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Birthday Wishes for H.O.S. 0

Birthday Wishes for H.O.S.

Sending Birthday wishes, blissing, and love to a Woman that Govern Herself.  She is The. Light. Of. The. World. H.O.S.= We. Love. You.  

We All Have Been Played 0

We All Have Been Played

 So some scientists from Spain decided one sense for all check what is inside the suppose Covid19 vaccine. They used the most powerful microscopes, and what they found out is mind blowing. The vials...

4th of July Blessings and Beyond 0

4th of July Blessings and Beyond

God Almighty, protect and bless our country; our people with your infinity light and glory. Let us move forward navigating these challenging times full of courage, wisdom, liberty, kindness, responsibility, and discerning right from...