Transmuting Duality Through the Breath

Let us address masculine and feminine energy and rename these energies so that a more accurate idea can be formed in the mind. So much programming exists within you regarding masculine and feminine, each gender’’s orientation, etc., to re-balance these energies let’s refer to them as the in-breath and the out-breath.

Now, let us see the in-breath as love flowing in and the out-breath as love radiating out. With most humans, they predominately look to the flow in, your entire reality has been warped due to this one backward idea, focus, desire of love’s flowing into and so little of your focus is given to love’s flow out.

All of your solutions to all of your dilemmas are found by simply reversing your focus from love flowing in to love radiating out. A simple yet powerful practice of the breath can initiate a reversal in this program that exists within you and begin the balancing process. Simply spend just a few moments, more if you like, but shorter and more frequent periods would serve best, to focus on your incoming breath of love’s flow to you, washing through you, clearing away all dross. What else is dross but that which is not love? This flow of love contains all answers, all solutions, all inspirations you will ever need. For this is accepting your very own essence, which is innately, using old labels, feminine.

Many fear the out-breath. Just breathing consciously for a few moments is all that need be done to restore balance. Breathing, with your focus fully on the cycle of love flowing in and out, with focus now on the out breath as well as the in-breath, breathing in from your existence, which is love, the love that you are, the love that Is All and consciously completing this cycle with equal focus being the out-breath also. There is no need to be concerned with any greater action, activity, than this. The awareness of the complete cycle of the simple breath, of breathing love in and breathing love out into your outer expression restores balance.

Now, if you will allow, in this practice the in-breath will show you, point you to all thoughts of lack, need, judgment that need to be washed away to clear your energy body to radiant sparkling light, allowing you to become aware of all beliefs that have caused this light to appear dulled.

When this dulling occurs, use your breath and breathe love in flowing through you, and with your out-breath and your awareness of breathing love out, you breathe away all dulled energies, transformed, transmuted into their natural state of brilliant light, the Source of All Things……ALL. So, you can see that the dross is also light, it has only been warped, curved, manipulated into an unnatural state by your very beliefs of believing it is otherwise. This transmutation process is very powerful, however very simple.

Your mind may tell you this is too easy, too simple to actually hold so much power, yet I tell you this is the way of Grace. Doing this, one will begin to feel the balance restored, derived from the power of focus being placed on balance itself.

There is much discussion on what to do with so called unpleasant feelings. I tell you, these unpleasant feelings have been taught to you to be so …unpleasant. You have learned these feelings are thus. Rather, breath in love, wash them over with love’’s presence, love’’s awareness, allow them their expression, allow yourself to experience them with the awareness of the miracle of feeling. To feel is a joyful creation. To resist, to deny anything you have created is not love, is not loving. This is why it is paramount to love whatever is surrounding you at any moment no matter how your mind tries to explain otherwise. For it truly is only your perception of it being bad, unwanted, painful, etc., that makes it so. Whenever you notice you have believed the mind telling you something is wrong, something is unwanted, free yourself from thinking and simply allow the breath, the in-breath to flow love into you, through you and the out-breath, breathing love, expressing, radiating love to that which appears outside of you. Love is the antidote. There is no other.

So, to love all things, not as a feeling, but as an action, and action thus being the out-breath, the masculine, brings all things into balance. For your focus has been to focus on love coming to you, in your denial of the love that you are, feeling, believing you needed to be supplicated with love from everywhere EXCEPT within, denying love’s existence within and your God power of KNOWING you are the LOVE in ALL things. Notice here the word ALL. Not 99%, but 100%…100% of the time, for this is truly the ascended state. To see only love, to be only love. Until this occurs, wash away your anger, your sadness, your fear with love, transmuting it with your very great power of vision, of true seeing, that is only love, trapped in misperception. Wash away your sadness, your fear, your self contempt.

If tears flow, allow them, love the flow of your tears. Resist nothing. An imbalanced masculine is that one which seeks to change, to control. Allow love to cleanse, and the word cleanse is used here symbolically, to shift this awareness from wrongness, incorrectness, in short, judgment, to acceptance, to love. This does not constitute a feeling necessarily, however, it might. One might feel the joy from expressing your power which is love. Love is your only Real Power. Use it. Use it often, use it ALL the time and then you will end the need for time.

Love answers all questions. Love brings all answers. Whenever any confusion arises, practice the breath of love. Whenever strong emotion overcomes you, allow it, feel it fully, and practice love’s breath. Whenever doubt overtakes your certainty, practice love’s breath and watch your certainty return, certainty of who and what you are, …LOVE!

I am your brother, I am as you, Christ’’s Spirit abiding in and as love, as we are abundant in love, in the grace of love, the presence of love, this, the breath of love offers you, brings to you, sustains you.

In Christ’’s Spirit, I Am, Jeshua

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