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In Case you are not Aware of

We have been saying for a while now that if anyone is lucky enough having lots of money in the bank, well, by this date, today, all your money should had been taking out,...


Relationships: Balance

Relationships: Balance. Family. Children. Spouse. Grandparents. Siblings. Honor. Respect. Responsibility. Accountability. Bravery. Courage. Protection. Discernment. Healing. Health. Prosperity. Spiritual Values. Spiritual Growth. Knowledge. Truth. Evolution. Creator. Co-Creators. Creation. Unity. Heart. Supreme. Eternal. Eternity. ONE....


Thanksgiving Day 2023

And for the record, and the sake of our history, one of the founder of our country, George Washington, was the first writing The Declaration of Thanksgiving Day, a few years later after winning...


White Rabbit: 9/17, 2023

It is written that Rabbits are a symbol of fertility. A symbol of birth. A symbol of rebirth.  A symbol of something new on the horizon. It also means a symbol of cleanliness, and...


Be Done: Be Gone.

We always wanted showing this video below from a long time. Anyways, there you have it today to show some people that are still in doubt about what has been taking place in this...

Pray all Ways Always 0

Pray all Ways Always

  This is a prayer not only for Tuesday, but for every day, always. Powerful. Click on video. Related: = this posting ~LFabre


No Stopping

“Nothing can stop the beginning of something new and beautiful being born. Nothing can stop what it is already written in the Stars.”                      ...


America: My I AM America

Today and always, we are sending blissing upon our nation and its people, and all the people across the world. Let the world know that the American people have awaken from the dream state...


In Case you did not Know: American History

In the beginning of year 2020, it was when the Corona Virus became known in the United States. The American people were very confuse then; They were not clear enough of what exactly was...