The Twelve Spiritual Laws

Every thought, word, action and choice has a vibration——

While it may not seem like it, a lot of what is on Earth is only there in the physical dimension because we all believe it is there. If we stopped believing in it, it would fade away and change. The astral dimension holds the thought templates through which mankind experiences and changes things on Earth.

Here we find a bamboozling array of thoughts, expectations, beliefs and non-physical beings. When the thoughts gather enough energy, they become clearly discernable thoughts forms in the astral plane, visible to a clairvoyant. Then they tend to become actual physical realities. So long as we still believe the thought form, it will influence our physical existence. This is how one of the laws, the Law of Attraction, works.

The Laws of the soul are not astral and, therefore, our belief in them is irrelevant. I have heard people say that they do not believe in Karma, and that may very well be, but the Law of Karma believes in you! Through the delusional veils of the astral world, the truth may be veiled from you, but sooner or later, all things come into balance through the Law of Karma and the other Laws of the soul dimension.

Below is a list of some of the Laws that affect mankind on Earth.

They have been known about and taught since the beginning of time. Understanding these Laws is like being given the keys to how the universe works. It allows us to speed up our inner work. It helps make sense of life and brings us peace.

These Laws are powerful. We cannot change them, but living with consciousness of them, holding a desire to abide by them, will change us and help us to achieve Spiritual mastery.

-Law of Vibration

The law says that everything is energy and has an inherant quality. Low vibrational states, such as sham, blame, stress feel unpleasant and literally slow down the rate of vibration of our chakras. High vibrational states, such as love and peace feel wonderful.

They cause our chakras to speed up. Every thought, word, action and choice has a vibration; we can become more conscious of the little things so as to keep our vibration tending towards the top end of that which is possible.

-Law of Attraction

Our vibration is a magnetic field that attracts people, circumstances and opportunities that match the vibration, which is held in our chakras. If we change our vibration, we change that which is attracted into our life. One way to do this is to change our belief system. Get rid of beliefs that we are not good enough. Install a belief that we are children of God. The well known tools of Visualisation and Affirmations work because of this law.

-Law of Polarity

In the Divine dimension, there is only one unity, but in the Astral dimension, which is the arena in which we think, there are polarities. Happy-sad, fair-unfair, peace-rage, and so on create fields of opposites that give us a vibrational landscape in which we can have experiences, and learn to grow in love and self-mastery.

-Law of Non-Attachment

When trying to manifest things though natural manifesting, using our mind, intention and vibration to draw things to us, we will be unable to attract anything that we regard as determinative of our happiness. If we will not be happy until we have a certain thing or experience, then it will not flow to us. If we are happy anyway, we open the door to recieve whatever it is that we would like to manifest.

-Law of Karma

Do unto others, as would have them do unto you. The Law of Karma is the Law of cause and effect. The law of karma governs our souls, and carries over from one life to another. Any suffering, chronic ill health or serious accident that we may experience can be viewed as a negative karmic legacy. An insuarance policy that helps us to manage our karma in small bites is the development of grace. The next three laws explain how.

-Law of Flow

Whatever we want to recieve, we ought first to give. If we want more money, then give money. If we want love, give love. If we want friendship, give friendship. If we want cars to let us in when the traffic is challenging, then be considerate of other drivers and so on. Whatever we give out will flow back to us. Tithing, the practice of giving 10% of our income to spiritual of charitable causes, is based on this law. It is also a way of expressing gratitude for what we already have.

-Law of Forgiveness

We can release a lot of negative karma from the past when we forgive those who have hurt us. When we hold onto grudges, we close off our own hearts from love. We are the ones that suffer. Forgiveness is not the same as approval of poor behaviour. It merely serves as a tool by which we release the past and move on. It clears the heart chakra and develops grace.

-Law of Compassion

This law asks that we release judgments. Judgment paralyses us in terms of polarities and our ability to release the negative end of them. What we judge we get to keep. When we release our judgments, negative people, circumstances and problems seem to transform, or float out of our lives. Developing compassion is the release of condemnation (judgment) and the development of empathy for those who are learning and growing.

-Law of Economy

The law of economy says that there is always enough, but that we ought not waste, hoard or fear that our needs will not be met. If we care for what we have with gratitude, then we will always be provided for. Gratitude, a factor in the law of flow, is also relevant here. As we give thanks for what we have, more is provided to us so that our Benevolent Divine parent always meets our needs.

-Law of Faith

Faith is like an unseen power in our universe that allows us to achieve the impossible. Divine grace floods in to help us when we have faith that it will. Often we are out of our comfort zone as faith is developing and we have to have patience and courage that all will be well.

-Law of Free Will

Each and every person is born with free will. Will is a power of our soul, which, if we do not use, someone else will. People are often reluctant to exercise will because they think they might be criticized, or make mistakes, and thus they allow others to exert will over them.

Addiction undermines free will, as does anything that removes our energy from the present moment. Thus, judgment, lack of forgiveness and vengeance undermine our willpower if they keep us locked into past events that we never got over. Let it go and use your will to train your mind so that it can envisage a better future.

-The Law of Correspondence

This law says that whatever is above will be found below. Whatever is within will be without as well. The astrological patterns formed by the positions of the planets have an effect upon us born here on Earth, and we mirror the qualities and energies that the planets project. The Divine Universe, in all of its vastness, and all knowledge, can also be percieved within when we reach a sufficiently high vibration. This works because we are already Divine, and are merely in the process of realizing it.

When we are living our lives, we “sell our soul” (incur negative karma that we will have to endure in the future) if we do so in a manner that is not in accordance with the Divine Law. The Law of Free Will allows us to do whatever we like, but the Law of Karma will teach us through direct experience, what it is like to be on the other side of any given situation, relationship, transaction, ir life stance.

If we ignore Spiritual Law and do whatever we like in order to secure some wordly advantage, we will end up suffering. We might build a wordly advantage for a short time, but the karmic cost will be devastating. Putting a positive spin on things might fool your fellow man, but will not fool the legions of Angelic beings and the Divine mind.

You do not even fool your own soul. You cannot get away with anything in the universe because the Divine is omnipresent. God is inside you and hears every thought, witnesses every action and understands your every motivation. Deliberate goodness inevitably gives us something better than we could ever have attained by taking some moral shortcut and instantly gratifying ourselves at someone else expense.

Adherence to spiritual laws build our yin energy, or our spiritual shakti/power. Application of these Laws in a compassionate and skilful way will eventually bring you a better Earthly life, and bring the realisation that paradise is not to be found in the next life: it is here right now sitting under our noses.

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