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A Golden Lesson from an Old Man

F8EFDB38-5EF2-453A-8C1A-BFD3353A1094A woman arrived in a store wearing clothes that showed her body all too well.

The shop owner, being a wise older man, took a good look at her, asked her to sit down, looked straight into her eyes, and said something she would never forget for the rest of her life.

“Young Lady, everything that God has made valuable in this world, is covered up and hard to see or find.”

For example:

Where can you find diamonds?

  • In the ground, covered and protected.

Where are the pearls?

  • Deep in the ocean, covered and protected in a beautiful shell.

Where can you find gold?

  • Underground, covered with layers of rock, and to get there you have to work very hard and dig deep.

He looked at her again and said, “Your body is sacred and unique to God.”

You are far more precious than gold, diamonds, and pearls, therefore you must be covered too.

He then added: “If you keep your precious minerals like gold, diamonds, and pearls deeply covered, a “reputable mining organization” with the necessary machines, will work for years to mine those precious goods.

First, they will contact your government (family),

Second, sign professional contracts (marriage),

Third, they will professionally extract those goods, and tenderly refine those precious goods. (marital life).


if you let your minerals find themselves on top of the Earth’s surface (exposed to everyone), you will always attract many illegal miners to come, exploit, illegally, and freely take those riches and leave you without the precious goods God gave you!


Remember! Class is more desirable. = this posting


The Only Thing to Do


Beloveds, what is there to do but smile and laugh! Can you think of something better to do?

Anything else you think of, what is the point of it? To complain, grumble, point out the errors of the world, for what purpose? To deflate your spirit and the spirit of others? To set you back on a rack you are tied to?

It is not true that when you cry, you cry alone. Not at all. All the world is pulled down and cries with you. One end of the see-saw does not stay high. All of life staggers or trips and falls. You have a responsibility. You are the fulfiller of yourself.

You have light and upliftment to give, and you must give them. Keep yourself upbeat, and so you set the gong for the world. If you want to do good for the world, this is how you do it. No longer impart bad news. Not even once more do you tell about your aches and pains. Not even once more do you tell who hurt your feelings. Not even once more do you allow yourself to express disgruntlement. Just don’t say it. Don’t stir the pot of dissatisfaction. Don’t let toils and troubles bubble.

Can I say it more clearly?

What makes you adhere to old outlived habits? You have no obligation to them. Just as you would not knowingly mumble, don’t knowingly grumble. Consider that with your words and moods, you pull the world up, or you pull the world down.

Enough, I say. Enough.

For one day can you speak well of someone or something, or be silent?

When you take the trash out, you don’t spill it all over and go over each piece before you throw it out. Simply throw out of the trash of your thoughts. Be done with them. Don’t keep a list.

Now, you may say: “But, God, I want to be an honest person and be true to myself.”

For Heaven’s sakes, the complainer is not you! He is a cartoon of you. You don’t have to keep repeating and repeating what was. Let it no longer be. Be a good-natured person, and let the rain that falls roll off you. Don’t harbor the rain. Don’t keep splashing rain all over you and over others. There is nothing that says you have to collect the occasions of rain and report them. You can just as well be a weatherman of sunshine and fair weather.

You know that the sun comes out. You know that rain stops, and clouds fade away. You know these facts just as well as you know negativity. You don’t have to be a journalist who hunts the negative and the sensational. You don’t have to be the first to know this and that and all the details of others’ troubles any more than you have to record your own.

Let the troubles go. Keep the good like a potted plant and let new shoots come up.

When flowers fade, you give them back to the ground from which they came.

Who said you are to keep old newspapers on the shelf?

Just as an old refrain may repeat itself over and over within your head, so may old unhappy news do the same. A thought goes over and over within you, and it’s not pleasant. Substitute a pleasant thought. Do something that jump-starts you out of a rainy mood.

You can do it. And you must do it. This is the only thing to do, and I rely on you to do it.  ~Creator this posting

Everything is short-lived


Why would you allow love be a vehicle for suffering? Why on Earth would you let your heart be a tool for wounding you? Why would you have a wounding tool in your tool box when your heart, your original heart, is meant for sweetening? Bitter coffee may have its place, but a bitter heart? Never. There is no place in your heart for bitterness. Bitterness is going upstream whereas your heart is meant to flow downstream, all the way to a shore known as love.

Who would knowingly choose bitterness when there are honeyed fields beyond? Why not love, beloveds? Why not love for all you are worth? Why not love to beat the band? Why not love with all your heart?

You may well have misunderstood love, taken attachment, an ownership as the rites of passage when a stream of love is your passage all the way to My heart. Ultimately, beloveds, it is My heart you desire. You may consider someone else the emblem of My heart, and, yet, as dear as human beings may be to you, they cannot fulfill all that you dream of, no matter how clearly or how vaguely. There is no substitute for Me.

