The Syrian attack: Message for the Jesuits Demons across the world: The American people

fullsizeoutput_1226Nikki Haley Jewishcon demon that must be detain: Taking down for her warmongering agenda+ ignoring the fact that the former UN corporation is ALL over= dismantled. Where have you been demoncon Nikki Haley? They have no funds, let alone pay for the people seeing your lying face. For you do not represent the American people. In case you do not remember, or are pretending NOT knowing, all corporations known and unknown are buried> meaning dismantled since 2012!

It is time for the American people, and most certainly those in Washington DC: Our entire Military for them knowing the “True Perpetrators” that have been committing atrocious crimes against the creation: And our humanity.

BUT before we continue let us ALL take control consciously for the future of our planet, knowingly and intentionally putting an END for the fear mongering from these demons that have the notions they are still in our control with their “mind control agenda” and keeping us all as their slaves.

KEEP in mind that these demons already LOST, and the least they can do is rescued our leaders, and our military for their usual game with their black magic tricks, and cleverness they are well known playing so well.

WE need you for immediately doing some serious meditation: Prayers that come straight from our hearts. WHY are we telling you these, because we have to play the same game these thugs are playing! See, they know that when is the FULL MOON, or specific powerful energy event, whatever they wish most likely they will succeed, which is why they chose influencing our military Bombing Syria during these days of 9- 16 of 2018, and considering that they are hanging on a thread… Their intention  is creating fear so the energy works for them, thus then against us! BUT why? Because fear is their livelihood: Fear is their glory!

THEY know the secret of how energy travel: How it works: How energy consciously creates what we desire depending on the exerted force that Be. Which is why the more of us doing meditations: Praying for world peace: For the Syrian people: For the dismantling for any government that serve these demons and ignore their people, the more power for us!

Send the demons back to their creator [you would command from your heart when meditating: praying].

THINK of the future for our children. For our people. For all the creatures from the world: For all the creation…

THINK: Know that we are the ones responsible whether we accept this or not for us not knowing the KEY: The truth for all this: For us all being deliberately ignorant from the unbelievable truth!

Below is a guidance meditation for you, or you can do any kind of meditation or prayers.

And here we are posting a stunning article about the power of our thoughts. Read it over and over, and praying your creator for guidance about taking control for all your own thinking: Creative thoughts that ultimately would affects us ALL.

AND going back to Syria, let us inform you that Syria is a sovereign Nation, and a very powerful country where there are five energetics portals that bring energy for spreading all across the planet! In another way the demons want these areas from Syria in their total control, thus they for certainly would destroy us all. However, this is not going to happen! Do you know why? Because this is not written any where in the universe, and because our creator does not wish for this being manifesting for planet earth, and so should all the people wish for the same thing!

: Meanwhile, we are commanding our Military: Our leaders that before they take order: Be brainwash from these demons, they should think who are paying their salaries+ who they serve. In case you forgot, you serve the American people, and unless you have the documentation prove within your own hands with due diligence being done: The intelligence that anybody: Anyone is destroying their people all ways for malicious pleasure, and greed: And or they asked your assistance, you most certainly do not have the authority for invading any country directly or indirectly, Nor assisting these criminals destroying the creation, further violating our national+ international laws.

: We want you hunting directly the REAL perpetrators: Detaining: killing them. ~ – = FOR they are our real enemies for the American people+ all humanity. For they are intentionally delaying world peace.

~ – = FOR you know WHO they are.

: NO, they are not Assad+ the Syrian people.

~ – = FOR YOU know your true mission for being warriors for peace. Warriors for honoring the creation+ serving the American people.

: Do not fuck with the hearts and minds from [ALL] the people from the planet: The creation.

~ – = FOR we have suffered enough!

~ – = FOR we command ending the games of wars!

~ – = FOR we the people Command: Demand destroying the destroyers.

: NEXT we want you all taking time for reading these two articles with navigating links for guiding you knowing the truth from centuries back, and until now… We also want you to fully understand that the BAR are also the main perpetrators in all these= starting point in China+ all over the world, and specifically our country= United States.

