The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.,IS A RELIGIOUS NONPROFIT CORPORATION, registered in the STATE OF DELAWARE(that is also a corporation), and THAT HAS BEEN DISSOLVED SINCE 2012 BY THE OPPT, and these includes all corporations worldwide, inclusive of Acris of NY City/ NY City Registrar, inclusive of the foreign corporate, and private judicial system that is disguising as the public court of the American people by committing commercial war crimes of willful identity theft, semantic deceit, malfeasance, violation of public peace, violation of public trust, subjugation, subordination, coercion, extortion, invasion, misrepresentation, barratry, human trafficking, and or killing of adults for organs profit; child trafficking/pedophilia, and or murdering/killing/sacrifice/genocide of children, inclusive of force vaccination, human slavery, and or jailing for profit/prison for profit, stealing private homes/private property for profit with fabricated and or hypothecated loans against the American people, of which the corporate judges, and the BAR/esquires/attorneys, the police, governors, mayors, county clerks, inclusive of all their employees that are trained to be ignorants of the law so they can do there masters dirty work, are all accomplices of the most heinous crimes against the American people.


We the American people have giving you notice of where you stand. The tyranny must END. The time is over. Your time is over.

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