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We are publishing this article for the fact that it explains many other facts not mentioned on our previous articles about the BAR Association and their minions. To our audience we say again that all attorneys and or lawyers’ licenses were terminated in 2013. We have come a long way and with everyone hearts and minds we are rebuilding our Republic of the united States of America from the bottom up again, but regardless, keep on learning!

Following are excerpts from Valiant Liberty’s exceptional work regarding how maritime jurisdiction (law of the sea) was brought onto the land without our knowledge or consent.  Valiant Liberty’s real name was Tom Gipson and he died in 2012. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Tom was considered to be one of the top 5-10 researchers in the legal reform movement. His information is truer today than when he wrote it in 2001, for after the September 11, 2001 event the infamous Patriot Act bomb was dropped on the American people and a new and more vicious police state was created.


The trials and tribulations that many  people accused of “criminal offenses” are a direct result of not understanding the nature and cause of the accusation. The end result of this lack of knowledge and understanding is that the United States and the States have the largest prison population in the world and execute the most people. Lives and families are destroyed. Family farms are stolen by unscrupulous judges and attorneys. Hard-working folks who have done no wrong have lost their homes and savings and have been reduced to a state of poverty by an encounter with the American system of injustice. The horror stories are limitless.

This author believes that this lack of understanding is the result of the “dumbing down of America,” a part of a scheme devised and orchestrated by foreign and domestic enemies of the people of the United States of America, not the least of which are the American Bar Association and the various State Bar Associations which sprang from England. These Bar Associations have concocted a Luciferian scheme bringing the maritime jurisdiction onto the land and the scheme undoubtedly includes every member of every bar association up to the dishonorable justices of the Supreme Court.

These foreign and domestic enemies of the people of the united States of America are believed by many, including the author, to have schemed for years, at least since the founding of our nation, to establish a total takeover of not only our country, but the entire planet and to enslave the people in their demonic quest to establish a One World Government or “New World Order” created out of the chaos of the destruction of Liberty and to be founded upon the ruins of the principles on which our once great nation was established and with the slave labor supplied by a once free, self sufficient and proud people

Yes, Virginia, there is a conspiracy. There is a conspiracy by attorneys to steal everything that you have and to make you a slave. The members of the bar have bestowed honors, privileges and immunities upon themselves in direct violation of the very constitutions that they have sworn an oath to uphold so they can steal with impunity. They have defecated on the principles of law and justice. This author has personally witnessed them laugh about their “license to steal” when referring to their membership in the bar. Lawyers have infiltrated and taken control of the legislatures so they can enact laws for their own unjust enrichment. For the most part, they occupy or control the offices of the executive branches of the governments of the several states so they can sign the legislative enactments into law.

They absolutely control the judicial branch so they can adjudicate and enforce the laws and divide the spoils among them selves. They control the banks so they can launder their ill-gotten gains. These zealous advocates of injustice will strip you of everything of value you have if they are given the least opportunity. If you hire one to help you out of a scrape with the law, for the most part, you will end up in prison while your lawyer is sipping margueritas on the beach in Cancun, paid for with your money. Your ex-wife might even be with him. Only if you have as much money as T. Cullen Davis or O.J. Simpson once did, might you be able to buy yourself some justice. The justice these two colorful characters bought for themselves cost them their fortunes, but they evaded imprisonment and possible execution for a price paid in money.

Most people don’t have the financial resources with which to bribe the members of the bar, so they languish in prison while the lawyers take what little property they had, plus a bonus from the State for their “services.” When you go into a court accused of a “crime,” and are inclined to hire a lawyer or accept a court appointed lawyer to help you out, remember that the lawyer is being paid by the STATE and is licensed by the STATE, the judge is licensed and paid by the STATE, the jury is licensed and paid by the STATE (they at least have driver licenses, don’t they?), the prosecutor is licensed and paid by the STATE. If the judge orders a psychological evaluation to determine if you are competent to stand trial, the psychobabelist is also licensed and paid by the STATE. The cop that accused you and who will testify against you is licensed and paid by the STATE. If you are tried and sentenced to death, the cleric who comes to pray for your miserable soul before the execution is licensed and paid by the STATE. The guy who sticks the needle in your arm for the euthanasia is licensed and paid by the STATE. After they inject you with poison, the doctor that pronounces you dead is licensed and paid by the STATE. Could there be a hint of conflict of interest here? If the reader has ever had any experience with the modern criminal injustice system, the term “contempt of court” has taken on a whole new meaning for him.

