Virgo and the Sun God: The Bread of Life and Health

99BC5BA4-ACDA-4B17-935A-AAA47039E63EThe month of September in Virgo is the month of the Virgin Mary’s Nativity. September is a holy month. Nativity means, being born. The Virgin Virgo represents the Matrix= Earth’s womb that connects the entire zodiac System within the heavens.

For us, Virgo represents nature, and it is also concerns with our personal and individually womb within us that has to do with our Solar Plexus that it sits behind our stomach. The Solar Plexus is composed of the entire nerves system. The Solar Plexus is in truth a receiving and broadcasting system, besides being as well, the system that distribute energy for all our organs,+ and all body parts big and small. Our lives and our health depends on Virgo. But before we continue, let us reminding everyone, that whatever is taking place in the heavens astrologically that is, by universal law, it is also affecting our bodies, since we are each a mini microcosm universe that as well connects to the entire macrocosm. For better understanding, think that we are tiny cells in the womb of Virgo, regardless how big we think we are. This is very true.

Star Virgo, that is an earth element, is very powerful. In the heavens she is presented as a female woman within her own constellation that carries her own astrological sign, Virgo.

The month of Virgo starts from August 23 to September 23. Virgo represents the divine feminine. The divine Mother. And it is no wonder that nations across the world celebrates the festivals of the Virgin’s nativity starting from late August, and during the entire month of September. The Virgin that has a billion names, yet she is still ONE. She is La Virgen de La Altagracia in the Dominican Republic, and as well within other countries in South America with different names. She is also the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico. And in India, and most Asian countries, she is known as the Divine Mother, Or Virgin Mary. The Name [ Virgin Mary ] is the most common name worldwide.

It is written within the oldest astronomical texts, that Virgo herself created the Milky Way Galaxy. In fact, and for what we can discern, planet Earth is the center of attention all throughout the entire Milky Way, and most critical, Virgo is the backbone of the entire astrological wheel.

According to Astronomy, all the stars, at least within our Solar System are all divided in what the ancients calls Nakshatras. There are 27 nakshatras, and each nakshatra do have many stars that forms constellations. And each constellation have many stars.

Each nakshatra has its own name. For example, the name of the nakshatra where Virgo reside, is Hasta. Hasta has a symbol of a human hand, although the logo for the astrological sign Virgo is the head of a woman; the head of a virgin.

The word Hasta translates as “the hand” and signifies all activities performed with the hands. But before we continue, the 27 nakshatras are divided into 7, and those 7 nakshatras are each divided into four quarters,= padas in astrology. And that then each pada or quarter is govern by different planets. And that as well, each planet is rule by a higher deity behind the scenes. Actually, the planets can be manipulated. It all depends the desire outcome from their deity.

The four padas for Virgo are Aries, Gemini, Taurus, and Cancer. Some nakshatras are fierce, some are fixed, other are sharp; and other are either movable, tender, or swift. Stars as Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Epsilon- Corvi are in the sign of Virgo. In fact, the constellation Corvi is visible in the night sky just below the brightest star SPICA that is almost on top of the ecliptic line by the constellation Libra. Spica sits on the hands of the woman= star Virgo, holding a bunch of wheat ready for harvesting.

Here Spica in Virgo is warning us paying attention so that the flow of prosperity is incessant throughout the year. Prosperity in this case is referring having the things that we need when we needs them. As what it is position ahead of us during this time of the year, is the Autumn Solar Equinox on the 23rd of September, when the Sun crosses the Equator from the North to South. Meaning that the energy of the sun would not be as powerful as it should be due the Autumn,+ and Winter seasons making their grand entrance. These seasons could be very critical for humanity if we do not store food,+ and heat for survival; survival of our health. “Autumn in Latin is derive from the word, auctus, meaning enriched, thus bringing out the idea of the harvest time,= the gathering in of the increase of the year.” ~quote.

But something more extraordinary is happening in September, and that is the Nativity of the Virgin, which is why during the month of September, the Sun shines the brightest on Virgo.

