Wheel of Life

The marked tendency to blame others is an obstruction, an obstacle to the understanding of our own mistakes. Unfortunately, it is an extremely difficult task to destroy within ourselves the tendency to blame others. In the name of truth, we would say that we are the only ones to blame for the diverse, unpleasant circumstances of life.

The different pleasant or unpleasant events exist with us or without us and are constantly repeated mechanically. Based on his principle, no problem can have a final solution. Problems are part of life, and if there were a final solution, life would not be life, but death.

And so, there can not be a modification of the circumstances and problems, but they will never stop being repeated, and there will never be a final solution. Life is a wheel turning mechanically with ever recurring pleasant and unpleasant circumstances. ¬†We can not halt the wheel; good and bad circumstances always proceed mechanically; we can only change our attitude towards life’s events. ~ samuel anweour

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