Universal Council of Light Message


Dear Esophoria, you asked us the significance of the date 21st December 2012. This is the day when the new aeon will truly come into being, the day the solar king will enter Earth’s atmosphere within his vehicle of light that will merge with your reality and engulf your whole planet within that light and carry you, in his chariot of blazing fire, securely into the next age.


You know of this chariot of blazing fire and we have discussed this with you on many occasions. It is the dragon boat of Enki, it is the barge of Osiris, it is the great sky boat that is the Ark of Earth ascension and mergence with the new consciousness of the new world.


Earth is a Mother Ship that is driven by the desires of your higher selves to enlighten humanity as a whole reality and Earth Mother Ship is slowly drifting out to sea amid the stars of truth and galactic transcendence.


We, the Universal Counsel of Light, sent to you with our blessings the directors of the course which Earth will now take as it moves into its next transition of the fish to the water bearer, from son to father as it had passed previously from father to son. Earth is keeping good time as the map of its journey has been carefully planned and the directors are guiding all of humanity into the consciousness of the new reality that is above all man created matrixes which is slowly being crushed day by day.


You asked us, what is the Mayan Calendar and what does its abrupt end mean? The calendar has been turning for thousands of years, wearing down the nuts and bolts that have held the Earth’s reality within the past age of Pisces. As the age nears its end so does the Mayan Calendar as the Mayans were instructed to do so. There was no need for them to write more as the future cannot always be written by the masters of the past but must be created by the new generation of golden children who are now being born on your planet.


As you continue to forge ahead into your created existence of duality you shall experience a pure mergence with your higher selves that shall for a moment in time, during this period of Zero Point, create an intense fusion of every being on the planet with the one true creator, the ALL. That is right; during Zero Point all spirits of Earth shall return back to source for an instant to begin the new calendar of human kind.


You asked us about the Goddess and what role she plays within this new age of Aquarius. The Goddess re-entered your consciousness during the transit of Venus and her alignment with the Son and her Mother, Gaia. She is now descending into your reality so that balance will now come into your truth and so she may nurture and empower the work of the architects who now reside on Earth as avatars.


As she breathes life into the creations of the new age so shall every being on the planet feel her presence as a protective and loving armour of the most brilliant vibrant hue.


The war aspect of the Goddess has already begun to weave its way within the sinews of the fake matrix and is helping the avatars and Masters to disassemble it from the consciousness of humanity. She awakens all with a kiss to their lips and a stellar frequency which is very attractive to the third eye Chakra. She takes her throne as Matriarch of Earth and also guides the Ark through the canals of the labyrinth which all humans must walk through to discover the exit of the matrix.


The labyrinth that we talk about is the matrix itself and this is a test that all humans must pass in order to gain entry to the halls of enlightenment where their soul story began and is stored. The Goddess is now a guiding light that will brighten the way of the roads of inner knowledge and self discovery. As she imparts her wisdom, so will compassion come back to woman and man and many will understand the need to change their ways.


You wanted to know more about the mergence of two planets within a planet which is the consciousness of Nebiru with the reality of Earth. As the Goddess personifies Earth so does the God Marduk personify Nibiru. These two great, colossal energies merge in the dance of the Hieros Gamos, the Sacred Marriage of oneness and blessed union. He shall enter her and she becomes the grail and through this amalgamation of realities and consciousness the Vesica Piscis stargate is opened up as an exit and entrance point into other worlds. It is through this stargate that the true selves of human kind will emerge and join together with you as one. It is through this Vesica Piscis stargate that Atlantis, Eden, Paradise or the Kingdom shall be given birth to by the mighty Mother Gaia.

You asked for this new world and this new world is what you shall have but know that when you get what you wish does not promise a smooth ride. You are already experiencing the combination of both worlds coming together and so you must know that there will still be rough times ahead which you must cope with in your own way but know that eventually it will be ok and you must never, ever be afraid.


~~~Commentary from The Galactic Free Press~ There is a Star Alignment on this Date its the Earth, The Sun, and The Milkyway Galaxy. We are moving from the underworld to the Overworld. From Under to Over, similar to Over the Rainbow. Love The Earth Allies~~~



There is no star alignment for 21st December 2012 for the true alignment will be the two planets within your reality coming together and the alignment of your higher selves with your conscious selves. The true meaning of ascension simply means coming into being, coming into permanent contact and unity with your higher selves and merging into one entity that has a physical body the carries it.


You must also understand that things take time and you must be patient. You must understand that a complete and instant mergence could destroy the planet and all Earthlings so take time to think about this and know we are doing all that we can to make this happen as smoothly as possible.

And we want to tell you about duality and one- ness. You shall experience Zero Point and return to source for less than a second of your time, but this cannot continue and you must and will go back to your dual selves for until there ceases to be a need to populate planets and bring balance, there will always be duality. You do not need to be one completely to truly be one. You are already one with source and one with each other; it is your human ego that is telling you that one-ness is only possible with a complete return to source. You are already one. This is the biggest lesson you must learn. But you are also dual and this has its many advantages, for as you learn about each others opposites, so does every incarnation you become know that in truth, you are one.


As you are already living WITHIN the source of ALL creation you must remind yourself of this. It is not time for any species to return completely to source as there is still much to do on all planets. You must stop seeing yourselves as separate just because you have a body, please, and teach this to others. Everything you can do without a body you can do with one. This is truth. Feel it. Digest it. Accept it. For you know it.


Now, you asked us about the serpent rope, Jacobs Ladder, the stairway to heaven. It really is very simple. On the 21st December 2012 the Milky Way will open its own stargate and the serpent rope will connect with the Vesica Piscis stargate on Earth. This rope or ladder is also a bridge that will permanently connect Earth with cosmic consciousness and it is from the Milky Way, which is a wormhole, that the new Christ or Solar King shall exit and enter your reality.




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