The lawyers fill the prisons with people who have injured no one but are convicted of statutory crimes of a maritime jurisdiction. Prisons are filled with people whose only “crime” was to be in possession of a substance that they, the lawyers, have declared to be illegal. Good parents are separated from their children for attempting to discipline them, or because of divorce. Fathers are in prison because they cannot pay the court ordered child support; it is blatantly imprisonment for debt. People are in prison for exercising their presumed right to keep and bear arms. People are routinely thrown in jail for non-jailable traffic offenses and the Supreme Court in Atwater v. City of Lago Vista, #99-1408, (Apr. 24, 2001) has said it is OK. People are jailed every day for such heinous offenses as not wearing a seat belt or not paying a “motor vehicle” registration fee. America, the land of the slave and the home of the fee, has more people in prison and more people on death row than any other country in the world, and new prisons are being built every day. And in order to keep these new prisons filled beyond Capacity, the various lawyer-controlled legislatures are busy enacting more and more new statutory maritime crimes.

Woe be unto you if you don’t pay a tax that is presumed to be due. If you don’t pay up, the zealous advocates of injustice will drag you into their secret maritime jurisdiction on the presumption of a tax debt and steal your bank account, your car, your home and anything else they can find. You may even go to prison. If you resist too much or know too much, they will send their minions, the police, to assassinate you in broad daylight with impunity. The lawyers protect their obedient minions.

These police agencies, whose motto is “to protect and serve,” get away with murder on a routine basis. Yes, they do protect and serve their masters, the lawyers, very well. This is why this essay must be spread far and wide as quickly as possible. The word must get out. The attorneys will stop at nothing to keep the scheme of their maritime jurisdiction secret. One advantage that the people have is that the rats are not yet totally in control of the Internet. Please use it; if you have a web page, please post this article. Another advantage that the people have is numbers; there are more of us than there are of them. The greatest advantage that the people have is the truth. The lawyers fear it; they go to extraordinary lengths to suppress it. If you want to know what fear smells like, find a judge after you read this article and explain what you are about to learn from the succeeding pages.

Mail copies of this article to every lawyer, judge, legislator and sheriff you can, if you know of any who can read. Let the pungent odor of fear waft across the land. They know that once the truth escapes it cannot be held back and once again covered with darkness, at least not for several generations. When they are exposed, they will be powerless and vulnerable. People eventually recognize the truth; the truth is light, and the darkness flees from the light. The American people still have a sense of justice, and the lawyers especially fear justice.

How have they gotten away with the fraud for so long and managed to keep secret the maritime jurisdiction that has come onto land? The answer is; because the lawyers also control the fourth estate and institutions of religion and learning. The news media aids and abets the Esquires by suppressing the truth and perpetrating lies. It is a form of Orwellian mass mind control. The people are constantly fed a stream of propaganda through the network news, the newspapers, the public schools, colleges and universities (all lawyer controlled), and most especially, the incorporated 501(c)3 churches.

Like all other corporations these churches are controlled by lawyers. The corporations that the people work for aid and abet the lawyers by perpetuating the false truths in their corporate policies. The subliminal messages transmitted are the lies that America is a free country, slavery is abolished, America is the great land of opportunity, there is separation of church and state, and “good Americans” and especially “good Christians” should submit to the government; it is the patriotic “Christian” thing to do. These themes never cease; they are constantly bombarded and ingrained into the psyche of the people.

