March Equinox 2024

March Equinox 2024 that occurs on the 19th this year, and that energy last till the 21st, is a time for us reflect deeply our connections with the elements.

This is a time where the elements of fire principally, prepares for (a) New Year ahead of us at least here in the Western hemisphere. This New Year according to nature, prepares us for the next four seasons that entitle a year with four seasons that are, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Or we can say, the March Equinox prepares us for the next following six months or the next following two seasons that are Spring and Summer. Leaving then the Fall Equinox that is on September 22nd, taking care for the next following six months, or the next following two seasons that are Fall and Winter.

It calls the Cycle of Life.

The elements of fire gives us light. Keeps us warm. And are the elements of fire that keeps the balance between light and darkness.

Let our intentions Be, and accordingly the good intentions from our actions, thanks the Sacred elements from this equinox onwards, us all having a great New Year full of Prosperity. Health. Wisdom. Empowerment. Responsibility. Bravery. Family. Protection. Heart.

Amen. Amen. Amen. = this posting

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