But why is the Sun giving all that he got to Virgo? And why is the Moon, and planets such as Jupiter, Neptune, Rahu, Ketu, Chiron, Uranus, and Saturn paying so much attention to this event? The event is all about the birth of A NEW SEED. Rev.12: 1- 5. A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth. Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born. She gave birth to a son, a male child, who “will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.”

One needs heavenly intuition for navigating what is being said here. What is taking place here.

And who has been running all nations with an iron scepter? Good question, is it not?

Further, as we are all aware of, Virgo is the house of BREAD. Is the house of HEALTH. Is the house of BALANCE. If there it is bread, there it is life; if there it is health, there it is wealth; if there it is balance, there it is bliss.

Well, it so happens that the star Spica is rule by a powerful deity that can create anything out of nothing. This deity know how to transform the energy of the sun for creating anything. The name of this deity is Savitar or Saviti, and he is an aspect of the Sun. Savitar is known as a young man riding a chariot of seven white horses. Seven horses representing the seven days of the week. Just as there are seven mayors planets! “Savitar is jovial and carefree, and he gives the ability to use the hands in a skilled, crafty, or cunning manner. They can also be used for trickery and gambling. Savitar has the power to give life so Hasta can be associated with childbirth and establishing a family. Hasta nakshatra is an optimistic star with an amazing capacity to create.” ~quote.

If we look where Virgo is in the zodiac chart, we can see that she is ALMOST ON TOP of the ecliptic line of the earth- bridging with the star Libra that is the star that is connecting on a straight line to the other end where Aries is. However, at that first territory right after Pisces and Aries, there are two stars by the name Alpha Arieti, and Beta Arieti in the nakshatra Aswani. Aswani, as the letter A, is the first nakshatra that starts the wheel of all the nakshatras within the zodiac. Aswani represents two young men riding a horse. The energy of these stars is swift, strong, and fast traveling. Just like that of a fast raveling horse. These stars are said being the physicians of the gods. Meaning, these two stars check that everything is in good health; in good condition in order for the Sun start the day; in order for nature starting a new day, for example. Which is why before sunrise, the first light that we see is the light of these two stars! This is signaling that the Sun is rising behind them and all would be alright. The name for this constellation is The Arietis. And they are rule by Mars. Mars do not rule the Sun. The confusion has been that just because Mars rule The Arietis, most astrologists think that Mars rule the sign of Aries. Aries sign is rule by the Sun. And notice that the word Aries starts with the letter A as well.

 Aries is connecting with the star Libra on the other end of the ecliptic, as we said, and that  also bridges with Virgo. However, and continuing with the sign of Aries, Aries is in the nakshatra Krittika that is rule by the Sun, and that it connects with Taurus. In another way, the signs for the nakshatra Krittika are Aries and Taurus. Meaning the nakshatra reside in Aries and Taurus. Then Taurus connect to Gemini, that then connects with Cancer. Gemini is rule by Mercury, while Cancer is rule by the Moon. Cancer, as being one of the CARDINAL sign within the zodiac wheel. However, the padas for the nakshatra Krittika are Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Krittika nakshatra is a cluster of stars known as the Pleiades. The symbol for the nakshatra is a knife. A knife symbolize not only a tool that can be put to good use, but it can also be used for something bad, is it not? It can also be referred as someone that has a sharp mind; one that knows more than one think. Further, the Logo for Krittika is A Ram.= a goat. A goat is an animal that can climb to the mountain top. Which it is not a coincidence that the sign Aries dominate the head of the human body. The head of the human body is actually the highest part of the body. We can say it is the mountain top of the body, right? “The Ram represents the power to penetrate, overcome, and achieve. It reflects the assertion of strength in creative ways to achieve a breakthrough.” ~quote. They say that the Ram rides the Red Man, meaning the Red Man is the Sun.= Ra

 But before we continue, let us say that the Sun is the Holy Man that controls the entire zodiac wheel. The zodiacs are in truth, his body. He is the only BEING that can dispense the holy creative energy. The Sun is FIRE SOURCE that bring energy to the creation. Fire is sacred. The Sun is Agni, the fire source itself. The FIRE GOD itself. Agni is He that knows everything. Agni is aware of every human thought even before months, or even years before it become a thought in the mind of anyone. Agni can see through everything!