: We the people are commanding the arrest for Nikki Haley+ all accomplices corporal criminals. Traitors. Genocidal agents. Corporal mobs against the people. Tyrants. Pirates. Cold hearted clones lizards in human form[destroy their clones bases]. Liars. Children murderers. Pedophiles=Pedogate. Corporal accomplice mobs media journalists whores against the people= against our country. Treasonous= national and international clever Talmudic Jesuits mobs. Clever Talmudic Jewish mobs that ALL think we the American people and the world are stupid enough for believing: Honoring their delivered+ intentional warmongering propagandas with the intentions for delaying a new financial system that they well know is: Would be manage directly by the people[each: Individually= worldwide]. Keeping us enslaves all ways+ delaying world peace.

~ – = For we the American people are Commanding: Demanding destroying Them ALL. Execute Them. Shoot Them wherever they are.

~ – = For we the American people are the lawful inheritance of: For our country: For our land: For our resources: For our wealth: For our laws: For our guns: For our Military: For our instituted agencies call [ GOVERNMENT+ – infringement from the buried *BAR+ SES= NO foreign actors within any for our government agencies]: For our Organic Republic never left us: For our organic Republic is: For our organic Republic is BACK for the people without prejudice and with prejudice: For our peace: For our love: For our lives: For our prosperity.

~ – = For Foreign agents: Foreign actors are prohibited from holding jobs positions within our government agencies. ~ – = FOR the people working within our government agencies ought be[ing] our local people. Our own graduated youth from high schools+ colleges+ our veterans+ all having as well their guns within reach. . ~ – = For this the American people are commanding be implement as soon as possible.

Be it done So be it.


The REAL Occult Reason Behind The April 2018 Syria Missile Attacks

(Author’s Note – the most urgent need RIGHT NOW is to spread awareness of the meditation coming at the instant of the New Moon on April 15th-16th.  Here is the link to that post – and it can also be found on Prepare For Change as well: 

The rest of the text below can be read next week. NOTHING is more important presently than the meditation itself.)


Many people – especially Trump apologists or rabid followers of “QAnon” are doing mental gymnastics trying to explain the rationale for the missile attacks which occurred during the pre-dawn hours of April 14, 2018 on Syrian targets.

While there are many layers of maneuvers and deceptions occurring, if one views the lens of this attack via the eyes of a ‘non-human parasitic intelligence’ (NHPI) which is hell-bent on maintaining the psychological & energetic prison of humanity – then the motives become crystal clear.

But are people actually willing to consider this explanation? Few will do so, I fear. I expect to be ridiculed by those who are far more expert than I in the following the news of the alternative media.

Most alternative media websites gain popularity based upon fear.  Fear is the ‘primary food source’ of the NHPI – also known as “archons” for those who are familiar with Gnosticism. The true non-physical control structure is far too complex to be easily summarized here, but there is one negative faction whose primary goal since the Council of Nicea is to keep humanity in a state of fear and ignorance:

The Society of Jesus – aka “The Jesuits” = important reading!

Although the Jesuit faction did not ‘officially’ exist prior to the 16th century, the ideals and concepts were in use throughout the Dark Ages. Only once the human renaissance was threatening to liberate the consciousness of the West did a specific task force get created by the Farnese Black Nobility family to maintain the control over the minds of those in Christendom.

In modern days, they rely heavily on cutouts to do their dirty work so the ultimate agenda is never able to be fully understood. But higher level operatives who are NOT cutouts exists within the Knights of Malta (SMoM) and 33rd degree Freemasons.  These are also dangerous negative beings part of the Jesuit faction.

They specialize in fear, deception, and maintaining the control matrix via whatever means possible. This means compartmentalization of key Intel and creating confusion via cognitive dissonance.

On our plane of existence, confusion is easy to convert into fear – especially for those who understand the relationship between human consciousness and the Earth’s energy grid.

Syria has 5 major energy vortices:

  1. Aleppo
  2. Homs
  3. Palmyra
  4. Raqqa
  5. Manbij


In the featured image of this article (shown again below), one can see how these energy vortices affect global ley lines:

The map above was created by Taiwanese light-workers who specialize in focusing their intention on healing the Earth’s energy grid.  I will quote several statements of one of these persons below:

When you extend all five lines outward, you will see a new picture about mass consciousness works. Once you take a closer look, the ley lines (drawn outward from the) Syria pentagram can connect three major religious cities: Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina.  Plus, you have (the) Great Pyramid aside as a planetary ‘Base Station’. Whoever controls Syria pentagram controls Christianity, Judaism and Muslim. Generally speaking, you can decide the fate of half surface population.


Now for all of you ‘God-fearing Christian’ types who view any pentagram as inherently the symbol of dark occultism, look at the image above.

