This Ship has a Flag: Need Not Order to Show Cause: all is Reject




This is David Weprin-a former corporate refereecon-attorneyjewishcon that is in the business for racketeering- defrauding the American people: disguising as government elected official in the State of: for New York City. His most cunning expertise is that of stealing people’s property with identity theft: Disguising as a community leader when the facts are he is infringing the peoples private lives deceivingly so he can steal whatever he can from them.

David Weprin, and along with his cronies from Long island= Steven J Peddy Berkman Henock  Peterson: from the law office of SATAN AND SATAN, = COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS, INC have $20millions in fines for fraud: working together with realtors gangs-mobs- the BAR=mortgage fraud=Jewishcons=corporate terrorists, = CFR. These criminals have the notion they are above the law, and that the American people are their slaves.  For the mortgage fraud is beyond comprehension, – = the facts.

For David Weprin refereecon, we say: No contract No Claim No law.

Fe Esperanza Ramirez have no mortgage loan pending: all loans, if ever was any, has been settled. Bond# 584965563, #2013032035, this does not count for over limit of statute of limitation, commercial and administrative default, and fines. FOR THE TITLE-~18: C.-S.-C.-S.-~242 FOR THE [DE]PRIVATION OF THE PERSONS-CONTRACT-RIGHTS WITH THE COLOR-FICTION-COMMUNICATIONS: TITLE-~18: C.-S.-C.-S.-~1001 BY THE JUDGE OR ATTORNEYS WITH THE WRITING-CONFESSIONS BY THEIR PAPERS.

We  have sent: rebutted all David Weprin refereecon’s garbage, from the same day he had the audacity for advertising our property with identity theft for sale. This top criminal had the audacity for taking representing the Ramirez family without the delegated authority, and claiming loan he never loaned us: or knowing our business affairs: READ DISCLOSURE: ,

FOR David Weprin, Venny Pepa- Vlash Pepa: all former agents for former corporation of Countrywide Home loans, inc have order for their arrests=pending. Per Public Servants.



SUPREME COURT: CIVIL COURT OF NEW YORK PART B ARE FORMER PRIVATE CORPORATIONS that along with the buried BAR: David Weprin-refereecon are in the business of racketeering, defrauding the American people: Fe Esperanza Ramirez, etal, all rights reserve.

MAXIM IN LAW: Consent makes the law. A contract makes the law. A Contract is a law between the parties which can acquire force ONLY BY CONSENT.

For Supreme Court, we demand STOP your corporate marshals be away from our territory immediately without prejudice. Fe Esperanza Ramirez Never had a contract with David Weprin-refereecon that we warned him for his criminal activities, or Gabrielas Realty LLC: No Contract No Claim No law. All recording: false documents at ACRIS concerning FE ESPERANZA RAMIREZ, etal, all rights reserve: David Weprin-refereecon-Gabrielas Realty LLC= are NULL: VOID= on the records worldwide for fraud. Gabrielas Realty LLC need ask David Weprin-refereecon for their money back=cease desist assuming owns territory 149 39 83 Street, Howard Beach, New York.

Judge Jose Rodriguez: Marshals Henry Daley #39, etal: All former attorneys: I do not consent for your racketeering: extortion. This ship has a flag; do you see it? Ignore Not= the law: No Contract No Claim No Law. See attach affidavit that is on records worldwide= DISCLOSURE.


  • All Agents-Robert Cecere-Gabrielas Realty LLC at Daniels-Norreli-Cecere-Taval LLC-LP at 97-77 Queens Boulevard Suite 620, Rego Park, New York 11374,
  • All Agents-Robert Cecere-Gabrielas Realty LLC at Daniels-Norelli-Cecere-Taval at 272 Duffy Avenue, Hicksville, New York 11801,
  • All Judges-Jose Rodriguez at 89-17 Sutphin Boulevard, Jamaica, New York 11435-371,
  • ALL New York City Marshals Henry Daley # 39, etal at 1 Cross Island Plaza Rosedale New York 11422,

DISCLOSURE: judgesgrllcbarmarshals/

Absent my knowing, willing and intentional express consent, you are ordered to Cease and Desist from committing trespass on my domicil of mind and body, my mind and body’s domicil by choice, my private land and my private property, inclusive of any and all direct or indirect contact.

Duly sworn as true and correct, executed on this day 22 of June 2017 with all rights reserve including the rights to make make final determination of all definitions and intent stated herein without prejudice, public policy UCC 1-308, any and all “STATE OF”

/s/: Fe Esperanza Ramirez: bonded: lodial: trustee without prejudice______________________

/s/:149 39 83 Street Howard Beach New York, [11414] all right reserve

Public Notary__________________

This presentment below is on record at former Civil Court Part B at Queens County New York, and worldwide. Top is on record at Supreme court: worldwide. See Disclosures links above.

This ship has a Flag, do you see it? Ignore Not=the law: No Contract, No Claim by Lucy Maysonet on Scribd


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