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You may think you have a long list of difficulties. I do not usually categorize, yet today I will categorize your difficulties into two hang-ups you have: Ego and attachment.

Ego is no more than your identity crisis, and attachment is holding onto everything that you perceive  as due you.


Actually, ego and attachment are one. You are caught up in what you believe is “supposed to be.” And you are attached to what you believe, have been taught to believe that you are supposed to have. For instance, you are supposed to be given credit for everything you have done or given. When you do not have the credit that is rightfully yours, you feel denied, and, let’s face it, you don’t do well with being denied. Beloveds, you have not been denied. You have been given any and every opportunity to grow. Opportunities to grow have been strewn before you.


Your identity crisis is a more honorable name for what is ego crisis. Ego is always having a crisis or two. Ego is the least of you, beloveds. Your identity is not all the palaver that ego gives a song and dance about. Not at all. Ego tells you all the credit you are supposed to have and are not getting, and ego says, “There, there,” and pats you on the head.

Credit is not what you are supposed to have. Unselfishness is what you are supposed to have. You are learning unselfishness. You are learning that unselfishness is far more than sharing the last piece of pie. Unselfishness is nothing more than giving up ego. It is about time for ego to be booted out.

Ego tells you that you are not loved or you are not loved enough, that you should be loved more, that you must be loved more. Give up all musts. You do not have to be King of the Mountain. You don’t have to be anything at all. You just have to be.


You ARE. You are Being. Being doesn’t own. Being IS. Being is already everything. And Being doesn’t have to think twice about letting go. Beyond ego-identity and attachment lie the service of love. It is not that you present love. It is that you ARE love. You don’t DO love. You are love. That is your identity. You have no other. And, so, you rise above your little self and spread your wings. I will help you. I am helping you. I am giving you every opportunity to rise above whatever you have allowed to keep you back from graciousness and all that you want to be and are destined to be.


Your sensitivity, unless it is sensitivity to someone else and not to the proclivity of you in the body you live in, well, then, that sensitivity is also ego, the twin of attachment.

The picture you have had of yourself is much too small. You live in a particular house with particular people and you do a particular job, and you forget that you live in a Universe. You are not your house. You are not your family.

You are not your job.

You are not your physical attractiveness. You are not the amount of paper money that you bank. You are not any of these things. You are a citizen of the cosmos, and you are not here on Earth for your personal identity.

You have a far vaster identity than the one ego hands you.

Identity-lessness is your identity.

Divinity is your identity. Come from your identity then, this identity-less identity.

This does not mean you are a cipher. It just means you know what is important and what is not, and most of what concerns you doesn’t hold great importance.

You are important, not because of attributes the world gives, but because of Who you already are, not what you have, not what you do, but what you give, and what you give is service to the Universe, to Heaven, to Me, and therefore to all.

You are much bigger than you thought.

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