You are God’s Expression


You have weighed yourself considerably as a human being, and you tend to find yourself wanting. Nevertheless, as much as you are human, you are also Divine. Some of your dissatisfaction with yourself comes from your subtle awareness that you are Divine and yet cannot see it. You perhaps see yourself as going along on a low road and well know that there is more to life than what you observe yourself living. This is the hub of your dissatisfaction with life in the world. You have a vague sense that you are meant for Greatness. Nevertheless, in your self-appraisal, you see more littleness than you want to see and do not perceive your travels into the spiritual realm.

You would love to see your higher side. You would love to discover it, yet you see only one side of the fence.

Your true life is more than what you observe. There is a side to you that denies the grit of daily life. There is a side to you that you cannot see and yet cannot take for granted. If you could but see, you would know, not guess, the Divine Light you emanate.

I do not favor regret or guilt, and yet what can be said for them, is that they give you some awareness of what you are capable of. You are rife with the capacity for greater. Look for signs of your Divinity within and without yourself. Look further down the road than regret. Look for a sense of Truth within you and within the world.

Cast your eye on possibilities rather than the certainties you presently see.

You may see yourself as having flunked a test in life. Look less at that and more at your beautiful heart that cares. Somewhere along the line, you may have gleaned that you are supposed to be perfect in world games, that you are to ace games and read poetry and excel in everything. A human being does not have to excel in everything or even anything. Where did you get the idea that you are to be tops in terms of world stakes?

When you gamble and lose, you want to be lucky, and when you are not, you feel let down. You feel dejected and feel that God was not with you. God is truly the luck you desire. It may be that you are looking for proof of your Divine Self. Where is the evidence of your worth, you ask.

That I made you is evidence. Surely, you don’t think you created yourself? What you have been doing is creating your estimation of yourself and pulling yourself down. You have done this again and again. You have done this too much.

And yet when I tell you that you are a Perfect Being, you guffaw. Start looking at yourself in a different light. Instead of investigating your flaws, be on the lookout for what the world would call goodness. Look for it inside and out. That which you look for, you will see. This is like listening to a higher tune. That which you listen for, you will hear.

If you continue to berate yourself for lack, you will continue to see lack.

You do not have be academic in order to be Divine. You do not have to ace tests anymore than you have to get a touchdown and all the cheers of the world. All you have to be is what you are, and now it is time for you to give yourself credit for who and what you are.

Don’t say you don’t deserve credit. If you can discredit yourself so avidly, you can credit yourself and therefore Me. Give Me some credit for what I have created.

You are the artwork of a great Master. Do great paintings deplore themselves? Do they disdain themselves and bemoan why they were painted as themselves and not as someone else?

You are My expression. Express your Self.

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