That’s how it is. That’s the way the wind blows.

That is hard for you to accept. You would like something in the world to give you true happiness, yet everything in the world tends to be short-lived. A new car, the top of the line, soon enough loses its charm or simply can’t satisfy the unnamed yearning you have. Of course, you want more than a top of the line car. Sooner or later, it needs servicing. It needs something from you. Soon enough, a car is just a car, and you want another.

So may it be with girlfriends and boyfriends, even with husbands and wives. What can satisfy you for long, or for long enough? One way or another, it seems that the love of your life is snatched from you.

I seek you. You live in the relative world, and I am Everywhere Always. I am in the relative world, and I am in Heaven, and the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. It is not outside you. It’s true that everyone is you, and yet there is One God. One of Us exists.

Certainly, there are glimpses of Me in the world. I fuel the whole world.

It is true that I am within the people you love, and, yet, still, there is One God, and that is what you seek permanently, not temporarily, not flitting from one butterfly to another. You want the Wholeness of Love, the Depth of Love, and that is not found in an outside object. It is always found within you.

Narcissus by the waters fell in love with his own outer image. He did not yet know about his own inner image. Made in My image, unknowingly, he forsook My image and adored his own outer image. An outer image does not suffice. Not over the long haul, and, sometimes, not over the short haul either.

Made in the image of Mine is your heart of love. Objects are simply not enough. Objects change. In the world, love objects often change.

Love objects are a beginning. And yet it is the Heart of Love you seek, and I am the Love that you ultimately seek. I seek your inner awareness of Me. I seek your knowing that I reside in your heart, and that I reside comfortably in your heart for all time. For all non-time. For all Eternity. You are My Infinite Love, and I am yours, and We are not Twain but One, One indefatigable love. Love Me, love you. ~heavenletter  = this posting

Oneness is All, and All is Oneness



Sometimes My messages reach you so strongly, and sometimes My messages seem to be immersed in the fogs of mist, there somewhere, yet hardly seen, almost yours to guess.

Who is guessing, and Who is telling? It is from Me that My messages arise, and it is also from you that they arise. As you hear Me, you hear yourself. As I show you, you show yourself. If there is Oneness, and I assure you that there is, then there is Oneness and Oneness Alone.

Or We would say that you and I are a kind of combination. One of us is a ventriloquist of sorts. Who pulls the strings, and who speaks, and who answers? One and the same. Who is God and who are you are the same question. And the answer is the same answer. There is no prevarication. In terms of Earth, We are an insoluble mystery. In terms of Heaven, Oneness is understandable. It is no mystery at all. There is One Hand that writes, and One Heart that reads, One Heart that everything is and nothing but.

We are One Accountable. There is no difference between Us except in your perception, this perception that you have held dear. Here’s what, beloveds, if I may call My One Self beloveds. There is One Love, and that’s it. All the ragged details are naught but details. Love exists, and that is perfectly enough to know. One Heart exists, and One Heart, in the form of you, goes off on tangents. You go off on a trail that doesn’t exist. All the questions you have do not exist because, deep within you, all is known.

Deep within you, you know everything. There isn’t anything you don’t know and understand and love. For God’s sake, you love. For God’s sake, this illusive love lives. You dance around the world, and you sing, and you listen to your entry and you watch your dance, and you are mystified so far as you allow yourself to know.

I can say it a hundred times or a million times. I have, and, still, the optimum sense of Oneness eludes you. You’re off to the races, and you still think you stand still, isolated somewhere. You are in full bloom, and you think you are wanting or waning. Oh, if only you would right now know the Essence of You, and claim it, and be it, and love it as if there were no other game in town.

Ultimately, there is not. Ultimately, you live in Heaven at the same time as you think Heaven is far away or not even extant. If there is Oneness, where else can something be but in Oneness-ville, most often referred to as Heaven or Paradise or where you long to be.

Where you long to be, you are. There is no pit of your stomach. There is no fear to be lodged there. Oneness is, and Oneness does, and there is a whole lot of ado about nothing or whoop dee do about what you immerse in as life, when life is something else altogether! How could you be so fooled?

You are Oneness, and you embrace multiplicity as though multiplicity alone exists instead of Oneness. Oneness is All, and All is Oneness. Oneness Alone Exists. The rest is fiction, and yet, I, the One of Us, also give tribute to the wild imagination that indemnifies fiction. What a Story is written.

What a Story is told. What a Story is lived by One Heart Beating on Earth, One Heart, One Beat, One Love, One Eternity, One Infinity, and that is All That Is, and it is enough for all time, the time that does not exist yet seems to. ~heavenletter this posting

Victim Or Vector?


