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On May 15, 2012. In today’s transmission, William asked Orion to speak about the process and the act of manifesting with Spirit. Below is Orion’s detailed and incredible response. Read on!

(Orion) Indeed most beloved, we are happy to be with you once again and to offer to you and others our insight into the divine process of spiritual manifestation. We call this spiritual manifestation because, indeed, it is through Spirit that one manifests. All creation comes directly from the light, the heart, and the love of God.

In our last channeling to you, we remarked that, because you come from Source, you, indeed, are Source. Honor that connection. Honor who you are as creator gods yourselves. All of the power and the light of the Universe is contained within you – indeed, we say that the whole of the Universe is contained within your consciousness, meaning that there is absolutely no separation between you and every other aspect of the entire unfolding universal creation. You are a multi-dimensional microcosm of the entire Universal spectrum of life, of all that has already been and already will be. This information, brought forth as light, is contained within the heart of your consciousness. It is wisdom and information known to you already, although it may be hidden from your everyday human awareness. If you can simply accept the above as fact and be done with it, you are already several steps ahead of all that you need to know to begin manifesting, bringing forth, all that you need in this life.

By and large, you, in your human state of being, are influenced and shaped by the internalized programming of lack. It is a part of your collective experience and your ancestral heritage. It always has been since the fall of the human consciousness. At one time, it was widely known among the peoples of the planet that all one must do to bring forth abundance was to focus your God-energy with purposeful intent and your needs would come forth from the place of All That Is. However, in order for the planet to achieve her ultimate rising into the frequencies beyond duality, she had to experience duality first. This means, of course, that humans have chosen to experience duality first in order to transcend beyond duality. Because you came forth upon the planet at this time, you are joined together with the earth in this process of Ascension. This is the lesson before all of you now. You are being challenged to remember who you are and acknowledge that there truly is nothing that separates you from the joy and the miracles of God, because you are God, as is the whole of creation.

You are all that stands in the way of achieving and receiving all that you desire from this life. It is your narrow focus on the good that life has to offer you and the broad focus on all that life takes from you that keeps you in a perpetual experience of lack and “un-receiving.” If you learn to adjust your perception just slightly, this begins the shift in your consciousness that opens the flow of energy through you. This energy is the energy of creation… it is the energy of the All That Is. Your belief in lack and struggle is what continues to restrict the flow of All That Is through you and into your life. When you become fixated upon that which you do not have, you only receive more of the not-having.

Now is the time for you to know yourselves… this is the lesson before you. To know yourself is to accept the idea that you, indeed, are creator gods, a living part of the whole that is never separated, never disconnected from the Source of all creation. The very force of God moves through you in each and every moment, filling you with the energy of All Possibilities, of All Realities. What you choose to do with that energy is entirely up to you as you have chosen to live in a reality in which you truly are a sovereign creator of your own life. You were sent to earth to remember that you arecreator beings… creator gods. You were sent here to discover through the haze of the third dimensional malaise that your life is exactly what you make of it, both good and what you would judge to be “bad.” This is how powerful you are! Have you realized yet that you are creating in every moment? Indeed, we tell you that this is true.

You must now resist the temptation to blame others or outside circumstances for your station in this life. Even if another person appears to be at blame for the circumstances in your life, you created the circumstances that enabled this person to appear in your life to teach you whatever it is that you are receiving from them. But we also say that you must not be consumed with the act of “figuring things out.” It is not necessary for you to examine each and every decision that you believe might have led you to the point that you are. All you must do is acknowledge that you are the creator in your life and that creator energy is flowing to you at all times. You can create at will.

What shall you do with this creator energy this day? Shall you decide, once again, to block the flow of this vital energy into your life? Shall you surrender to the gloom of believing that your life is not successful and all that you wish it to be? Or shall you shrug off these notions and accept that you are connected, at all times, to the origin of this creator energy? And because of that connection, all things are possible in this life as they are in all of your lives of every place and every time.

We tell you to stop allowing yourself to become consumed in what you consider to be the reasons of why you experience lack and dissatisfaction. If you feel that it is truly necessary to know yourself in this way, then by all means, experiment with taking the time to fully examine each and every reason that presents itself to you, for you are here to learn, after all! We are simply telling you that it is not necessary to do this to begin creating the life you desire. You may simply choose to begin creating something different for yourself… and then trust in your ability to do so. 

Learn from those decisions that have brought you to the place of lack in your life and simply choose not to take that same action again. For in repeating the same actions, decisions, and thoughts, you are only recreating the same experience. Simply ask for the higher creator energies to flow freely through you and into the life around you. Ask specifically for what you believe you need… and then take actionas required and presented to you for we cannot do it all for you. Finally, and importantly, be thankful for what you receive.

