weatherman of sunshine and fair weather.

You know that the sun comes out. You know that rain stops, and clouds fade away. You know these facts just as well as you know negativity. You don’t have to be a journalist who hunts the negative and the sensational. You don’t have to be the first to know this and that and all the details of others’ troubles any more than you have to record your own.

Let the troubles go. Keep the good like a potted plant and let new shoots come up.

When flowers fade, you give them back to the ground from which they came.

Who said you are to keep old newspapers on the shelf?

Just as an old refrain may repeat itself over and over within your head, so may old unhappy news do the same. A thought goes over and over within you, and it’s not pleasant. Substitute a pleasant thought. Do something that jump-starts you out of a rainy mood.

You can do it. And you must do it. This is the only thing to do, and I rely on you to do it.

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