395621_293646044019437_1429292200_nBeloved masters, there is an orderly sequence to the Cosmic Cycles of Creation which define and emphasize  a great variety of GODLY EXPRESSION; therefore, it is important that you learn to flow and adapt to the changes of the time.  It is time to discard the restrictive, limiting beliefs of your present state of Self-awareness as you gain wisdom, seek higher truths, and grow closer to your original state of Divinity. You, the Star Seed, as leaders in the march toward Self-empowerment and as proficient cocreators of the new world of tomorrow, are in the midst of an inner mental and emotional clearing and cleansing process of monumental proportions.

Are you ready to accept the Divine gift we offer, the awesome tools of Creation contained within the FIRST RAY OF DIVINE WILL/POWER? New cycles of existence are initiated through a willingness to change, or if you are resistant, through conflict.  Much depends on your capacity to attract, respond and absorb, and then transmit the more refined Light frequencies which contain the cosmic higher truths of your new reality. Your Soul and Higher Selves remember the reasons you chose to experience and express painful situations; not as a punishment, but for resolution.

Everyone and everything on Earth are now being affected by the radiance of the Seventh Ray, the Violet Transmuting Flame. The beautiful Souls who embody the attributes, qualities and virtues of the forthcoming Root Race are/will be highly evolved and spiritually attuned, and they will be greatly influenced by the Seventh Ray of transformation, freedom, redemption, purification, ritual and organization. As well as, secondarily, by the First Ray of Divine Will/Power, which exemplifies the desire to create anew on the material planes of consciousness. Many of the old, outmoded teachings are being discarded as humanity evolves in wisdom, and as the frequency patterns/consciousness of the masses are refined and attuned to the more harmonious dimensions. As you have observed, the great religions of the world are deep in the throes of change.  Only the best of the prevailing religious beliefs will be retained, and the religions that survive will be those establishments willing to expand their spiritual philosophies to incorporate the higher Creator truths–truths which are being revealed and accepted by the ever-increasing number of advanced Souls now embodied on planet Earth.

Victim consciousness has been the norm for a great percentage of human Beings within the illusional world of the third- /fourth-dimensional density.  The solutions to your problems will not be found by seeking answers outside yourself.  Lifting the burdens of distorted, conceptual third-dimensional illusion is a cooperative effort between your subconscious/ego desire body, your conscious mind-set, and your Soul Self. A person with a victim-consciousness overlay cannot be rescued; he/she must take personal responsibility to actively seek to reclaim the personal power he/she has given away to others. In the past, the hunger and desires of the physical vessel have overridden the Soul’s subtle demands for spiritual sustenance.  Worry, sadness and despair consist of the vibrational frequencies of limitation and inertia.   A very effective barrier has been created by the base physical nature around the wisdom of the Soul.   It is vitally important that you strengthen your Self-determination and your desire for spiritual fulfillment if you are to rise above the prison of negative thought forms you have created over the many past ages.  It is time, once and for all, to free yourselves from the martyr-hood and victim-consciousness that so many of you have associated with duty, loving others and righteous behavior.

Those of you who have awakened to the inspiration, guidance and wisdom of your Soul Self and your OverLighting Higher Self are now aware that you can accomplish anything you can envision. You are validating for yourself that if you follow the universal laws of manifestation, you will quickly and easily manifest those things that you most desire, which must always be for the greatest good of all.  Multitudes of restless Souls are feeling from deep within an awareness that it is time to reclaim their heavenly heritage, even if they don’t understand the full meaning of the concept. A critical component of Self-mastery is that each and every person must go through the process of  releasing, transmuting or upgrading all of the old restricting thought forms and structures that  he/she has accepted as his/her reality.

We have touched on this subject before; however, vast numbers of blessed Souls are fearful of the future and the chaos that seems to be increasing at a tremendous pace. As a result, the masses are beginning to feel the great cosmic impulses that are permeating the Earth and all humanity, and they are gradually turning inward for answers and assurance. Therefore, it is appropriate that we give you an explanation once more regarding the diverse beliefs in predestination and free will.  Many believe one or the other concept to be true, but we have explained that both are true. But you wonder, “How can this be?”  Dear ones, originally, you burst forth in perfection from the heart core of the Supreme Creator, and from the beginning you were predestined and programmed to eventually return to the higher, more glorious realms of existence.  How long it takes you to complete your journey into the realms of separation and density, and the return into unity consciousness is totally up to you.  Through the use of the gift of free will, only you can decide whether you will take the high, narrow accelerated path of return; the ebb and flow of the middle path; or the rocky, low road that dips, winds and turns, but eventually leads to the same destination.

You, the Star Seed, now understand that it is of great value to spend some time in meditation and contemplation, reviewing the structures you have created in your third/fourth-dimensional reality (which includes mental, emotional, physical and even some spiritual restrictions). As you do so, you will expediently determine that it is time to release many of the ties that bind you, so that you may move quickly into the expanded, empowering world of tomorrow.  Many brave souls have been victorious in overcoming their lower nature, and are now firmly reconnected with their personal Pillar of Light as they steadily tread the Path of Ascension.  It is a grand opportunity to reclaim your Trinity of Consciousness (your refined mental, emotional and spiritual natures). It is our greatest desire that you will choose the high road, for you are being presented with a golden opportunity that has never before been offered to humanity–an opportunity which will not be offered again for a very long time.

