The Secret Government

This report, although is a few years old, it apply to what is going on today in this country and worldwide. The Secret Government must End to dust now, so peace be restored on this earth. We, the people must open our eyes, and with our intention of “putting an end to the Secret Government” we can make it happen so Constitutional Law Be Restored.

It is The Secret Government who own Monsanto, the people who manipulate the natural seeds of products so we can die from it when we consume it, they are the ones that own all the medical industries, like for example, all the pharmacies that are set up on every corner of the cities in this country, so you can kill yourself with drugs any which way. They also own all the hospitals, dental offices, the Food And Drug Administration, The Center of Disease Control, oh, these psychopaths are the ones that invented vaccinations so they can make all humanity dumb and stupid, remember that having citizens that are smart and intelligent is an offense!   You name it! They are everywhere. Yes, they are the corporations that some way or another creates harmful products to harm us all, worldwide!  They are the ones that pollute our air, our water, creates wars by invading (disturbing the peace of other people) in their country by inventing lies, and fear mongering scenarios in order to steal that country  resources! They are the ones that separate us with religion, racism, sexuality, poverty, and greed; and manipulate the educational system by giving us stupid science that is mixed with truth and lies so we all get only confusion! And let us not forget to mention the banking system, the oil industry, as well as Hollywood in California with its flares of deceit.

And last but not least, they control the police (which are the biggest guinea pigs of all!), the killing machines such as the CIA, FBI, and any other bullshit agency that have to do with our NATIONAL SECURITY SCAM. They also own all the newspapers, radios stations, and all televisions channels worldwide so they can tell us only what is in the best of their interests, not that of the people!

Imagine us all being trapped in a cage, and the only way to get out is by opening our eyes, and say, “No More!” Million of us are working worldwide to bring awareness to the sleeping mass; wake up, the time is now to put an end to this! Rebuilding Washington, and sending this corrupted entity to take a hike, along with their politicians is everyone responsibility.

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