Whose Ship You Sail?


It is good for you to know that you don’t have to bend to every circumstance that comes along. But that does not mean for you to be resolute. This is not a question of will. It is a question of coming from strength. Toss out all your ideas of weakness.

You are not a piece of wood that is buffeted up and down by the ocean. You are the ocean. The ocean does not resist what sails on it, but it doesn’t flounder either.

The winds that blow are not the maker of you.

I am the Maker of you.

When life deals you an unkindness, what is it that has really happened that must affect you the way it does?

Do not prepare yourself for onslaught nor resist it.

You do not turn away from life, but you can turn the other cheek by looking at the situation differently. Look at it from another angle. Consider that the occurrence is moving your thinking to a greater perspective. Consider that it is a platform for you to rise on. Consider it a splendid chance for energy-wasting ego to disappear. Become efficient.

It is your ego that gets flattened, not you.

Ego is not you. It is not even a part of you. It is a guise. It is a pretender.

Let your ego be hurt. It is not for you to protect it. Your ego is a bauble, and you can let it go.

What is worth your attention?

Ten supportive events occur, and then one event or remark occurs that doesn’t seem to honor you, and you swing your attention there. Is that not so? Swing your attention back.

Bless the offender. What else works so well?

Remember that you are a remover of boundaries. You’re not going to set more up.

You are not meant to be a retaliator, even in thought.

No one hurts your feelings.

You interpret something as an affront.

You assail yourself.

Lay down your swords. Cease to point them at your own heart.

You are made for greater things.

Consider that you are made as a dissolver of woe, not a catcher of it.

You are a watcher of the events that pass. They come and they go, and you remain.

You are a bulwark of strength. You do not need to tense up and make yourself strong. You already are strong. You do not need to flex your muscles when you are mighty.

Benevolence comes from strength.

You can be the giver of kindness.

You can erase emotional debt. Don’t incur it.

Name the ship you sail on. Name it: Goodness and Mercy. Name your life what you want it to be. Don’t name it: Small Things Get to Me.

What sign do you carry on you? What placard do you hold? What do you write with your life? You are a magic marker who can write anything at all. You can write dismay or wondrousness. It is your choice. Remember you choose. You are not without choice.

Further your life, and you further the happiness of the world. Raise your flag and hold it high. Whom do you represent?

You are an adventurer on the high sea of life.

Unfurl yourself.

Live not your life in shallow water.

Raise a toast. Celebrate the occasion of your life on Earth. Honor yourself. Don’t mind so much what others say or do. They may sail on a smaller craft. But not you.

You are My gifted child. I set you out on this journey. You are on it at My request. I prepared you well. You come from royalty. You come from a magnanimous line. You are a continuer of it. You are farsighted and farseeing, and you represent My holiness. You sail My ship. My Name is on it. Sail well.

Tired thoughts make you tired.

Thinking new ways will enliven you. Your usable energy will be greater. You will be able to sail through things that you couldn’t even tackle before.

New thinking means a new you.

Your thoughts are an indicator of where you are.

Put your thoughts where you want them.

Take thoughts from high shelves.

That is where happiness lies.

Old thoughts have been trampled and are worn-out, and so they wear you out.

Put on a new hat.

Today looks like a good day to begin anew.

~The Almighty Creator: Heavenletters

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