The occult intention of a pentagram is ‘usually’ positive if the top has a single point; it’s the inverted pentagram which has been misused to represent Devil Horns which has negative occult energies.

Conclusions & Recommendations

There is no point in presenting this information if it all falls upon deaf ears or blind eyes. The thesis presented above is quite clear:

The Syria missile attacks were intended to create fear in the population near the intended targets (regardless of whether they were publicly stated).

This fear is energized by each of these vortices and travels along the various ley lines to keep the devotees of the major monotheistic religions of the world – Islam, Christianity, & Judaism – in a constant state of fear regarding a potential “Holy War” which exponentially spirals into WWIII resulting in a nuclear holocaust causing humanity’s extinction.

This is a harsh thesis, but I am ONLY stating the intention of the dark forces mandating this attack – who are working via the Jesuit & “Knights of Malta” agents who are heavily present within the Trump administration… and have been present in the U.S. for centuries.

You see, the previous “POTUS” – Barack Hussein Obama – was also a Jesuit controlled cutout. His handler was the now-deceased Zbiginew Brezinski. Comparatively, for Trump the Jesuit influence is much more subtle yet counter-intuitively more pervasive and influential.  Within the Obama administration, it was much easier to see the obvious machinations of the Jesuits (Arab Spring, Maidan Revolution). Within the Trump administration, it’s much harder to see which makes it much more effective.

Although I do not agree with MANY of the concepts presented in this book/PDF (he fails to understand the positive influence of the Medicis and also completely ignores St. Germain completely regarding the “Declaration of Independence” and “U.S. Constitution”), I highly recommend reading “Rulers of Evil” by F. Tupper Saussy to understand the bizarre mentality which underlies Jesuit strategy. The facts may not be 100% accurate, but the mindset of a high-ranking Jesuit operative – especially that of the “Black Pope” is spot-on:

Also, I will reference this article (3 links provided below) describing another ‘Pentagram’ of true evil which existed during WWII. The Pentagram is a very powerful occult symbol – especially when incorporated into Earth’s energy grid and its effects on human consciousness:

The purpose is to educate – NOT to induce fear. This means that people will need to recalibrate their paradigms a bit.

Instead of focusing solely on being a ‘truther’ or a ‘prepper’ – it is time for people to meditate and visualize the future they want to see instead of living in fear of Armageddon and human extinction.

Humanity will not – and CANNOT – be eliminated fully if a critical mass of people declare consciously that their intention is for a better future without war, poverty, and other forms of unnecessary suffering.

This is why the infiltration of the alternative media by the Jesuits has been so important… and so successful. By constantly creating fear and hopelessness in people, we reinvigorate the ‘archon control grid’ by giving it the food/fuel it needs to sustain itself. One of the most effective tools is when a false “White Knight” is created via illusory hope and brought down to Earth via scandal, betrayal, and compromised morality.

This effectively neutered the Obama administration from any long-lasting positive effects – and the same playbook is being used today in the Trump administration, but focused on those on the opposite end of the political spectrum within the U.S. and even globally.

The only way the madness ends is for us to reject political duality and see things as they truly are – that the same control structure benefits no matter who is publicly ‘in power’ – because the control structure will simply NEVER allow a true threat to their control to be in a position to influence events in a way that brings them down. They came VERY CLOSE to that with John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and assassinating him in broad daylight their way of reinforcing that they are still “very much in control and will remain in control”.

The answers to the problems of our world lie in human consciousness: humanity needs to be open and accepting of truth even if it is not what they wish to hear. The people who are most resistant to those truths are sadly those who are part of the 3 major monotheistic religions.

If you wish to change our reality, participate in the meditation listed at the link in the beginning of this article and encourage others to do the same.

We fail to grasp the power of our emotions and our intentions in shaping the future – it is time for us to take back our sovereignty and claim what has been kept from us for millenia:

Peace, truth, equality, abundance, and genuine human compassion.  This is our future – if we choose grasp it.


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NOTE: BAR= British Accredited Registration. Meaning that all attorneys+ esquires+ referees+ judges, which are all corporal[ corporation (s)] meaning they do not work for the American people, although they pretend they do[ for the great deception…].

SES= Senior Executive Service, also call and or work together with CFR= Counsel for Foreign Relations. These groups are Jesuits+ Jewish mobs, etc… High ranking foreign, and domestic criminals that aim has been taking over our country. The good news are they are buried[ing] as we speak.

~ the people


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