Your Glorious Christ Heart



Beloved ones, in the realms of Love, in the great and glorious expressions of the living Light, your Christed hearts are magnificent beyond all imagining. They are an explosion of Light like a living star, a pattern woven of gold and white, pulsing from the center outward in harmony with My heartbeat, the heartbeat of God. With every pulse you are aligned with the glorious expression of Love that I Am. As it flows through you, it streams forth along the matrices of Light that are your magnificent Christ heart.

Dearest ones, when one of you becomes this heart on Earth, these patterns of Light in your Christed heart become even more glorious and vibrant and more expressive of the fullness of My Love, because of what you have lived and given here on Earth. So every moment that you give yourself in surrender to Me and you lift yourself and will yourself into the higher Will of Love – each such moment creates a scintillating bridge of new patterns in your great Christ heart.

For this week, I ask you to allow Me to show you the magnificent, vibrant, luminous and glorious pattern of your own Christ heart. To do this each day, I ask you to take time to surrender your will once again, not only into your higher Christ Will, but to surrender it totally to Me. In this surrender, beloved ones, let it be so deep, so complete, and so powerful that it lifts you into the silence that is the bridge to your Christed heart.

Then as you feel all around you this great silence and it holds you like the ocean of Love, as you spread out your consciousness and you reach with your heart for Me and for the Moment of Creation, in the silence you will begin to feel and hear the pulse of your own Christ heart. As you do this, beloved ones, you will begin to feel this pulse come alive in all of your being from the great Moment of Creation, the clearest and magnificent Light – all the way into your embodiment as the living Christ on Earth.

As you feel this pulse and this connection, if you follow it and listen to its music, then you will begin to experience the feeling of your own great heart and the feeling shall lift you into ecstasy – into the euphoria of the awareness of who you truly are, and I shall begin to show you the living pattern of your Christed heart – first, as it exists in the Real – the gold and white matrix of living pulsing Love, and then, its reflection on Earth, shining through your own beautiful heart.

As you begin each day to connect with this, first, with the silence, then with the pulse, then with the feeling of your own great Christ heart, then each time you will begin to experience more clearly the glorious expression of vibration, the song, the images, the patterns of Light that are your Christ vibration. Each day this vibration and this pattern of Light will become more clear to you, as I lift you beyond all limitation and show you who you really are.

The gold and white Light that is the great star of your own Christ heart is aligned specifically for you. The Light streams that create the star and join each beam of Light together are specific only to you, and they sing as they vibrate with the pulse of Creation. They sing out your unique song of life. As you become one with the truth of your heart as it exists at the highest realms of Light, you will understand that your heart – this great matrix of Light – is created to accept the pulse of My living Love as it comes forth each Now Moment. With the great beams of living Light that are your glorious Christ heart, you send forth this Love throughout all of Creation.

So I ask you, beloved ones, to begin to feel the rays of Light that are your living heart and to feel the Love streaming forth through them and out to All That Is. As you feel this more clearly each day, you will begin to experience this vibration touching your life on Earth, as well as lifting you into the Real. As you do, you will discover the great radiation of Love that moves forth before you to create perfection on Earth as it is in the realms of Love.

As you feel your great and glorious heart, the great patterns of Light that it is and you hold to this vibration, this experience, it will automatically become present here on Earth as you. But as you walk forth as Jesus did, those who come before you, when they step into your radiance, will know themselves as Love. The purity, the innocence, the reclaiming of your truth, your life now shall be made manifest on Earth as it is in Heaven in the living realms of Light, in the glorious truth of Love.

As you do this each day, as you connect first to the silence, then to the pulse and then to the experience of your own great Christ heart, beloved ones, your life on Earth shall change into the expression of the perfection of Love that IS your Twin Flame heart as well. Because each Christ heart in the gold and the white is the expression of the two forces of Creation. So there is no such thing as a Christed heart that is not a Twin Flame Love. This too you shall begin to experience through every atom of your being.

