2012 Invocation~ by Archangel Metatron and Lord Buddha

You might want to copy this mantra from Archangel Metatron and Lord Buddha for you to say all throughout 2012. Be love, be the light, and enjoy these amazing energies upon us, welcome the changes! Let-your-brain-out-of-the-box. Think with your heart not your brain!

‘I am 2012 Love, I am 2012 Peace, I am 2012 Truth, I am 2012 Joy, I am 2012 Spiritual Freedom, I am 2012 Creator Connections, I am 2012 Abundance, I am 2012 Perfect Health, I am 2012 Abundant Spiritual Abilities, I am 2012 Creator.


Above are examples, know that by simply repeating these you can activate the qualities within your being aligned and supported by the Creator. I hope that you will discover and explore this for yourself and know that now is a very powerful time for manifestation. It is essential for you to know in your mind with clarity what you wish to manifest and anchor into your reality for you and humanity. Please remember that your efforts and devotion will always support all beloved souls upon the Earth in their spiritual alignment.

We will continue our discussions of guidance,

With love always,

Lord Buddha and Archangel Metatron

Through Natalie Glasson

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