Eclipse Path on April 8 2024: Prayer

The fact that this eclipse for April 8th 2024 is signaling the letter A+ the letter X across North America, and especially the United States, is very significant. It took seven years since 2017+ three eclipses for the Grand Finale be shown for the entire world. The path for the eclipses has been mind-blowing, and more so this last eclipse on April 8th 2024.

The letter A signify Beginning+ and Ending. And the letter X signify, “done with.” And astrologically, and according the positions for the planets during this eclipse on the April 8th, cannot be deny. This eclipse is happening in the sign of Pisces. Not Aries, whether we are looking it from a Vedic or Western astrology.

Brace yourselves. The storm is upon us. But be not afraid, all would be for the greatest good. Great things are ahead. For now, Pray for protection and clarity for yourself, your family, and your community. And stay inside during the eclipse path, as eclipses energies are malefic. Check in your area for time of eclipse navigation. Enough said.

Prayer for Eclipse on April 8th 2024 and Beyond:

Father Mother God

I repent. I repent. I repent.

Please forgive me

I am sorry

I love you

I thank you


Repeat all ways always.

< Heart> = this posting



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