The Seven Immutable Pillars of Law









The Seven Immutable Pillars of Law

The seven pillars are Logic, Honesty, Benevolence, Equality, Knowledge, Comprehension, Reasonableness. However, I would like to now express then into statements to enable you to compare the seven immutable pillars to any existing system where you live.

1. If it is Illogical it cannot be Law

2. If it is Dishonest (Fraudulent) it cannot be Law

3. If it is Repugnant it cannot be Law

4. If it is Unequal it cannot be Law

5. If it is Unknowable it cannot be Law

6. If it is Incomprehensible it cannot be Law

7. If it is Unreasonable it cannot be Law

If just one of these pillars are missing, then there is no proper operating system of law where you live.  Did you test these seven immutable pillars against the knowledge of the present system where you live? Did the system where you live fail on one or more of these pillars?

~Frank O’ Collins

And now we leave you with some quotes from our infinity Kabbalists:







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