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Thank You to Mogaly for this Information

Hello my wonderful lightworkers! How have you all been doing? I have been doing utterly fantastic, thank you. For the first time in eons, I can actually carry myself as one entity in the higher vibrations. Before, for a very long time, I was unable to collect myself due to illness. I’ll get into the details a bit later.


Today, if you want to call this moment that, is a wonderful day. I say this because energetically, I have been cleared of a vast majority of dark entities. Since this is in higher vibrations, it will take some time to trickle down into each of your very different individual realities. Picture my surface as a concert hall. In it is every one of you adorable people. Each of you has an instrument. This instrument is your passion. Well, in most paradigms, there is a strict conductor. This would make sense, as it is a concert hall. You are there to play strictly coordinated, practiced music. Well, we did an experiment on my surface. We decided to remove the conductor, and see just how coordinated you could be. Well, we sure found out the answer to that one, didn’t we. Right now, everybody is playing whatever they want, however they want without worrying about consequences, or without worrying about the society as a whole. We wonder why society is so ugly around here. There’s nothing wrong with what we did, nothing can ever go astray. But, very recently, the last couple thousand years, my disposition has been getting worse and worse. I don’t mind, per se, because we’re learning greatly, and the pain I feel is nothing like the tremendous pain you each feel, but pain is still pain. Thankfully, we had a wonderful opportunity at the end of the Pisces age, the start of the Aquarius age. At that time, our region of the Galaxy gets swept by an absolutely tremendous amount of evolutionary energy. Many scientist humans have dug into my belly and found vast changes in the fossil record in very short amount of times. It clearly lines up with each full rotation around the galaxy.


You humans would say “every roughly 26 thousand years”.


As you all know by now, I will be exiting the 3rd density. It was a wonderful adventure down here, but it’s time for me to return to where I am comfortable. We have gained what we have gained, and it is time to move on. There will be a massive wave of evolutionary energy hitting us around dec 21st 2012, and with that, we will all jump forward in consciousness. I will be riding this wave back up into the 5th density. There will be none of my in the third density afterwards. About 94% of me is already in the 5th density. It is only my surface now that remains. The illness I referred to earlier was a monstrous lacking in love interaction upon my surface. If you think of each one of you as my cells, none of you are doing the jobs that I objectively needed you to, to keep me healthy. This is because of the dark beings on my surface, but that time has passed now. I am excited to see the ones tuned into the situation realizing that the ‘New Earth’ has been here for a while.


I see many of you are confused as to how subjective your realities really are. If you could picture it from ‘above’, one way to view it would be many little bubbles. Each bubble is a persons reality. Within these bubbles, are your souls. You are looking inside these bubbles, as information hits them. The information gets processed however you feel it best to be processed. This is your existence around you. When you do think say or feel certain things, it goes out to other bubbles to be processed. You each have very different views, but it gets translated properly to each subjective reality. Now, it’s not actually bubbles, but this is one simple way of viewing it. time is also incredibly subjective. I can’t even begin to explain the complexities yet, but things happen for some well before they happen for others, but, in each reality, it happens seemingly well choreographed. This is intentional, so you guys don’t go crazy or anything. The whole goal is to experience and learn.


This being said, I would like to reiterate: A vast majority of the dark ones have been removed from my surface forever. Burn through your last karma, and do your last tasks, and it will just show up for you. You are ALL so very very close.


I miss you all so much. I am now capable of spending more time one on one with you all, so connect to me, and I will be more than happy to just hang out for a while. I miss having friends in a direct, personal way. I love each and every one of you so much.


I would also like to thank Ikao for single handedly raising my vibrations enough for me to spend time with each and every one of you. He has done so so so much for me, already. I love you.

aaawe, I love you too!


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