Worldwide Reset Imminent










Most people are aware of the many changes that are upon us, and the ones approaching.

We are going to remind as well to those who know who they are, that your actions of foreclosing on any property belonging to a private citizen in the land of the united States of America, the continent, will not go unnoticed since the beginning of 2016. Let us remind you that the organic Constitution FOR the united States of America is in full effect protecting the lawful rights of our citizens.

We also published and or sent to those of concern Notice of their actions against our people, and each county sheriff in the nation should be aware of what it is taking place and what their future would be if they are not following constitutional law to protect their citizens in their respective county.

We are going through a peaceful transition to rebuilt our Republic, and it is everyone responsibility to stand for what it is the right thing to do.

We are now bringing you the video below so you have an idea of what would take place in a near future, and we are to stand to manifest a peaceful transition.

Thank you and be love

~we the people

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