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February 2024 Full Moon Magha

Powerful message from this Full Moon in Magha/Maga Nakshatra on February 2024. According Vedic astrology, this mystical full moon opens a doorway for spirituality. This full moon magnifies the power of prayers, the power...


Now and Beyond

Be for ever and ever the sword of justice protect our nation. Our family. Our children. Our people. Our resources. Be all Black Magic intentions and actions against our good hearted people and their...


New Moon Energies

Let the energies from this New Moon on this 12th of December 2023, Be for a starting point for a New Beginning. A new beginning where our inner outdated believes are restore with true...

Pray all Ways Always 0

Pray all Ways Always

  This is a prayer not only for Tuesday, but for every day, always. Powerful. Click on video. Related: = this posting ~LFabre


Divine Mother: Divine Goddess

On this Day, we pray the Divine, Powerful, and Compassionate universal Goddess that have many names, guide this humanity hearts and minds towards the path of LOVE. Most compassionate Goddess, destroy to ashes the...


Pay Attention: Prayer

The enemy is always closer than you think. The enemy disguise in many forms. Call upon intelligent intelligence. Pay attention to your intuition. Discernment! Protect yourself. Protect your health. Wear the sword of truth...