Monthly Archive: June 2011

Such is life 0

Such is life

Life is a chess game within which every act of ours is a move. If our moves are good, intelligent, and opportune moves, then the outcome will be success, health, and longevity. However, if,...

Good old Dad 0

Good old Dad

I am thinking, that way before we are born, our parents were chosen for us, and the reason for this is because of our Karma, or Law of Cosmic Justice that apply to everyone, and everything...

Peace 0


Peace is not something you wish for. It’s something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away. ~ LFabre  = this posting

Hod 0


    Hod:   Hod is the Astral World, the Astral body. The Astral World is governed by the Moon. This is why astral projections become easier during the crescent moon and a little bit more...

Sea of light 0

Sea of light

If we could see life at a subatomic level, the material objects we cling to for security would dissolve into pattern of energy, and the universe would be a sea of light. ~samuel anweour...