One of the most important exercises you can perform in order to become a sovereign Being once more is the BREAKING AGREEMENTS meditation that we gave our messenger many years ago.  We are reminding you of this important process once again, so that you may forever free yourselves of the “karmic probable futures” you have created with others down through the many past ages.


Breaking agreements when you are in a Self-conscious or conscious-of-Self, Alpha State helps you to eliminate self-defeating restrictive suggestions more quickly and thoroughly. We are asking you not to lay blame, but as a Self-master becoming to rise above the conflict and the hurt, and objectively endeavor to understand the difficult lessons that you have experienced with others. Your karmic partners and lessons were always chosen by you and the other person before you incarnated into this lifetime. It is extremely important that you understand this fact.

Over many past ages, you have sent out energy time lines that have created probable futures, promising such things as: “I will love you forever.”  “I will hate you forever.”  “I will take care of you forever,” and so on. In order to become a sovereign Being once more, you must take back your own energy and give back other people their energy, so that you may continue on your path as masters of your own destiny.  In this way, you will no longer have your lessons mirrored back to you by others.  Through conscious awareness, you will understand what each person you interact with and each occurrence has to teach you so that you may gain the wisdom from the action and not have to experience it in the old, often painful, cause and effect manner.

If you haven’t already done so, we suggest you go through this exercise with each and every person with whom you have ever had conflict or stressful learning situations. It is time to fully open your Sacred Heart center, both the front and back portals, so that the Creator Light can flow into you and through you. This will allow your THREE-FOLD FLAME within your Solar Power Center to blaze forth as it was designed to do.  This will also allow the refined Creator Light, Adamantine Particles, to flow into your Sacred Heart center and throughout your physical vessel, and the remainder to radiate forth out into the world of form.  This is your ultimate goal.

BREAKING AGREEMENTS MEDITATION: Go into your work pyramid and be seated at the head of the table.  Invite your Higher Self and your angelic guides to stand behind you.  There is a Violet Flame burning beneath the table and the double-terminated crystal hanging over the table is sweeping waves of Light throughout the room.

Envision the person you wish to break agreements with seated in the chair at the opposite end of the crystal table from you. Ask his/her Higher Self to stand behind him/her. See your Higher Self connecting with the Higher Self of the person with whom you wish to resolve any discordant energy. If you have had a very difficult past with that person, you may wish to have a dialog with them. You will be communicating with their Higher Self, and therefore there will be an understanding of what you wish to convey, if you speak lovingly and objectively.  Do not lay blame for what has happened in the past, just state your heartfelt feelings and what you wish the other person to understand.  An example would be: “All I have ever wanted was for us to have a mutual understanding of each other’s needs.  I now know that I must honor myself and feel worthy in order to have a satisfying relationship with anyone.  I know you did the best you could, for you have your own burdens to release and resolve.  I wish you to know I have no ill feelings and that you have helped me to better understand what I must do to become Self-empowered and a more worthy / loving person.”

Take several deep breaths and lovingly focus on their heart/soul centers as you state:  “I forgive you for any past, present or future energies/thoughts/deeds, in this or any other reality, that you have projected to me which have not resonated with unconditional love.   I ask your forgiveness for any past present or future energies/thoughts/deeds, in this or any other reality, that I have projected to you which have not resonated with unconditional love.  I hereby break any agreements, past present or future, in this or any other reality, that do not serve my greatest good.”

Envision any cords that are attached from the other person’s solar plexus to your solar plexus.  See my blazing sword slicing through those energy cords, and watch as your energy cords gradually return to your solar plexus center, and the other person’s energy cords return to them.

In addition to the above exercise, it is important that you go into your personal pyramid and lie on your crystal table.  Ask your Higher Self to scan your body to determine if there are any etheric tears in your auric field, front or back.  The most common etheric tears are in the three lower chakra area which leave you susceptible to security/scarcity issues, ego desire body / sexual issues/compulsive behavior, and so on.  The other most prevalent area is across the heart from one shoulder down to the lower rib cage, either in front or in back.  You have placed etheric shields around your heart for protection or etheric tears have been created when you have been betrayed by loved ones, violently killed, or when you suffered great trauma.  Some of the symptoms are feeling unloved, a sense of unworthiness, guilt, self-hatred or pain, anguish or tightness in the heart area from grief or a sense of loss.

If you determine that there are any etheric tears in your auric field, all you have to do is say, “I ask that now and for all time any and all etheric tears be healed,” and it will be done. I will seal them with my blazing Sword of Light, and your auric field will once again be seamless and whole.

