We Are Closer Than You Think


It is I, your Pleiadian Friend from the Galactic Federation. I/we do serve on the Violet Ray, as well as on the Star Ship Athena. Thus, we are friends. In fact, all ascending ones are serving in some capacity in the higher frequencies. How could they not, for you are all Multidimensional and resonate to many realities within the NOW of the ONE. It is the connection to your own higher expression that is most helpful for you at this moment of your ascension process.

Knowing that you are connecting with a higher expression of your SELF assists you to release your human habit of worshiping Beings from the Higher Worlds. If there is worship to be done, is should be of us for you. You, our grounded ascending ones, have made the great sacrifice of incarnating on Gaia during the final years of Her third dimensional expression. Hence, you all have been facing myriad challenges as your old society breaks down in preparation for your Planetary Ascension.


In other words, all that has stood in the way of Planetary Ascension must be released from your society. In the same manner, all that has stood in the way of your personal ascension is being released. Therefore, you are asked to face major alterations and transmutations in your personal world while you are also facing major social changes. Do you see now why we, your higher dimensional expressions, are so very proud of the magnificent transformation you are creating?


Yes, your Galactic Family, are assisting Gaia in many ways, especially now that our Divine Deadline has been reached. However, we are surrounded at all times by peace, calm and unconditional love. Furthermore, we are in constant connection with the Unity Consciousness of the ONE. On the other hand, many of our brave grounded ones are facing personal, domestic, professional, social and geographical changes that appear far beyond their control. However, you are continually meeting every challenge with courage and love.


Therefore, we wish to “take our hats off to you,” to speak in your Earth vernacular. We want you to know how very much we respect you. We hold you in our every thought and constantly send you our unconditional love. Please take a moment to take in our love and respect. Feel our energy as it encircles your earth vessel and caresses your heart. Listen as we tell you of your life here among us. Allow your imagination to remember your life here with us on the Starships, in the Celestial Planes and/or in the fifth dimension and beyond.


Remember that YOU are not just the small earthen vessel that presently appears to be your body. Your physical earth vessel is merely your login point through which you can interact with the third/fourth dimension. We direct you to look into your High Heart to find the login point through which you can consciously interact with us in the fifth dimension and beyond. Use the great power of your imagination to believe that which you perceive. For believing in your higher perceptions will allow you to find your Path through the many changes and challenges that you will confront in the final leg of your long journey.


Most of all, remember that we are always in your heart. Feel the great love that we feel for your. Hear our words as they guide your every decision. See our faces when you look into the mirror and call upon us to assist you to remember your nightly visitations to our Ship. Yes, we see you often. However, we realize that it would be too difficult to return if you always remembered your visits with us. Therefore, most of you forget. However, just because you don’t remember doesn’t mean you were not among us.


To best remember your visits, try automatic writing. Your mind has been trained to lie so that you can live within the third dimensional illusions. However, your hands are connected to your heart and only know the truth. This is how our scribe receives many of our messages. Most of all, trust that you, yes YOU—the one who reads this message, is “good enough” a be the great, Multidimensional Being just as we are.


We, who await your return to our Ships, New Earth and to worlds beyond, are higher expressions of your own clay earth vessel. YOU are here with us, as well as on ascending Gaia. YOU are our “away mission.” YOU volunteered for this tour of duty and you are doing a magnificent job.

We stand as ONE and Salute you!
Your Galactic Family


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