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Welcome to the Great Shift and the Power of Signature Cell Healing

A growing number of voices are telling us that the Earth and her inhabitants are undergoing a fundamental, evolutionary change—a change that most of us will experience first-hand in this lifetime.  Some call it ascension.  Some call it the end of days.  Master Guide Kirael , a seventh-dimensional spirit guide, refers to this unfolding event as the Great Shift in Consciousness.   As Kirael explains it, every planetary system with evolutionary life forms undergoes significant “shifts” at regular intervals.  The ancient civilization of Lemuria, which existed at one time on Earth, is said to have experienced several shifts in its history, including a final shift which submerged the ancient continent under what is now the Pacific Ocean.  It is also said that the Lemurian phase of evolution gave way to the Atlantean experience, which also shifted below the seas at the conclusion of its process.

According to Master Kirael and other sources, the Earth plane experiences some sort of vibratory shift or evolution in conscious awareness approximately every 2,000 years. Two thousand years ago, a young master walked the Earth carrying a simple message about peace and healing.  His journey had such a significant impact that we’re still talking about him to this day.  Roughly two millennia previously, an unusually wise scholar and architect named Imhotep introduced the world (once again) to the concept of a single Creator Source and a powerful system of mathematics.  His influence on our evolution is immeasurable.  While these two shifts were significant, they were not fundamental. So here we are on the brink of another Great Shift.

What’s different this time? According to Master Kirael, who shares his wisdom through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling, our current shift is atypical.  Usually, the force of Creation, in all its wisdom, removes all advanced life from the surface, resets the planet, and then allows another evolutionary journey to unfold.  This is what transpired at the end of both Lemuria and Atlantis.  With the current Shift, the dramatic physical transformation of the planet will occur with humanity still onboard.  Matter and physicality as we know it will be fundamentally different on “the other side” of the Shift. Kirael’s presence at this time fulfills an ancient prophecy—echoed many times throughout the ages—about an evolutionary cycle that began some 200,000 years ago.

Kirael, however, has consistently maintained that the Great Shift is not about doom and gloom; it is a time of great joy and celebration as Mother Earth rebalances herself and prepares us all for a mass evolutionary movement into a new dimension. So, let us assume for the moment that we are, indeed, experiencing the beginning phases of a Great Shift. What do we do?  For starters, as the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy recommends, don’t panic.  The purpose of this Great Shift, we are told, is to establish a new era of peace and harmony on the Earth plane so that humankind may experience love in ways it cannot yet fathom.

Kahu Sterling—a master healer, author and master medium—shares a number of practical tools to help us through this shifting process. The first is called prana breathing.  With this technique, you imagine a cloud of golden light particles hovering above your head.  As you breathe air into your lungs, picture in your mind’s eye that you are breathing golden particles down through your crown chakra, through your pineal gland and your thymus, filling your body with golden light.  See the light filling your body, a particle energizing and nurturing each cell.  As you exhale, picture the golden particles exiting your body through every pore in your skin, creating a golden cloud of light around you. This simple breathing and visualization technique not only helps the physical body to balance, it also affects the other three bodies— emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Breathing prana light through the pineal gland is significant.

As Kahu Sterling and Master Kirael explain, the all-important Signature Cell, or God Cell, resides in the pineal.  At the moment of conception, when a sperm and an egg weave together their DNA encodings, a potent particle of light enters this wondrous new being—the Signature Cell. This Signature Cell contains the entire initial blueprint of your life’s journey as a human, and throughout your life the Signature Cell retains the code of your original perfection and purpose.  So, the act of breathing light through the pineal gland energizes the Signature Cell and allows its wisdom to assist in the healing and spiritual awakening of the human self on all levels of awareness. More than a decade ago, with the guidance of Master Kirael and other non-physical guides, Kahu Sterling pioneered the Signature Cell Healing™ modality.

Based on ancient Lemurian wisdom, this highly flexible approach to healing taps the power of the Signature Cell, and brings balance and harmony to all four bodies, from the physical to the spiritual.  “Signature Cell Healing is evolutionary,” says Kahu Sterling.  “When I teach this modality, it’s never the same twice, because it is evolving constantly, just as we are. The beauty of this healing philosophy is that it can be used in conjunction with any other healing technique.  I feel this is the key to healing as we approach the Great Shift.” Kahu Sterling is currently traveling the world facilitating workshops on Signature Cell Healing as well as Denjé .

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