To Accuse Oneself

The Essence that each one of us carries within his interior comes from above, from Heaven, from the stars…

Unquestionably, the marvelous Essence emanates from the note La (the Milky Way, the Galaxy we live in).  The precious Essence passes through the note Sol (the Sun) and then passes through the note Fa (the Planetary Zone) then enters this world and penetrates within our own interior.

Our parents created the appropriate body for the reception of this Essence that emanates from the stars..

We return victoriously into the profound bosom of “Urania” by working intensely  upon ourselves and sacrificing ourselves for our fellowmen.

We are living in this world for some reason, for something, for some special factor…

Obviously, there is much in us that we must see, study and comprehend, if indeed to know something about ourselves, about our own life is what we long for…

Tragic is the existence of the one who dies without having known the purpose of his life.  Each one of us must discover for himself the purpose of his own life, to discover what is that which keeps him prisoner within the prison of pain. Ostensibly, there is something within us that makes our life bitter, and this is what we need to firmly struggle against.

It is not indispensable that we continue in disgrace; therefore, it is urgent that we reduce to cosmic dust that which makes us so weak and miserable.  It is useless for us to be conceited about ranks, honors, diplomas, money, vain subjective rationalism, aforementioned virtues, etc.  We must never forget that hypocrisy and the silly vanities of our false personality make of us persons that are dull, rancid, retarded, reactionary, and incapable of seeing that  which is in the new.

Death has many meanings, both positive and negative. Let us consider the magnificent observation of the Great Kabir Jesus, the Christ,  “Let the dead bury their dead.”  Many people, although alive, are in fact dead to all possible work upon themselves and therefore to any inner transformation.

They are people imprisoned in their dogmas and beliefs, people petrified in memories of many yesterdays, individuals full of ancestral prejudices, persons who are the slaves of what other might say, horribly lukewarm, indifferent and sometimes “know it all ignoramuses” who are convinced that  they are right because that is what they were told, etc.

Those people do not want to understand that this world is a “psychological gymnasium” through which it could be possible to annihilate that secret ugliness that we all carry within.  If those wretched people would comprehend the lamentable state within which they dwell, they would tremble with horror…  Nonetheless, such people think the best of themselves. They boost of their virtues. They feel they are perfect, generous, helpful, noble, charitable, intelligent, responsible, etc.

Practical life as a school is formidable, but to take it as a goal in itself is manifestly an absurdity.  Those who take life in itself, such as it is daily lived, have not comprehended the necessity of working upon themselves in order to achieve a “radical transformation.”   Unfortunately, people live mechanically and never heard anything about the inner work…  Change is necessary but people do not know to change.  They  suffer greatly, however they do not even know why they suffer.

Money is not every thing, usually, the life of many wealthy people is truly tragic. ~ Samuel Aunweor this posting

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