Valentine Day Love Awareness









Valentine Day Love Awareness

Love is the Awareness of Humanity, and especially the American people of the genocide against our children worldwide, where pedophilia, murdering, and killing, whether directly and indirectly (indirectly by form of vaccination, public education/brainwashing…), and of which we all have contributed to the cause by letting others take/make decisions for us all, instead of us being responsible for our own actions/choices, critical thinking, and the safety of our innocent children that start primarily, and obviously at home within the unity of the family.

THIS is a hideous crime that must be stop immediately by holding those committing such crimes accountable, and responsible for their actions, and that every American citizen must be involve in putting an end to it by being in the awareness, communication, togetherness, and vigilance of the intentions of the perpetrators






LET it be known to all dead and alive that the main perpetrators of these crimes are the former corporate mafia composed of politicians of high rank and lower rank level (and especially those Oath Keepers of their high societal clubs that are in the business of dividing humanity in order to keep us under their control by inciting propagandas of hate, racial, terrorism, and gender, worldwide); and starting at your county level where your county clerk, corporate judicial court system, the police, esquires, attorneys, judges (the BAR), Child Protecting Services, Department of Education; Department of Transportation, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security; Hollywood and their ring of actors, and agents of pedophiles; the jailing of children for profit, the Fosters Care System of pedophiles, etc., etc., are all involved, inclusive of all media known and unknown, and disgustingly, all religions, no exceptions, AND that for a fact human trafficking is included for organs harvesting, and that doctors, and hospitals are involved.

IT IS time for the American People to HAVE COURAGE, and voice the facts of the truth, and concern of the crimes committed by this De-Facto government that disguise as our lawful government, and with our only tool of defense: The Constitution FOR the United States of America. IT is the Law of our Constitution that protects us against these infestations of thieves, pirates, murderess, perjurers, and warmongers that are in the business of taking our lands, our resources, our labor, our vital energy, our lives, and heartbreaking, our precious children.

THOSE that violates our Constitution, and or are violating our common, and natural god giving rights, as that to have/own property, and the pursued of happiness by us exercising of our liberty/freedom without harming others, and the taking care of our family, and or breaking family apart, do not have the giving delegated authority to represent us, not on a personal level, county level, State level, or Washington DC level.

Let the American People Unite AS ONE against the tyranny by taking our Country back; our Republic Back, and under the rule of Law by all, and for all.

Let us all stop being whores of our own destruction.

United We Stand, or Divided we’ll fall.

Let us pray to our Divine Universal Mother to transmute, transmute all darkness to light in our country, and the world, thus we can all have abundance of our daily needs, happiness, harmony, and love and care for all living systems of our planet earth, and our family.


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