As you breathe into this great pulsing star of Light that is your own unique and individual Christ heart, you will begin to hear and feel the living song of your being – the vibration that makes you so beautifully unique. As you do so, for the first time since you became focused here as a life on Earth, you will find that you truly understand and feel the glorious truth and the living Love that is who you truly are, and the concept of loving yourself will be transformed in you and for you, until you understand that loving yourself is simply allowing the expression of the Love that you are.

As you do this, you need nothing else because Love becomes your universe, your identity, your every breath. As you walk forth into this world, you are the reflection of your great Christ heart and all barriers have fallen, as you listen to the song of Love that you are, and accept the song as the truth of you and your own glorious heart.

Oh, beloved ones, this attunement is your essential nature, and as you reclaim it and you feel it each day, it becomes every more Real to you, and as it does, the illusion fades, the illusion that is life on Earth, and the Light of your heart shall illuminate all things that come before you on Earth. Suddenly every life is revealed to you in its truth as the magnificent and glorious being of Love that it truly is. Each and every moment is a celebration of pure Love, and as you feel this, you also feel our communion – the awareness that we are one and yet, we have relationship because of the gift of your magnificent heart.

Dearest ones, I ask you, as you begin to reach for this experience, to deeply make the commitment to allow it – to allow it into your consciousness, into your being, to let it become the vibration of your each and every breath that the patterns of Light of your own great heart become fully expressed in you and that your heart sings the great song of our communion – of your great Love for Me and My Love for you, and the expression of this magnificent Love that is who you truly are.

Once you feel this pattern of your magnificent heart in the Real, I ask you again to accept your Christedness into every atom of your being. I ask you to say “Yes” that each atom and every electron hears your commitment to Love and in this acceptance will come the moment that you have been waiting for when you truly feel the connection with your Christ heart here on Earth. The song of your Love as the heart of God shall be forever clear to you – no longer something that you long for, but something that is a part of you.

These patterns of Light that are expressed through you that are the statement of living Light as your heart will become strong enough in your consciousness here for you to do as Jesus did – to see clearly the truth of Love behind the illusion of life on Earth and to claim this by the power vested in you by Me – refusing the illusion before you and claiming the truth of Love. In this claiming will come the acceptance of the patterns of Love, the patterns of Light that make up every life expressing here on Earth.

Soon you will look through every symbol of a life form before you and you will see the magnificent song. You will feel it. The patterns of Light, you will see them, and you cannot be fooled any more into believing in separation but instead you shall reach forth your heart and connect with the Love being expressed in every precious life on Earth. In your heart you shall affirm for them the truth of their being, and in your eyes each person shall see their true nature.

But beloved ones, it is the expression of the great rays of your heart that shall release for them the illusion of separation and grant them the experience of their own great heart and the truth that only Love is Real.

So this week I ask you to reach for the experience of your glorious and magnificent heart in the realms of Love, in the realms of pure Light in that highest vibration where life comes forth, where you are the beholders of God and the expression of My Love through you. So too shall this become your every day here on Earth, that as you express your magnificent heart, this great star of living Light, a magnificent matrix of interwoven gold and white, as you express this and you surrender everything into this great Christed heart that is the truth of your being in the Real, then each moment of your life on Earth shall truly be the beholders of the action of Love, the action that I Am expressing through you and before you as your life.

So rather than making decisions with your mind about your moments, about your days, about your schedule, about what it is you do, I ask for your surrender each Now Moment – that you become the observer of that which Love does through you. As you do this, it will totally and forever change your life, because you will realize that it is the action of Love living through you that is what you are born to bring into view, to embody as the Christ that all who come before you, all who touch your life in any way at all, shall recognize what it means to live a life surrendered, surrendered to the Christ. Not as Jesus but the Christ as your own living heart – as Love expressing as you.

