We Act In Accordance With The Expanding Of Your Chakras Your Chakras


The energies of myself and so many other ascended beings are coming to humanity at this time, and while we have indeed been visiting your cultures and societies for so very long, we have not been able to visit you in as direct of a way as we would like to be able to and this is why we have utilized channels and dear souls on Earth who have become open to the abilities in themselves to bring us through.

Indeed, to speak to humanity through channels is the right way to go in accordance with the freewill and growth of humanity, for each and every soul who is becoming open to our energies is experiencing the expanding and the ascension in themselves that sees them better able to find us and our energies through their ever expanding mental channels and their ever expanding chakras, many of which are coming online now.

It makes perfect sense for us to be able to contact humanity in the ways that we are before the initial disclosures, announcements and revelations begin to burst forth so wonderfully on your world, for we must act in accordance with the soul growth of humanity and we must act in accordance with the expanding of your chakras and the expanding of your own knowledge and awareness and your own finding of the Logos energy that we all truly are in ways less dense than you have been used to for so very long during your lower dimensional experience.

Indeed, your dimensional experiences have been straining whilst on Earth but they have served to teach you so very much about your Lives. Each and every event that comes to you that seems to be negative, is coming to you for the purposes of getting you to choose the energies of calm and of patience and acceptance over the energies that you would otherwise be bringing forth through the seemingly negative events coming through to you.

You must understand dear souls, that you are being tested in the most wonderful and the most Masterful of ways at this time, and you must allow this testing to come forth and you must realize when this testing is coming forth in your Lives and you must thank the Guides of yours who are bringing this testing forth to you because you truly did lay these Life lessons out for yourselves in each and every moment and day of your experience.

You planned and mapped out these lessons before you were to come and experience the lower dimensions in each and every form that they have to offer.

You have constructed your Life plans so uniquely to fit in with your own ascension processes and with the ascension processes of each and every soul around you now, who make up your soul family who you find yourselves so very close to at this time and many other times during your history and many past Lives that you have experienced.

We can feel that much of humanity is so very ready to ‘get off the ground’ so to speak with the many disclosures and revelations but it must be expressed that you have the power to bring this forth, but these events [manifesting] must manifest in accordance with your own soul growth and in accordance with your own learning of lessons for you are clearing out the lower dimensional residue that has been keeping you away from your true perception of your expanding, exponential Creation powers dear souls. You have always had these Creation powers, they have always been with you; you have simply been unaware of them throughout your many lower dimensional travels for you have been wearing the lower dimensional veil of forgetfulness throughout almost each and every Life that you have experienced dear souls.

Do you see and understand how the veils that have kept you from your true perception and knowledge and experience of the higher realms are now fading at this time, and are now collapsing before you so that you can find this Love that you have been blocked from receiving and knowing fully?

We understand and accept that for many, these veils are still quite instated and many are having trouble tearing down these veils and finding the resulting energies of the higher realms and the resulting energies of us dear souls who resonate with the higher realms and who experience the higher dimensional experience while working with our various Councils and Organizations to help and assist humanity in finding these experiences.

Indeed, there is so very much that we are now allowed to do on your world but this has not always been so and for the most part, there is still so very much that we are not allowed to do because again we must act in accordance with the freewill and with the growth of humanity. We can feel that so very many of you want these changes to come forth and we must express the importance of using your own meditative energies and your Creation powers to bring these scenarios forth that have been presented to you, for so very many scenarios are presented before you in an effort to get you to enact the scenarios occurring.

It has been expressed before the many ways that you can do this and it has been expressed how you can best utilize your meditative energies to manifest that which you want in your Lives, but as has been expressed before as well, we must remind you that it is your collective power and your collective energies that are the ultimate deciding factors in which collective events manifest on Earth.

By this we mean that the collective energy you pour into each event that is to manifest truly decides whether it is to affect your world in bigger ways or in smaller ways, and the more of you who get together and visualize a pure future coming about and bringing forth the resulting manifestation that will result from your doing this, the more [likely] these changes are to occur.

The Galactic Federation and each and every Organization that comprises the Galactic Federation that you have heard is based in a hierarchical sense; we are only one combined collective effort and Galaxy-wide Organization out of so very many Organizations who are assisting your world at this time. Some of these Organizations only have experience in certain Star Systems or certain Galaxies, and some of these Organizations who are assisting you have vast experience throughout multitudes of Universes and multitudes of parallel realities that you have not even begun to understand the experience of yet dear souls.

Indeed, so very much is to be disclosed about our existence and about the existence of the various ascended souls who are truly infinite in nature and who are truly grand and wonderful and marvelous in structure and who are doing everything we can to assist your world and to assist you all [in] finding the higher states of consciousness that you all once happily existed in with us, and once happily Created the lower realities you are now experiencing from for dear souls, you are Creators by nature.