It is time to heal and rise above that which you chose as your tests and challenges for this lifetime, dear hearts.  Reach upward and inward for your majestic Divine Self.  We can and will assist you; however, it must be a partnership endeavor. There are miracles in store for you, beloveds, and the greatest of these is that your perfection awaits you. May the radiance of the Creator shine down upon you. You are loved beyond measure.






IMG_1921-275x300~Greetings Fellow Travelers.

Today we speak of creation.

This concept of creation is here as empowerment. This has been with you as long as you have been on this earth plane, as long as you have been a being; in other dimensions, in other places and in other times, you have been this creation.

This creationary aspect of your multi-dimensional self is there for your remembrance. Fore this remembrance of your creationary power is there to be activated within your energy field. The remembrance is held within your cells.

The timing of this remembrance is because of the increased light coming into our solar system, and the movements of our earth. For the movements of our earth create a movement within you. This movement within yourself is not created for you – but with you = by you, as you.

This creation is a radiating energy of spirit held light.

And here lies the choice – the choice to bring this creationary aspect as part of your life, into the outward being of yourself, into the new reality that is created in this new well of remembrance of you. With this merging of you and the earth, with you and the universe, it is bringing you all to the merging of your current selves and your ancient selves. This merging has brought on the remembrance to be activated within your cells. The remembrance brings the energy of creation. And in this creationary place, is for you to see this place of your creation.

Be with this place, this remembrance, and this choice of creation.

Fore every moment is this creationary place, a creationary stance. This place is held true. This place is held strong. The strength in this place is there for your making. It has been laid out for you. This place is not elusive, this place is not foreign, this place is well known, well visited and many traveled.

You have been here. You know this place. Fore it is already here. In this place you are already a powerful being in this lifetime. There is a timely progression of this energy that brings the remembrance of creation to you at this time, a powerful place of energetic expansion. If you choose.

If you have asked for the creation, if you asked to see, asked to make clear choices, then this energy is for your exploration. Step into this energy. There is much strength, wisdom and grace here. Move into the energy of choice. To choose your reality, imagine the freedom. The remembrance will help you along the way. Tap in to your knowings, and let them guide you.

Once you find the way that this creation can be used, you will see, you will know, you will be, a product of this creation. The choices you make in each moment are your creation. Consider your creation in each moment as part of a whole. The wholeness of self. And when your self can make momentary choices for creation – there is no chance for fear, no chance for victimhood, no chance for sorrow when you choose the creation of your every moment.

Your being knows that creation beyond anything other than joy, peace, happiness and reverence for all is only part of the ego. Fore this ego aspect can take on a large part of the humanness of you – if you choose.

And now, with the merging of your current self and your ancient self, the remembrance, the creationary tools, and the momentary choice of your now, you will see clearly the many selves of you. Of your Self and I.

This newness that you create in your every moment creates a new you. A new reality. A new place in the universe for you to stand, and dwell and be in this new creation in the frequency of love. For creation is all about love. For you cannot create well in discontent because discontent breeds more of that. Creation is meant for joy. This frequency of joy is within you now. Accept this frequency as your own. Step into this frequency, be this frequency.

This creation is a gift. You must choose wisely when shown the gift. When you are made aware of the gift, and your remembrance has been activated, it is time for you to step back and BE this gift. Do not seek this gift, for this gift is now you. It is not in the seeking of the gift, it is in the being of this gift. The being of this choice. Making wise and high vibrational choices will bring about merging of your many selves bringing creation into your reality. Your multi-dimensional selves will feel when the creationary tools are in your midst, you will know when it is there. You will know when to step into your creation.

You can expel the fear, expel the doubt, and live in the mystery of your creation.

Go for this joy. Go for the Bliss, and do not hold back in this remembrance of creation.

Fore the falling away of anything that is not creation of good intent will be just fine. You will be held during this time. This creation will bring you to much newness and much grandness. It is a peaceful place for you to be.

This place calls you, knows you, because it is – you.

It is now your choice to accept the tool of creation given to you through this remembrance. Allow the remembrance to stabilize your field. Match this vibration of remembrance. Soften the vibration of you.

In this embodiment this creationary tool was made for your perfection, as you are perfect in your imperfection. Fore you are a perfect being in every way.

Accept the tool of conscious creation. Allow the expansion of you.

Creation brings freedom, creation brings power, creation brings you – back to you.

This embodied message is for your clarity this day January eight two thousand twelve. ~GFP this posting

Inner Shift~ God


Laura: Thank you for coming in contact with me, dear God. Thank you for your love and protection. Please if you care to give a message for all of us.
God: Thank you for your work, dear Laura. The times ahead are unequalled in terms of joy, happiness, and events coming together. Merging and converging is now what is taking place. Like the waters of all worldly rivers merging into the big mother ocean, your lives are uniting. This takes place on many levels; many lives and people are coming together. Your higher bodies are also merging into your body in order to life you up.
This coming together inside is carrying out a general cleansing at a cellular level. It may be imperceptible right now to you all, but rest assured there are great changes taking place inside of your very core, my beloved.