“Through his flames, Agni provides heat and light, but also cleanses impurities. Smoke from his pyres create the air and hold the Heavens aloft. The sun, a source of fire itself, brings life-giving energy to the world, and his lightning streaks the sky during storms. For all his kindness and service.” ~quote

 “Agni is a master of virtues. Agni is very active on all physical, mental and spiritual planes. According to Hindu mythology, Agni represents two heads and seven tongues. One head is said to be focused on the earth plane, and the other is facing towards heaven.” ~quote. Further, the Sun aim at being friendly with everybody; with everyone. “And one of the primary purposes of Krittika Nakshatra is to purify the soul and liberate it from earthly impurities. However, monumental deeds and feats are achieved in this Nakshatra.” ~quote.

 And as we all know, the Moon is MIND, and it so happens that the Moon exalts in Krittika, and so does the Sun!

 And going back to September in the month of Virgo, on the date of August 23, the Sun entered Virgo. However, to the Sun disbelieves, Virgo is dead. She died of a heart broken into million pieces. She could no longer keep her people nor the creations grounded. She lost all her strengths; she lost all her power and thus she died. And thus this is contributing the mess on earth; on every nation.

 But before we continue, remember that Aries and Libra are opposite to each other on the ecliptic line, and so does Virgo, however, if we were to cross a vertical line from Cancer to Capricorn, now we would have a cross! This cross is very significant in the month of September and with the birth of the Son of Virgo. This is a celestial cross that by certain angles on the ecliptic line, Aquarius and Pisces are involve in the birth of the child. And so does Libra in Taurus on the last Decan. So the celestial cross is between Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, and Libra.

 So what are we getting at? What we are getting at, is that the Sun+ and some other deities must get to work before it’s too late. Before some mighty demons do the worse things within our planet.

 And as magic, and like a phoenix that rises from the dead, Virgo is resurrected again, and exactly on the eighth of September. And magically as well, she is now pregnant! And now the exaltation of the cross is on the fifteenth. And “By using the ancient Sanskrit method of analyzing a sign by the twelve divisional means, the date of the nativity falls over the Aquarian (son of Man) vibration of Virgo, while the exaltation of the cross falls over that of Taurus. Which in itself it constitute the actual physiological cross.” ~quote

Now all this is taking place in the heavens, and also within us. This is very complicated, as this is all concern with alchemy. Nonetheless, “The constellation of Aquarius is represented by the figure of a man with an urn from which the water of life is being poured, it is symbolical of the fact that only by the complete purification of the saline solution of the blood is the Virgin state entered into. This constitute the birth (manifestation) of the Virgin, in other words, her nativity.” ~quote.

Virgo has many names among nations. She is Isis, wife of Osiris; Juno, wife of Jupiter; Cybele, consort of Chronus; Venus, wife of Mars (represented especially by the last decan of Virgo) which is ruled by Venus; she is Cere, ruled by Zeus; the Virgin Coronis, wife of Esculapius; the Virgin Maia, mother of Mercury; Rebekah, wife and sister of Isaac; Rachel, wife of Jacob; Ruth, wife of Boaz; and last but far from the least, she is the mother of Christ. The astrological interpretation of the Virgin is that Virgo is the only one who can give birth to a son and still remain a virgin. The Virgin of September has a Sun once every year. It is also the time and place for the manifestation of the Divine Son in us when the necessary work has been consummated. Then only is the Virgin “clothed with the Sun, the Moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.” Rev. 12: 1- 6. ~ excerpt

 As Virgo is Bethlehem ( house of bread ), it is natural that we understand it to means THE BREAD OF LIFE. “At the time of the assumption of the Virgin, which takes place on the fifteenth of September, the sun is so entirely in the constellation of the Virgin that the stars of which it is composed are rendered invisible by the effulgence of its rays.~ quote.

 As the last decan of Virgo is the Taurian, and ruled by the Venus vibration, it constitutes the STABLE wherein the bull is housed and close to the spot ( middle decan )  wherein the Holy Child is born. ~quote. Here Taurus, that is a fixed sign, represents family; friends, finances, stability, prosperity, and of course then the obvious, health!

