You Will Find Yourselves Steeped In The Wonder Of Who You Truly Are~ Jesus


Humanity is on course to awaken as divinely intended. So open your hearts to receive the Love that is constantly on offer to help you move out of your state of deep sleep. You want to; you know that life is much more real, alive, and exuberantly vibrant than what you are presently experiencing, and yet there is a sense of anxiety or even dread – that to move forward towards that state is to face judgment and possibly condemnation for behaviors in which you have at times engaged. But those behaviors never occurred, and they could not.

Your present state is illusory! Many wise and holy ones are repeatedly advising you of this fact, and still you doubt and cling to beliefs that would attempt to convince you that you are sinners and misfits who are unworthy of God’s unconditional Love. You are always loved because you are the children of God, created by Him as perfect beings to live in eternal joy. That is His Will.

To imagine that any state other than everlasting harmonious oneness with Him could be your destiny, let alone be possible, makes no sense at all. You are all of infinite worth, priceless jewels in the heavenly firmament, and without even one of you present that state would be incomplete. And nothing that is of God, Who is All That Is, could ever be incomplete.

Your destiny is to awaken, and so you shall. Release your fears, your doubts, and your anxieties that suggest you are unworthy because they only confuse and disturb you. For divine confirmation go within – into your heart, into the center of your being – and ask yourselves if you are worthy of God’s Love, and you will be answered with a resounding “Yes!” No other answer is possible because when you ask that question, it is God Who answers you!

This message is to reaffirm for you that you are eternally one with God, your Creator and loving Father, Who has nothing but indiscriminate, unconditional Love to offer to each and every part of His creation. No one is or could ever be excluded from that divine and totally inclusive state. Whatever your fears may be, they are utterly unwarranted. Let them go, for they do not serve you, and allow yourselves to feel the Love that surrounds you constantly.

When you awaken, all those insecurities, doubts, and feelings of being in any way unworthy, which you have embraced with unbelievable enthusiasm over eons spent in the illusion, will be gone, and you will find yourselves infused and steeped in the wonder of who you truly are: divine beings of infinite value, ensconced in a state of permanent ecstasy with one another and with God. You will have no memories of conflict, betrayal, or suffering to cloud the brilliance of your awakened state. Surrounded by all who love you, and whom you love, there will be nothing to disturb the divine harmony that is your heavenly destiny.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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