Twin Spirits


Do you grasp that I am your Confidant, and you are Mine?
Do you know that We are close? I clasp you to Me, and you clasp Me to you. Even when or if you have been opposed to Me or not liking My way of doing things, you have been clasped to Me even in your opposition. You half-way acknowledge My Existence whether you want to or not.

We are Twin Spirits. I love, you love. We, even as We are One, not two, love. Of love am I made, and of love are you made. If Truth be known, what I want, you want. You may thwart Me because I do not always give you what you see as what you want in this adventure of life.

Now, you may wonder, can God say: “I would if I could.” That is a human statement. What mother would not give to her child everything he or she wanted, and yet mothers don’t give everything the child might ask for. Nor do fathers always loan the car to their teen-ager. Mothers and fathers can work miracles, and yet they cannot give their children everything they desire. Mothers and fathers cannot give their children their perfect mate or freedom from every kind of woe. Does this mean that the mother or father don’t love their children? It is very easy to know what others should do, and many of My Heirs of Earth seem to know better than I, yet life looks different from the other side of the street.

One thing you do know about Me is that I am never harried. You have so much to do on a particular day. You have so much to do that you are harried. I, on the other hand, glide on the Ocean of Responsibility. My only understanding of burden comes from your point of view. Know that I understand you. Know that I see from a vantage different from yours. Eternity is not relativity. Know that I am not limited to anything, yet there is a different and vaster view in the All-Seeing position I see from.

I do not apologize, dear ones. I say what you are to hear. You know the story of the blind men and the elephant. In this case, the blind men knew only so far as they touched. In your case, you know only so far as you see. There are areas of life that you do not presently see. When you are beggarman, you see as a beggarman. When you see as a King does see, you are a King. A King bestows. All do not see what the King gives. Some see only what is missing. Therefore, to count your blessings is sage advice.

I tell you frankly that you cannot count all your blessings, for they are infinite, and you are infinite. Even if you live in a hovel, you do not grovel, for even a King can live in a hut or under the stars.Tell yourself new stories, beloveds. Complain not even once, for, by so doing, you irritate yourself.

It’s true. You can always find something to complain about. It is also true that you can find blessings bestowed upon you. If you would like to see all your blessings that you presently cannot see, then bless others and see what you are giving, for, you will come to see that what you give is what you get. In the long haul, this is true. You get what you give. It’s necessary to give from a place of giving, and not from getting. This is no trade I’m speaking of. This is love I’m speaking of, and it is also to love that I address Myself, for you are love and you are also My Beloved.


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