.Once this cellular restructuration takes place, your entire world will shift. The shift will take place for each and everyone of you internally at first. Then you, my beloved human creations, you will carry Mother Earth along with you into the higher realms.
This cleansing process I speak of may be painful for some of you, it is nevertheless a necessary step for your body’s Ascension. You will take your body with you into the higher realms, so it is natural that you should focus on clearing your body of residual pains, unbalanced energies and hurtful body cellular memory, which are elements holding you back into the 3 level of density.
Be at peace, be joy and love, all is going according to plan. Trust in yourself, have trust in love.
Channeled by Laura Tyco

Cosmic Energy Transformation

As the higher vibrational cosmic energies are passed from the central sun and arrive via a portal inside our own sun, these spread out from the Sun’s heart chakra as a holographic energy bubble to its planetary family residing within the Solar System. The higher dimensional light codes charge and are absorbed by each of the Planets and the frequency vibrations are stepped down to benefit their individual inhabitants. As the energies pass through the heart chakra of each planet, they in turn create a holographic bubble which is sent outwards to benefit all the other planets. Depending on the frequencies contained within your own unique signature vibration, the newly arriving energies create a sympathetic resonance within you which alters and shapes your moods and behaviours – we know this as astrology. Each planet has differing characteristics which are dominant within their individual personalities – the ancients knew this when they named each planet – Venus, the Planet of Love, Mercury, the Planet of Communication (nearest the sun). The positions of the planets in relation to each other also take effect on the strength of the frequencies having a minor or dominant impact on their arrival.

Our moon in particular has an important role in stepping down many of the frequencies used in the physical processes of Ascension, the Full Moon is a time of clearing out any stagnant energies remaining from the previous month and then absorbing and recharging the physical body with higher vibratory energies. This will feel like a draining process in the days leading up to the Full Moon and then a top up in the days that follow. Resonance from absorption and acceptance of these new cosmic energies within the heart chakra once again create a holographic bubble around you creating the vibratory ‘bliss’ feeling of liquid fire within the chest area. This is the time to send these energies through you, down through your root chakra, earth chakra and directly to the heart chakra of Gaia. You are acting as a conductor of energy to ‘pass through’ these energies and create a ‘path of intention’ to Gaia. At this point the energies passing through your heart and down to Gaia are of such a high frequency that may not be beneficial to retain and store within your energy bodies. This then becomes the purpose of the New Moon.

The New Moon is the period when Gaia having absorbed the higher cosmic energies, has fully integrated and balanced them into her energy bodies. Her increased signature vibration sends out a resonance at a level we can absorb back into our own bodies again, tapping into our Earth Chakra. This is the time of growth and increase in understanding as the higher vibrations create physical, emotional and perception awareness changes within us. The equalising effect of energies balancing within our energy bodies can feel like a flattening of the previous bliss feeling. The forcing out of lower emotions and stagnant energies can be uncomfortable and produce physical symptoms as a result of the discharging process. The ache after the exercise, the bloated feeling after a heavy meal, the tiredness after the excitement.

Gaia too demonstrates these symptoms within her own physical body.

We grow with Gaia in a process of mutual shared Ascension.


But Since Everything is ONE and Connected

Dear beloved Souls of the wonder-full CreatorI A.M. Archangel Michael. Many of you seem sometimes to have completely forgotten who I AM, or who God even is. When I say these words, I do not mean to say, you don’t have a connection, you do. But the closeness we once had, when Societies on Earth were more spiritual, became in the Dark Ages more distant. If you want to talk about THE FALL, it would be a Fall in Dimensions, bringing you to 3D and some Individuals even lower than than.All of this happened, because of YOUR FREE WILL. God, in Truth, does not ever harm any Soul, nor does God or any of us, FORCE any Soul to ANYTHING. This is what free Will means, and this is the real Power you have and always will have.

I would like to speak of something very essential to you today, YOUR WHOLE BEING, how it functions, what happens exactly when dealing with the two opposing Energies of Duality.

In your memory, stored spiritually as well as physically, you have many Layers of Bodies in your Soul. Your physical Existence is only a tiny Part of the WHOLE. You within yourself are a whole World and a whole Universe in itself. It doesn’t really matter, what others around you might be doing, feeling or going through, all that is important FOR YOU IS YOU.

Interactions with other living Beings on your earthly Journey is an opportunity to help each other grow, look at situations and challenges in a different perspective, romantic partners come into your life to assist you in learning how to LOVE, and that includes TO LOVE YOURSELF.