Your natural instinct is to Create, and you do this through your thoughts without even realizing so during your lower dimensional experience, each and every day and in each and every moment. Your desires are always to Create, and your thoughts which you bring forth and the emotions which you give forth are manifestations of how you feel on the inside, and the Creations you wish to bring through.

When you have an unsettling thought or witness an unsettling event before you, there is a part of yourself telling you that you do not want this type of Life, and that you should not feed the emotions that garner you this type of Life and this type of experience and for the most part, so very many of you are now having such events happen to you and you are starting to realize that you truly do not need to continue to feed the energies that will only continue to bring such events forth to you, rather than aide you in breaking free from these energies, for these energies have had a very strong and very tight grip on so many dear souls on your world for so very long.

It is so wonderful to see the Light Grid of dear Gaia pouring and pumping the energy into so many awakening incarnate starseeds and Earth natives who are truly ready, who are truly excited and happy to absorb these energies and to bring them forth in themselves, and to radiate them to so many other dear souls and to so many other areas of Gaia’s Creation that need these energies.

We encourage each and every dear soul who is awakening and who will be led to this communication and so many other communications from many other ascended beings, to begin and to continue beaming your Love in increased purity and beaming your Light in increased measure and decreased distorted nature of such Light to the areas of Gaia’s surface that need it the most, and dear souls you know the areas and the souls alike on dear Gaia’s surface who need these energies the most.

So many dear souls have been encouraging you to pour your Loving energies into the dark souls on your world and this is so; you must do this, dear souls!

Many have wondered about what have been called the Galactic wars, and many wondered if us Lighted civilizations took [to any] type of offensive measure or any type of measure that would gain us negative karma or hurt any souls, and we say that this is not so dear souls. During what have been called the Galactic wars, each and every measure that we took was a defensive measure; we never took to using any weapons or blowing anything up for dear souls that is truly not our nature.

We honor the sanctity of the temples and the souls, the spirits alike, even of the souls who attack us and wish to destroy parts of our ships, and when we say this we [speak] with what you would recognize best as past terms for these wars truly are over and we truly are garnering peace with so many civilizations and races who would have otherwise experienced and attempted to give us lower dimensions.

Rather, the defensive measures that we took during the ‘Galactic wars’ were of beaming mass Love to these souls and disarming their negative actions and negative, harmful energies which laid and preceded these actions.

We knew that these souls [the perceived enemies] needed this for their own advancement and for the most part this is what helped the Annunaki to see the Light and to join the ranks of the Light which they have now done.

The Annunaki are indeed, [many of the Annunaki rather] are indeed experiencing lower dimensions and are incarnate in many areas of Gaia’s surface that we have already mentioned need your Lighted energies the most for they are experiencing lower dimensions that have been propagated by the souls who have been put into positions of power by the Annunaki so very long ago.

Indeed, the Annunaki have since joined the Light and broken off contact with the highest ranks of the souls who they once had as their minions and whom they once had enact all of the change that the Annunaki wanted to have enacted on the world that was not in the best interests of humanity and that was rather in the best interest of the Annunaki and of the ‘puppets’ who they employed, who you now know as the dark heads of the cabals on your world.

The main majority of the leaders of the Annunaki who garnered the most low vibrations and who caused the majority of the lower dimensional experiences on Earth are indeed experiencing their own karmic repercussions and upon doing so, have been joining the ranks of the Light and doing everything they can to disarm the dark souls and to break the programming that they have instilled onto the dark souls.

[The Annunaki] truly do feel so much regret and remorse for the pain that they have caused humanity and they will be in the initial announcements after you are informed of everything that they have done to you to make their sorrows and their ‘pleas’.

The Annunaki have personally wished to have their own versions of the trials that the heads of the cabals will be going and undergoing on your world for [the Annunaki] wish humanity to know of everything that they have done so they can express their sorrows, and they can express their Love that is beginning to be garnered for all of humanity.

Until my next communication, through this or possibly through another scribe who may become open to my energies, I say that we of the various Councils comprising the Galactic Federation Love each and every one of you dear souls so much, and we are working for you and for the Light in exponential ways that you have not yet heard about, but that are to change your Lives in such wonderful ways.

Indeed, we are not here to be your saviors; we are simply here to assist in the events that are to precede the marvelous ascension of Gaia and indeed, there are many more souls who are farther ascended than us, who do not belong to a specific Organization or Council and who are rather [discarnate] from such need to do so and these souls are assisting in the more bold and esoteric and spiritual aspects of the ascension of Earth that indeed, are going to surprise you so very much more than the initial revelations and the initial physical happenings which we have been assisting in bringing forth.

Thank you to Mariara.

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