Twelve steps to happiness

1. Devote time to family and friends; nurture relationship.

2. Get comfortable expressing gratitude all the time.

3. Carry no grudges; forget freely, and move forward with no resentments or regrets.

4. Be spontaneously helpful to others.

5. Cultivate optimism about all that you do.

6. Live as much as you can in the present moment, meaning be focus, not distracted in one million things at the same time.

7. Savor life’s joys: smile, be thankful, and love your spouse to death.

8. Define and commit to life-long goals. Do not be a quitter!

9. Develop strong coping skills in the face of challenges: focus on what’s within your control, be strong, and take healthy, positive action.

10. Avoid comparisons with others and negative self-talk: let go of all those useless old values and be open-minded to new ideas, new ways of looking at things.

11. Take care of the body through exercise even if it is a ten minutes walk daily.

12. Take care of the spirit through religious, spiritual activities just be by praying, meditating, or just helping others one way or another.

Peace to all humanity this posting

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