Hitler recognized in his work, Mein Kampf that if you told a lie and repeated and reinforced it often enough, the people would begin to accept the lie as a truth. The bigger and more outrageous the lie the better. After a period of time, when the lie is sufficiently programmed into the psyche of the national consciousness and is accepted as truth, the human mind does a remarkable thing. If the truth is then presented, it will be rejected as a lie.

The psychobabelists have recognized this phenomena and describe it as cognitive dissidence. This cognitive dissidence can be compared to programming a computer; if you program lies and false information into the computer, it will spew out lies and false information or just lock up completely and cease to function. Junk goes in; junk comes out. This cognitive dissidence is powerful and difficult to overcome. Your authors have struggled to overcome it for years.

Another method very successfully used by the lawyers to keep their secret under the cover of darkness is the age-old strategy of sending their minions to infiltrate, divide and conquer any organization of people banding together to resist the present tyranny of the injustice system. The authors have personally witnessed the effectiveness of this strategy. The minions of the Esquires sent to infiltrate “patriot organizations” are intelligent, skillful and highly trained in the arts of deception and betrayal. They are people of likable personalities, who are able to gain trust, induce people into “offending” some maritime penal regulation and set them up for prison. The most active or successful “patriots” are the ones on the top of the list to be targeted.

They must be beaten into submission or “neutralized,” sometimes with extreme prejudice; witness the fate of Gordon Kahl. Some of these infiltrators are undoubtedly honest people that have run afoul of a maritime penal regulation and have caved in to the pressure put on them by lawyers and their minions to inform on others in order to avoid incarceration. Some do it purely for money. Others are agents of the lawyers who travel the “patriots’ circuit” holding seminars and disseminating false information and “sure fire remedies” guaranteed to be the proverbial magic bullets.

Many good people have lost their property and liberty pursuing these false remedies sold by patriots for profit who are paid by the attorneys to lie and then double dip into their victim’s pocket by selling the false information. And then there are other patriots holding seminars who truly believe that they have the answer, and end up in jail after an attempt to apply their own theory. It is understandable how one can fall victim to a false “patriot for profit” scheme. Your authors have been victims of some of these schemes. People that run afoul of the American system of injustice are so desperate for some relief that they become easy targets of opportunity. Live and learn. The age-old warning of caveat emptor should be applied to this instant article. Do your own research and check it out. Education, however it is obtained, is usually expensive. Hopefully, most folks learn by their mistakes.

But the dawn is near; the sun is rising. The path traveled by those seeking the truth of the fraud has been a long and arduous journey. It passes through a jungle growing over the hollow remnants of many small businesses, the ruins of family farms, the shells of homes once occupied by close-knit families, and passes by dead bodies and graves marking the way. The path to truth has been filled with stumbling blocks seemingly insurmountable and many forks lead to false trails. Many who have started down the path have found the journey so difficult that they have turned back. Others, more determined and of stronger character have perished along the way. A great debt is owed to those who have blazed the trail before us and marked at least part of the way, marked false trails and removed some of the stumbling blocks. Without the knowledge that they have gained to be built upon, your authors would have never discovered what they have.

This article is not the work of any one man. It is the accumulated work of many. It is the culmination of many pieces of a giant puzzle that has been assembled with Divine intervention. The authors sincerely believe that the timing of this revelation of fraud is keyed to the timetable of the Creator. His plan for the destiny of mankind and the Universe has existed from the beginning, and the Plan is nearing the final stages of execution. The lawyers are soon to suffer the woes described in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 23.

The secular judges are soon to be judged by the Judge of the Universe. How can they defend themselves? You may be assured that most of all they live in fear of their own judgment before the Supreme Judge. They are responsible for their own actions as observed by one jurist in the case of Robin v. Hardaway, 1 Jefferson 109; 1 Am Jur 2d 14: “A legislature must not obstruct our obedience to Him from whose punishments they cannot protect us.”

Continue The Secret of the Special Maritime Jurisdiction of the United States Exposed on page 7 – THE SIXTH AMENDMENT.



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