The Year of Changes in Relationship~2012


How do you experience the relationship?

Have you noticed that the world around you seems to be different?

Are you finding that people are relating to you differently? Or how to communicate with them or offer your help, they can not seem to hear or accept what you have to say?

Have you noticed that your relationship with your friends and others is not as interesting as it once was?

Many people are seeing huge changes in their relationships, some of which are not easy to deal with. Although we are aware of “Change” and we are preparing for the changes, we are, however, taking these same challenges.

Many of us also find ourselves wondering how we fulfill our role as healers, teachers and leaders, how can we best help those around us, and how we can consciously put a limit (and politely) when those around us are choosing to stay stuck and sleeping .

The change we’ve all been waiting for has arrived and is rapidly expanding into, through and around each of us. Is in the process of changing everything we know and, in particular, how we know and how we experience what we know.

The fundamental aspects of this shift will be very personal. The primary focus of these aspects is to redefine and transform the way we perceive, understand, and we interact with every aspect of what is outside our conscious awareness. Your sense of relations will never be the same as the change progresses through 2012. When we think of the word relationship, think of lovers, husband-and-wife, son and father / mother. “I regard you, I related to my friends, colleagues and those I love and those I do not like.” But there is much more in the way we have come to perceive and understand our relationship with others.

When the Creator said, “Go to the far end of the far end so that I know in my prime”, you ran to the front of the line saying, “Send me!” What the Creator was saying was actually “I want to know myself in relation to everything around me.” But over time as we know it, our understanding and demonstration of this relationship has changed to something considerably different. We come to know ourselves not by how we perceive ourselves in relation to our surroundings, but we have learned to perceive our relationship with everything around us based on what those around us think of us .

For example, maybe I do not at all interested in the red shirts, but all my friends wear red shirts because that is what is ‘fashionable’. So I quit my dominion , and deny my own alignment with what my truth to fit in, to become one with and be accepted by those outside of me that are expressing what is right and wrong, good and bad, and what I should and should not do, and I wear my red shirt.

From the moment we take our first breath to the moment the last exhale, we are conditioned to define and measure ourselves by one thing: our relationship with all that is outside of us. We systematically trained and conditioned by those who raise us and cater to enter a “consensus reality”, or “group agreement”, which often has nothing to do with who we are, and everything to do with the customs and systems conditioned belief that our parents and grandparents, who in turn were influenced by the society in which they were raised.

The consensus reality is a very powerful influence. She structure our relationship to and with all things outside us. More importantly, conditions and severely limits our understanding of the relationship we have with ourselves.

From early childhood, we learn that what the outside world thinks of us is more important than what we each individually think about ourselves. As we grow, what we think and believe and how we act, respond and behave in our third dimensional reality, is influenced, shaped and molded by what is outside of us. Hence, almost everything about us, from our attitudes and habits, likes and dislikes, even our career choices and aspirations, is based on this group agreement: “This is how it is done, this is what is acceptable and unacceptable “.

We have learned to feel the thoughts and feelings of others and seek the approval of those around us before acting. We have learned to “test the waters” without fully express our own thoughts without checking to determine the acceptability of what others have to say. We have learned to read the body language of others to discern whether it is safe to express our own desires, hopes and dreams, before you can proceed without fear. Without realizing it, we practically built our sense of identity based on the opinions and approval of others: “Am I right? Do I approve? Am I acceptable in the eyes of the consensus reality? ”

All this is about to change!

Contrary to everything you have been taught to believe, relations have nothing to do with what others think of you. Although this is a fundamental truth that you know intellectually, you are about to receive it from a significantly expanded. Through this understanding, you will find that your inner relationship with yourself is the most powerful relationship you can have. From this vantage point, all that is outside of you becomes a gift with which to interact on your own terms.

As many of us are realizing, there are two big waves of light within the Exchange that are enabling a transformation within each of us. The First Wave of Light is clearing our old memory patterns and belief systems of the consensus reality that are not compatible with our welfare. This wave is destabilizing and dissolving everything that is not aligned with our internal standards of welfare and our relationship to our own truths. Is increasing our ability to maintain a high ratio of light, giving us the opportunity to access more information, greater wisdom and enlightenment of what we already know, but have forgotten.

The second wave is a vibration of light larger you are giving us the opportunity to get into the certainty , personal power and control , and to achieve a balance . This wave is also promoting options and opportunities to co-create, co-exist and cooperate without the judgments and opinions of right and wrong, good and bad and what should or should not do.

This shift is triggering an Awakening. And in the process, countless millions are experiencing major changes in their relationships. Many are beginning to realize that they can no longer relate to one another in the same way as always. It is giving us the opportunity to perceive the “relationships” with different eyes and, in doing so, we are winning the keys to release many lifetimes of conditioning that have kept us from being able to distinguish between ” ABOUT ME “and” WHO NO AM “.

While developing this transition, however, many people are feeling confused because all their bearings, everything they had been taught to trust, admire and on which to build the foundation of their lives and beliefs are destabilizing to their eyes.

Established institutions of the third dimension are crumbling. The structures of life that feed us and keep us safe harbor are collapsing. Suddenly, we see that the same authorities who most believed in, from healers who said: “Come to me”, teachers who have claimed to have the truth, even the leaders who say, “Trust me”, and all those who have come in search of a guide, have built their houses on quicksand.

However difficult it may be for many such changes, it is important to know that there is a purpose in everything that is happening. That purpose is to change your relationship with what is outside yourself to align with what is within you, moving from relying on others to discover truths and set your compass with your own truth. The first wave of light is not destabilizing “who you are”, rather, is allowing you to remove “what you are not.”

As this occurs, a second wave of powerful light is giving us the opportunity to re-wiring, rebuild and remember who we are and where we came. The second wave is providing the opportunity to re-fill the cup, so to speak. It is in the second wave that the readjustment of our emotional body is being altered during sleep space each night. It is through this second wave that is carving new you softer and gentler. As is eliminating “what you are not”, there is a renewed relationship that is remembering. You are beginning to remember the relationship you have with the Heart and Soul, a relationship that allows you to think and act from the heart from the wisdom of the Soul. It is through this relationship that will begin to “know thyself”, and realign with the Love that you are within the Heart.

But love is a concept that is so vast that the rational mind can not perceive it in its entirety. However, when you start to experience love in their unique aspects, appreciation, gratitude, Wellness, Beauty, Goodness, Grace and Certainty literally become living words . When internalized these words live, begins a magical change, initiating the activation of etheric light body alive inside.

Here are the steps to build the framework for our next level of ascension.

Self by Jim 


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