So, what we are delivering here is that Virgo is the house of HEALTH do the fact that until she is Being completely transformed; completely immaculate; completely unadulterated, and completely healthy, she will never ever be born within us, nor would she let her Son Jesus be born within us either. Until then, she would remain within us in a state of inertia. Adulteration here means, our river of life that is our blood, our circulatory system being poisoned from the quality of food we eat; from the abusive substances we knowingly ingest into our body. Within our stomach that is the part of our body where all we ingests is digested,= broken down so that the end result is transformed and delivered as vital energy to the rest of our body by Virgo for our very own survival. “Let the dead bury their dead,” said Jesus. What he meant was that we, believe it or not, are just in a state of inertia as Virgo was. We have forgotten who we are by means of gluttony. Gluttony means all kinds of excessive desires, and that includes food as well.

The path for our spiritual liberation, for our spiritual illumination and transformation can never occurs if the vital workers of our system= cells are swimming in filthy waters, and or are swimming in a river that is almost dry. Or are swimming drunkard that is just as worse, and are unable to do their work within each vital organ of our body.

Our river of life need be clean, transform so Neptune, the God with the Christ consciousness can bliss us with the “water of life.” He and Virgo are the only ones that can clean us from all impurities. And then when we are ready, they would bring to your very own eyes; to your very own heart temple, the radiant, omnipotent, and graceful God of FIRE. The God of fire that do not burns us. The God of fire that dance with the sound and tune of the universe in the frequency of Love. In the ecstasy of Love.

So some people might be shocked with all we are exposing here. And it is obvious. All these years, maybe thousands of years, religions have been hidden the mysteries about what it is really not a mystery at all. They have been entertaining us instead of telling the truth. The truth that the Almighty is Us; within us, and that all those scriptures within all religious texts are about Astronomy, Astrology, and Physiology of our very own body and the connection with the ALL. With all the stars in the universe and in the heavens. They are all parts of us. They are us; they are our ancestors! < More coming about this subject. >

Virgo nature is god-like. Her controlling planet is the Moon, and ruler planet is Mercury. In fact, Mercury exalts in Virgo! Virgo colors are deep green, and yellow. Her energy is light and swift; her mode is passive, her animal is the female buffalo; her bird is a vulture; her tree is Spondias Pinnate,= hog plum. Direction: East. And Virgo ruling deity is Savitar. Savitar is the brightest star in Virgo besides being a creative force. And now the question we have is, “Is Savitar the star, or sun that gives us light each day?

Virgo is the woman, the Virgin that every year has a Son= A Sun. A spiritual Sun where no sexual carnality is necessary, and thus she remains a Virgin. But most important it is an example for us to do the same if we all want the path of spiritual transformation. This ceremony is perform by the gods for the continuing of the creation within this physical dimension. However, this does not mean for us stop having sex, although the perversion of sex is for sure for our own demise. We must not waste our precious wine where the cells that generate energy are. Enough said. What we want to achieve here is, that our blood, our organs, our mind, our spirit, our conscious are all in perfect harmony. The question is, “Can we do it?”

Virgo’s Son is as a New Seed. Is as a New Earth that Father Sun wants making sure she is mature enough by the time he ends navigating the underworld where there he goes through so many challenges inclusive of on December 21st where he is so lost, everyone thinks he would never come back. However, as a maverick that he is, by December 25th he surprise everyone by appearing in the sky kind of weak, but let that not fools us. And everyone call this His resurrection that indeed serves him well. Hello Christ-mass. Hello Christmas! Hallelujah. And further, and as he continues on reaching the Northern Hemisphere, and on May 1st = MAY DAY.= Spring time, He will make Virgo pregnant again. Except that this time she will give birth to a New Creation. Give birth to a New Nature. Give birth to a New Astrological Year within the Zodiac wheel. Welcome Easter!