If you imagine, how much is still out there for your to live, discover, and BE, how small seems then your physical Part? And when I say physical, I mean the way you KNOW physicality, for all manifested Creations are physical, just in different forms.

It is part of the journey of free will and learning it’s consequences freely for yourself, without any force or interference. We cannot even get into your mind or energy field, if you push us away, or God. But even in the worst circumstances, if you are OPEN, if you ALLOW God to help and give you Love, it arrives faster than you expect. And it feels GOOD, very good, to connect with others with LOVE, once you experienced it in a deeper way and got comfortable again and found back to TRUSTING.

Some of you, go through ups and downs right now, due to the Changes happening in the Dimensions around you now. Earth is being pulled back up toward Heaven, and we ALL ARE AUTOMATICALLY GETTING CLOSER AGAIN. God is reaching out for you, and forgives you, but can YOU forgive yourself? Can you let go and accept TO BE LOVED and know you deserve it?

This is truly what held many Souls back from ascending higher and higher, even during the physical Earth Life time, nobody ever said you need to pass in order to ascend!

What we are slowly focusing on now, is the next part of YOU, which is your ethereal/astral Layer. It is visually very similar to Chicken Eggs, like an Egg Shell Layer of Light around your physical Body. This is a more fine-tuned and sensitive Body, compared to your physical, and a very important one to keep strong.

When you say something hurtful or harsh, accompanied always by the equaling energies on topp, to someone else, you not only reach the physical ears, eyes or intellect of the person. If you could see it, it would look like an arrow, being shot into the other’s protective aura layer. For the person “energetically stabbed” or “pinched”, it can have many effects, including on the emotional condition. Sometimes, it influences another not in a conscious way or heavy way, but one feels tired and “sucked out” suddenly, which is a sign that the Layer has a hole. Usually it heals very fast and we are always at your Service to protect you from any attacks from another, in any way.

But since everything IS ONE and CONNECTED, above and below, on Earth and in Heaven, whatever you do here, does not only come back to you, it is already INSIDE OF YOU, which is why YOU took such action. As mentioned before, YOU ARE YOUR WORLD. It doesn’t change anything to get angry at another, or distract yourself from your World within with another’s Mission and Issues. And when I say this, it definitely does not mean that I, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, or any Archangel of God, nor even God himself would ever take revenge on you, nor actively DO ANYTHING.

These are Universal Rules, created by God long before the form of Life you even know, and they are a Foundation of the whole Creation and Existence and we all go by these Rules, Archangels and Humans. And one of the first “Rules” God created like a System in the Universe is: WHAT YOU DO ONTO OTHERS, YOU REALLY DO TO YOURSELF.

So, whenever anyone “falls” or gets “punished” in some Way, even after physical Death, it is nothing WE DO. It is YOUR FREE CHOICE, accumulated by all you do right this Moment, this Time, that was given to you for a short period. In fact, all we try, is to keep helping and assisting and fighting for your LOVE.

Dear beloved Souls, trust in God a little bit more, only once, try it with all your Heart, and understand that YOU GOT ALL THE POWER YOU EVER WANTED ALREADY. You chose your own Life, your own Path, your own Heaven or Hell.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me or any of my fellow, dear Archangels, and of course and above all, the Creator himself. I am always on your side, and I will keep fighting for you and never get tired of it, for I LOVE YOU.


This Text can be distributed and shared with Credit to Susan Elsa & Archangel Michael for the channeled Work.

By Susan Elsa

Mother Mary Speaks


Greetings, I AM Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of change, Mother of the omniverse, Mother of One, and Mother, sweet angels, of each of you. My beloved children, I welcome you, I welcome you. I welcome you home, home to my heart, but also home to Earth to this beloved planet that I have birthed, home to the place as it was intended, as the restoration continues.

And do not underestimate sweet ones how much has been accomplished and how much has been done. There is far more that has been completed than remaining. No, that does not mean that the creation will stop or that there will not be further expansion, for that would be ridiculous, and each of you, including us, would be extremely bored for we are always in creation; it is infinite and it is constant. And this is something I wish you to truly incorporate and understand into the very core of your being. Sometimes you turn to me and you say “Mother why has this or that not transpired?” And of course I am always anxious and eager and happy to respond to you. But I also want you to look at what your place and your part in the daily creation is as well. You are mature souls; in fact you are some of the oldest souls throughout the universe. It is not that you do not have the wisdom to understand because you do, you always have.

But I did not come this day to talk about self-fulfilling prophesies. I came to tell you and to engage you with my Love and also to share with you from our prospective what will be the themes and necessary for this upcoming year, which is momentous.

