There is no reason for the Christmas to end

God’s Love for His children is total and without conditions of any kind. Let go of any beliefs you may have that suggest that only the good are loved, because God does not discriminate – no one is unloved or unlovable. Even those that humanity judges as mass murderers, war criminals, or guilty of any horrendous crime is a child of God and is infinitely loved.


Christmas is a time to come together, sharing love and forgiveness, and no one should be excluded from your loving thoughts. Those whom you would judge as unworthy or unacceptable are very dear to God. Within their bitterness and hate lies a deep sense of self-loathing that only love and forgiveness can heal – and they will be healed! – so when you think of them, send them love and forgiveness, knowing that they will receive those healing energies to help them along on their path to awakening.


As you well know, to love and to forgive others is also to do so to yourselves, and it is enormously healing for you. Everyone experiencing life in the illusion is in need of healing, and loving forgiveness indiscriminately shared is the most powerful and effective way to bring all to awakening. When you judge others harshly or bitterly you damage yourselves, sometimes severely. In the illusion you can never truly know what is driving or motivating another, but I assure you that the amount of pain or suffering that a child of God inflicts on another is directly related to their own inner suffering and self-loathing, and the only remedy for this is unconditional love.


Everyone experiencing life in the illusion has at some time done something of which they are ashamed, has done or said something they wished they had not done, or has even inflicted pain on another in a moment of self-righteousness that they have convinced themselves was perfectly justified. But inflicting pain on another can never be justified, and deep within themselves all know this, so those who claim that their actions were justified in inflicting pain are really in denial, and need love to help them acknowledge that denial and forgive themselves for their actions.

People who apparently take advantage of their positions as leaders – of countries, of legal or police authorities, of religions, of corporations, of schools, in fact, of any position of authority – to inflict pain and suffering on others are themselves suffering intensely and using their positions to escape from it by projecting it. It does not work, as their pain and their denial of it just intensifies. The destructive path that they are following is actually aimed at self-destruction, which is impossible because all are eternal and immortal beings.


To treat them as they have treated others only aggravates the situation. What they need is intensive loving care to enable them to heal, and frequently they do not experience this until after they have laid down their bodies at physical death. Even then they may not be ready to accept the intensive care that is lovingly offered, and may choose to remain in denial. However, everyone who happens to be in such a sad and lost state will eventually find the pain so unendurable that they let go of their denial and start the painful process of addressing their issues, acknowledging their irrational behavior, and learning to forgive themselves so that they can open their hearts to their Father’s Love, become healed, and awaken.


So, in this Christmas Season, enthusiastically embrace the divine Love Field enveloping you. Share it, extend it, and intend that everyone without exception feel it’s effects. All are loved, all will awaken, and your intent for this to happen, demonstrated by the love you send to those who it seems have behaved in the most extremely horrific ways, will accelerate your progress towards that glorious event which is assured. This is the season of love. Extend it, share it, maintain it – because it is needed – and realize that there is no reason for it to end. Love, like all of you, is forever.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


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