So although we spoke wonders about the Sun, there are other deities that are just as powerful, and that all together keeps the heavens check. Meaning, they are all working together in harmony for the sole purpose of friendship, peace, and life. For example, some of these deities are Mitra. and Shiva. There it is so much to learn about the stars inclusive theirs names, the nakshatra they are located at,+ and theirs characteristics. And believe this or not, we as a people are all connected to all these stars! They are all our ancestors, and they are all contributing for our future development, which are recognizing who we are, and of course recognizing spirit, and consciousness. Meanwhile we can learn so much from all these stars because each one of us when we were born, were born within the territory of one of these stars, and because of this we can claim their energy, and all that they have to offer for our growth! They can serve us as our guidance inclusive our health.

 And going back to health, many cultures use the hog plum fruit for stomach issues inclusive diarrhea. Further, we should consume a very decent amount of colorful vegetables daily rain or shine, like carrots, beets, broccoli; leafy like lettuce, bok choy, cabbage.. your choice! And sometimes consuming them even raw, like all those colorful peppers, tomatoes, etc. Further, make sure that daily you eat some fruit! Fruits should be eating between meals. You must consume plenty legumes, such as chic peas, peas, red beans, black beans, etc. Just cook them until soft and then store them in portions so you can put it in/ combine them with vegetables, NOT with meat, not with rice, and not with bread. Bread should be eating with vegetables as a meal. And so should be cheese. The idea here is learning how to combine properly the food we eat for a better dynamic in energy production. For example, you can have for breakfast, three eggs any way you choose combined with vegetables,= lots of vegetable whether cooked or raw. Learn how to dice vegetable+ and store them. And make sure not to have any liquid after a meal, fifteen minutes before or after. By the way, you can make peas soup and store them in portions. Do not bother in seasoning it. Just reheat and put a little hot sauce, and that it is all; your choice.

Remember that if you eat meat, you must combine it with lots of vegetable. If you eat rice, you must combine with lots of vegetables. PROTEIN + VEGETABLES. Legumes are all proteins. Meat is protein. Eggs is protein. Milk is Fat. Carbs should be eating with caution although it is need it in small portions. You must keep in mind, Protein+ Vegetables. And when you eat legumes, make sure you have like an entire cup or more. If you do not eat meat or seafood, or eggs, or milk, you need lots of legumes+ and lots of vegetables+ and lots of fruits.

The best diet= during the week have some seafood as salmon, red snapper, and or rainbow trout with lots of vegetables. Other days you have your legumes in any form+ lots of vegetables. Then in between you have your fruits. And or your bread with vegetables, and or your cheese with vegetables. And or your potatoes or plantains with vegetables. By the way, breakfast is a must meal that it should be with protein such as legumes, or eggs, or salmon with lots of vegetables. For milk, make sure your milk is evaporated. Drink not much, unless you are deficient of some minerals that you can drink more for a period of time. If you have children, make sure to give them evaporated milk. Learn how to evaporate milk. Treat milk as cheese,= take between meals. And to breakdown the milk, it is good to take a tea spoon of vinegar in water before or after drinking the milk; your choice. Moreover, do not indulge your meal with oil, use little. And about salt, use very little or none. The salt we are looking to take, is the salt that mother nature put within the vegetables+ and legumes that we eat. This is why vegetables+ legumes are so abundant everywhere we turn. Instead of adding salt, use lots of herbs in your food like oregano, cumin, cilantro, parsley, tarragon, hot sauce! The best hot sauce is Fix. You can find it online or Whole Foods; your choice.

 If you keep to this diet, you need not to eat any meat. NONE. Actually meat is not as healthy as we think it is. More about this later, and so much more! For now you can have your cake sometimes, your hot cocoa made from whole cocoa; your coffee without abusing the caffeine, and or whatever tea., etc. And take enough sunlight; take walks in the park, the beach. Go swimming! And learn how to do offerings to the gods, like for example offer candles; do fire rituals for cleansing; keep your space in order, and most important make sure you sleep your good eight hours so your body can recharge! Enjoy!

For now we need praying the Divine Mother, the Divine Father, and all the stars gives us health, prosperity, and wisdom especially during these changing times!

 So be it! = this posting

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