Place yourself in the energy of understanding that there is no limitation to God. There is no limitation in Creation. Everything that is needed by every being in every place and in every time is in great supply. There is never any risk of running out what is needed. But you must believe, truly believe, that you are a creature of no limitations. You know this and believe this on the other side – and it is time for you to awaken and realize, remember, this in this life.

Know ye that you will always be supplied with that which you need to accomplish exactly what youwere meant to in this life experiment. Know ye also that anything you wish for that might interrupt a specific lesson in this life will be intentionally kept from you – not from a selfish expression of your guides or the misguided will of the Creator, but by your own Soul Being’s direction. Yes, you have provided for the learning of some lack in your own life chart. It is by your designation that certain experiences will be a part of this journey for you and, often, that includes the experience and lesson of lack. But we tell you that this is not the purpose in your coming to this planet. So do not be discouraged if everything that you desire to draw to yourself does not manifest. Be thankful for what does and ask yourself, “What am I learning,” in the experience of not receiving.

To manifest with the force of Spiritual Life Energy, you must be first in a place of gratitude, not lack. This is absolutely critical to the act of creation. Be thankful for what has already come to you, for who you are, for what you’ve experienced, for all that life has already offered to you. Be thankful for what you have already created! This acknowledgment is seen by the Universal Consciousness as anacceptance that you are a creator being. It is seen as an acceptance that you truly can create all that you wish to receive.

You must train you mind to cease its focus on lack. We know that this sounds more simple than it is to do. But be mindful of how often you place your awareness and attention upon that which you do not have. Being in thankfulness is one of the ways in which you step out of the energy of lack. Being thankful is one of the ways in which you open the flow of creator energy into your life.

Once you cease the inclination to always focus upon what you do not have, begin to train your entire being to receive what it is that you wish. And then ask. As you ask, you create a contract between yourself and Source. Through your statement of request, you open yourself up to the initiation of the Creator energies that come directly from Source. Ask, and ask often. Ask, and be specific. Ask, and be grateful even before you receive a confirmation that you are receiving that which you have asked to receive.

And then you must let your life continue on. In other words, you cannot become fixated upon that which you believe that you desire because this fixation only serves to lesson the free flow of energy to you. You, indeed, must remain focused upon creating that which you wish to receive, but do not allow yourself to become obsessed in the act of creation. Let go of “how it is supposed to happen,” or “what it is supposed to look like.” Simply hold a regular and intentional focus upon what you will feel in receiving and how the experience of receiving will transform you. Do not be discouraged if all that you wish for doesn’t come to you instantaneously. Simply allow for the heart of the Creator to open to you at the appropriate time. Be mindful of the lessons you are learning in the moment.

Once you have seen movement toward completion of receiving that which you have asked to receive, celebrate and affirm this! Acknowledge whatever movement you see in the energy around a request, for this only opens the flow of energy more fully. If you have asked for a large sum of money, celebrate and affirm whenever you receive money, no matter how small. If you have asked to be free of physical pain, celebrate any moment in which you become aware of less pain or a healing of one part of the physical body. Be thankful! Acknowledge the creator within and the Great Creator in those moments. Do not dismiss what comes to you just because it may not be in the shape, color, and size that you wish to receive. In other words, we are asking you to begin reversing the ancestral pattern of being demanding and ungrateful. Yes, this has been necessary in order to experience the lessons of lack upon the planet. But that lesson is coming into completion and it is time to let the old notions go.

Dear ones, all of creation is within your grasp if you not only believe, but begin to release and surrender any and all of the “un-beliefs” surrounding your ability to manifest in this life. As children of light, the experience of lack is one that is uncomfortable for many of you because this is not how life is experienced in your soul’s reality, your soul’s home on the other side. Reconnect to the wisdom of that soul part of yourself and ask the higher self to give to you all that you need to know and understand in order to begin creating a life of abundance and joy. Be grateful. And yes, be generous. For in receiving, one must be willing to give. This is the natural flow of energy in all life. Whatever you hoard, whatever you choose to keep to yourself, will be kept from you. Open your heart to receive and then allow the energy of receiving to flow from you to others. This is another critical idea to adopt if you are truly to be in the energy of manifestation.

And so, we leave you with one final thought… As you continue your journey toward the light of the Fifth Dimension, know that everything that you have every known is shifting. This includes lack and “un-awareness.” The time is coming, dear ones, in which the questions to the mysteries, the lack, the challenges of life will be answered with clarity. In this critical time, we ask you to align yourselves indeed with the energies of the Ascension – live in a state of love, gratitude, peace, and joy, honoring everyone and everything around you for its place in the unique whole that is Creation. Allow yourselves now to begin to separate from the spiritual child that you have been in this life journey and align yourselves with the true spiritual beings you always have been… creator beings of light, love, and the whole of creation.

We bid you love always. And we let it be.





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