As you come into the fullness of your acceptance of your great Christed heart, the power of its pulsing Love and of My Light living through you and as you, you will discover that your little mind simply falls away, as every moment you are watching enthralled to see what Love shall do through you right now. As the miracles come or that which those still veiled would call “miracles,” you will easily accept them and bow to them in surrender that any vestiges of a human self is easily released in the presence of such amazing Love, such amazing and glorious living Light, such a great star of power as your own Christ heart.

In this heart, this experience, you also shall truly taste on the level of your being, your essence, your true nature, what it means to be the gold and white, to be the Twin Flame consciousness, interwoven, the great flames, the great Double Helix of the expression of life itself. You will also be surrendered to the expression of this Love, of your Twin Flame Love in the Real, allowing it, too, to express through you as the higher Will, as My Will, as the Will of your own great and living heart – rather than allowing your humanness to keep looking outside of you.

Dearest ones, surrender this also to the expression of what already is, and allow that expression of Twin Flame Love to live itself through you from the Real so powerfully and so perfectly that you become beholders of this Love, as well – that instead of pushing with the little mind in any way for anything at all, each moment becomes the surrender to the expression of your Real Christ heart.

As this happens, as you feel it, as you know it in every fiber of your being, your whole life becomes aligned with your true nature as the heart of All I Am, giving Love. Everything else, all the symbols of life on Earth, become secondary to the expression of this glorious truth.

So as you begin to call forth this experience by turning to Me, allowing Me to lift you up into the silence, then to the heartbeat, then into the realms of Love so pure and so refined in vibration that the patterns of Light that are your own great heart are effortlessly revealed to you – this is the gift that I bring you. While I ask you to reach for it, to accept it and to surrender each moment your little will, I also want you to know that I bring this to you in response to your commitment to becoming the living Christ, fully present here on Earth, as you are in the realms of Love. Each moment shall be for you the moment of acceptance where you say to Me, “Yes, God, I am the Christ,” and you feel my crowning of your life as the reclaimed crown on the Tree of Life in the center of the Garden of Eden. Through you, we shall turn all the symbols of life on Earth into symbols of the expression of Love and only Love. Humanity then shall find the bridge world that is Heaven on Earth, through you.

So I give you thanks, dearest ones, each of you, who has said “Yes,” each of you who now makes room in your life to experience the patterns of Light that are your own great Christ heart, and to also begin to hear the living song that is Love expressing in you, through you, as you, creating before you the perfection of a unified world of Love. Thank you for your most glorious and precious hearts. Thank you for saying “Yes.” Thank you for being willing each moment to keep attuning your heart to Love.

Know that out of the silence and out of the experience of your own matrices of Light that are your magnificent heart will come the experience in the realms of Love of the crowning of your life as the living Christ heart with the fullness of expression of your truth on Earth. That is, a greater expression than even your heart as created by Me. In other words, what you give here enriches even the great Love you are, even the perfect heart of God you are at the Moment of Creation itself. Even this becomes richer and deeper, more magnificent, more inclusive because of your gift of service and the gift of heartfelt compassion that you are experiencing here on Earth.

So, know this, that this life you are living is also a gift to you in ways you can’t yet comprehend. It is growing, even your magnificent heart in the Real, and bringing to it a new-found wisdom, a depth and breadth of giving that was not present in you before your life of service, this life that you have given Me – sharing this awakening of all the precious hearts on Earth, and the awakening of the world itself, the beloved Earth who is a being of Light, who is herself a great heart and you will feel her, her own matrices of Light. The patterns of her great heart will be revealed to you as you experience life through your expression as My living heart, from the realms of Love, from the Moment of Creation, all the way here, right where you stand, living this life on Earth.

Let each breath be your continual “Yes,” the holy shift into the higher Will of your own Christed self. Please accept this gift as well of the experience of your Real heart, and assist Me to bring this into focus here on Earth through you.

~from the circle of light

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