What you need, dear heart, is patience and prudence, passion and action. Yes it runs the full gambit and I am eager to explain. Many of you are frustrated at times because what you see in front of you does not appear to be moving quickly enough for your liking. And certainly we understand that because very often it does not move quickly enough for our liking either. But never do we interfere to such an extent as to override human action or human will because that is part of the entire plan and the transition. It is the partnership that we are in that we do this together, angels above and angels below. So what you are doing is practicing patience and prudence. And when I say prudence I don’t mean just sitting around and waiting patiently, I mean to put yourself prudently where you belong. You say to me “Well Mother, what do you mean? This is a time of chaos and unfoldment; yes it is a time of miracles and new realities and new beginnings. But there are also those who are kicking and screaming as the old falls away and the new is reborn.” And so you do not wish to put yourself in a position unless that is your role and that is very few of you have this role; and if you have, you are with Michael constantly.

So be prudent in your choices of what you choose to do and where you choose to place your energy, who you choose to be with, how you choose to spend your time, your energy. Prudence has always been thought of as rather boring but it is really not, for it is the ultimate discernment. It is knowing the ramifications and the inner workings, the outcomes of any choice and decision. So I ask you during this time of change, during this time of Ascension, to be very prudent. Most of you are already on your way to the 5th and then through to the 7th dimension. And of course you are reaching back and you are acting as guides, as friends, as helpers for those remaining in the 3rd reality and you are helping them through the doorway. But be prudent in where you position yourself as you reach back into the 3rd and make sure my beloved children that you are not being pulled back into the 3rd. It is not where you belong and it is not where you work most effectively from. It is not your place of joy any longer. Now also let me be very clear at the same time, you can not do this Ascension work until you have made peace with the 3rd.

This is not an escape plan child. This is making peace with the beauty of the 3rd dimension, with everything it has to offer, of embracing it, of thanking it, of patiently letting go and then moving forward. And as you move forward we want you, we ask you, we encourage you, we beg you, be absolutely in your passion. Yes this incorporates Love, Light, Joy, enthusiasm. Do and be your passion.

We have talked a lot about taking action, meaningful action, prudent action, and you say to me “Well Mother, what do you mean by this and how do I know which action should I take? There are so many choices in this wonderful, diverse Gaia.” What I ask of thee is to take the actions that you are passionate about, that excite you, that turn your fire up, that makes you smile and laugh and excited to be alive because this is not about dying, this is not about leaving. This is about living as you were intended, angels in form, having the Joy of physicality, knowing Love in physicality. So if you are not passionate about what you are doing, then I would ask you “What are you doing and why are you wasting your time doing it?” Do not tell me because it is because I have to pay the rent Mother. That is an old excuse and it is of the old paradigm because you are mighty creators. You are in partnership not only with us, with the entire Council, with Sanat Kumara, with Yehweh; you have been given the keys to the Warehouse of Heaven. So it is time for you to be creating situations with us that you are passionate about, that make you feel like you want to live forever, that you could run forever, that put a smile on your face every morning just thinking about it. Now I’m not saying that there are not moments or days when you feel sad, when there are situations that you look at that make you unhappy. But by and large if you are living your passion, if you are taking actions according to the passion of your heart, then you are living your journey and your life.

And this is essential not only for your Ascension but for the Ascension of the collective. It is throwing away, erasing, eliminating, using Michael’s sword and shield, or whatever you wish, the Violet Flame is always handy, to eliminate what you think or believe or know does not work in your life because you are not bringing that forward. So you are being prudent about what you are packing and what you are taking along on this next adventure. And be reassured in the higher dimensions, there is no room for death or destruction or disease or lack or limitation. You can not apply what you have known as the jaundiced rules of the 3rd reality, of the 3rd dimension, to any other dimension because it has been sullied by the human construction of illusion and what we call delusion.

So these are the watch words for the coming year; patience, prudence, passion, action. If you do not know, if you are not sure which way to turn, turn directly to me, I will help you. That is my greatest Joy; that is my passion. Yes I am prudent not to interfere, but dear heart, the unfoldment of the plan is at hand. So when we say to be patient we do not mean to be inert. It is to be wise and observing of what is transpiring around you and not to move precipitously, to not go to anger or frustration precipitously. You are assisted like never before. So the action means just that; it does not mean staying in your cave, in your home, in your sacred space 24/7. You must mingle amongst the people and take the risk to express what you know to be true, to share the Light in your way, not in mine, but in your way and in ways that are prudent enough that people hear you.

We have enormous faith, confidence, trust, belief in you. That is why we are in partnership, that is why we have been in partnership forever. Let us proceed with great Joy, with passion. Continue the work you do with our beloved Archangel Michael, continue your Sunday night Peace Meditations, they are having profound effect. Continue to work with individuals in the financial or political arenas. Continue to send the messages of connection to your Star brothers and sisters; continue to visit them onboard ship. Continue bravely and courageously and know that we are with you, all of my legions; all of my realms are with you. Go in peace and go with my Love. Farewell.

~Channeled by Linda Dillon 01-07-2012 this posting