What is Before you by Lord Enoch

I, Lord Enoch come to speak with you of your current times, 11-11-11 and what is before you. You are aware there has always been higher knowledge on the planet. At times it has been hidden behind closed doors away from prying eyes. But it has always been. All living energies on your planet are connected. You are now coming into a full understanding of this and it’s importance for survival. The Light energy on the Earth must be maintained and amplified by all. As one opens to their own soul and begins to seek a deeper meaning to life, the dormant connections of DNA within you are activated. This begins the process of calling on and working with the higher frequencies of Light energy. It is this energy within which is propelling you forward in these times of great change. You are now learning to listen, to listen intently within. Deep within your heart. This is where the first connection of true knowledge is found. It is the wisdom of the Ages that has been carried within your atomic structure for thousands of years. To hear you must be calm. The mind needs to be at rest. In that deep silence as you sit quietly at peace, the door of knowledge begins to open and the first connection is completed. It is this connection which now carries you forward as much of what has been created in the past, you have now outgrown. There are structures which seek to bind you tightly. The spirit within you cannot be bound as in times past. Golden Keys Of Creation As your time hastens you near the magical date of 11-11-11.

This is a time of transcendence for you. The portals of creation will then open. This great trinity has been waiting silently for this time on Earth. The portals are placed in the Himalayas, Australia and the great deserts of Africa. This will enable higher frequencies to reach those who are open and prepared to receive them. This significant date is a time to sit quietly, to prepare yourself to receive the Golden Keys of Creation. At this pre-ordained time God reaches out to deep within you to expand the Divine particles each of you carry. It is a date of great renewal. Many will feel a shift of energy within. A renewal. An altered mindset, a new intent. New desires for the Godly qualities of compassion, love and peace. This begins the great migration of man to the lands of Divinity. Everything you need is within the Divine chambers of your etheric heart. These chambers in turn ignite the chambers of Earth. The crystalline energies are activated between the collective and the Earth. The Earth nurtures and feeds you on every level. Understand this. Respect A new respect will be formed. You will understand through your feeling the Divine essence that the Earth and all living things which reside on her must be respected. This is one of the learning’s ahead for you as you enter into your year of 2012. From this great time in your history, 11-11-11, you enter the final path of integration. It is a period allotted for final transmutation and release of all previous unwanted energies and experiences. A period of deeper inner cleansing, and awakening to your true greatness. A complete understanding of who you truly are. The length of this path of integration is decided by you. It depends on your acceptance and your willingness to release your past. As you have been told by Kuthumi, this also involves great compassion and forgiveness. Both Divine qualities you are all capable of. New Earth New wisdom is now reaching you. For those of you who receive the vital teachings and channellings it is imperative you maintain spiritual integrity in the service you have agreed to for mankind.

Donot seek your own interpretation. Ensure your source of knowledge remains true and pure. This is important in the times ahead. You have heard of the predictions for a new Earth. You have relished the thoughts, formed pictures in your minds. This is wonderful. The first steps of creation exist in your mind. You must create this in the physical realm. Each of you play a part on many levels of existence. Your heart desire is the key. Keep listening within and remain vigilant to the energies around you. As you progress forward in the coming year it is imperative for your future that you maintain the Light energy of the Divine. Maintain the awareness. Feed it with love, higher knowledge and strength. This is how you will create a new way forward, a new existence. You desire this. In the coming months, old outdated behavior and structures must be left behind. As each of you move to let go of all that you no longer need or desire, you create a great wave of powerful energy on the planet. It is this wave of renewed energetic intent which will propel you through the portals of time to that which you desire to exist. Focus on this date, 11-11-11. Make yourself available to open, to receive, to birth in the awakening of the Divine within each of you. Accept the Golden Keys Of Creation. This is where you are now. On the threshold of a new creation for mankind and the planet. Each must play a part in this creation. All those who are open to Light, even those with the smallest curiosity, must now step forward. Come together with those who carry the Light wisdom to begin the birthing process – the evolution of man and Earth. I am Lord Enoch, at your service.

Copyright © 2011 Rev, Lynette Leckie-Clark – All rights reserved.

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