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Eclipse Path on April 8 2024: Prayer

The fact that this eclipse for April 8th 2024 is signaling the letter A+ the letter X across North America, and especially the United States, is very significant. It took seven years since 2017+...


March Equinox 2024

March Equinox 2024 that occurs on the 19th this year, and that energy last till the 21st, is a time for us reflect deeply our connections with the elements. This is a time where...

The Benford’s Law 0

The Benford’s Law

Very interesting. Pay attention. = this posting ~LFabre


Song for the Heart

  “You are More than Enough.” = this posting ~LFabre



From the ashes a fire should be woken; a light from the shadow should gleam. Renew should be all that was broken: The Crownless again should be Queen. ~quote Taking this New Moon energy...


February 2024 Full Moon Magha

Powerful message from this Full Moon in Magha/Maga Nakshatra on February 2024. According Vedic astrology, this mystical full moon opens a doorway for spirituality. This full moon magnifies the power of prayers, the power...


Mental illness: the Hidden Disease

One of the most challenging and dangerous disease among societies is <Mental illness> It is the hidden disease that no one want talking about. Symptoms of mental illness are being a Narcissist. Narcissists are...