2012 – the illusionary spark of physicality


The changes taking place during 2012 are leading to a move in consciousness from physical to an emotionally led world.

Rather than being driven by the wants of the flesh, the influences in your life will start to come from your feelings and the seeking of fulfilment of your emotional needs. Many have always kept their emotions hidden from others using false masks so they do not expose inner weaknesses and vulnerabilities, instead choosing to surround themselves with the illusion of materialism through behaviour, clothing, cars and property. Many have allowed themselves to be measured by their identity and have shaped their belief system solely around their physical side without consideration for the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies they reside in. Even a partner is chosen as an extension and possession rather than through suitability and compatibility which is considered from the ‘old ways’.

The enhanced empathetic abilities that will arise with the increased energy vibrations will not only allow the ability to feel the energy bodies of others and to interpret what you ‘feel’ coming from another but the growing increase in inner light within the body’s cellular structure will allow further development of the insight to see energies that surround others and to interpret the colours of emotions that are given off – for ALL exist in a sea of flowing colourful glowing energy. For so long, you have ignored your inner feelings, your gut instinct and your inner truth that instinctively guides what you do as being of the right choice. And YES – ALL have choice in every decision that you make – that choice should not be sacrificed for the sake of maintaining false appearances to others.

Do you feel that people will judge you, your position, your success or abilities by the people you are seen with as a greater or poorer reflection and extension of you – or are you comfortable enough in your Self not to feel insecure by others perception of you alone. How many are sacrificing the happiness of their emotions for the sake of creating and maintaining an outward image of the Self that they are ‘required’ for others to see?

There has grown a need to disguise certain aspects of physicality or work towards an accepted physical perfection. This has created much dissatisfaction to those who feel they cannot fulfil the ‘perfect’ blueprint created by the media of film, sport and music idols. It has become perception that a person is judged by others purely by the way they physically look and not by the personality that may lie underneath the outer covering. The cover has become more important than the book.

It seems unfair that a person cannot feel love towards another because they cannot feel the ‘spark’ of physical attraction despite being attracted in many other ways. Think of the relationships ended purely because the physical side of things is no longer appealing to one party – when a partner chooses another, based purely on the physical desire they see in them or indeed by the ceasing of physical desire they have in their partner.

From an evolutionary point of view, it is understandable to maintain the interest of a partner in order for the security and raising of youngsters through provision, ability, honesty, trust. However, partnerships built purely on physical attraction will fade as attraction to the physical fades.

2012 will bring the ability to ‘see’ others with your heart rather than through your eyes. Where you will find new partners and new friends that you share common ground with, that accept you as you are rather than a competitive need for constant improvement or criticism of failure to comply with illusionary beliefs and standards.

2012 will allow you to truly set your Self free to just BE YOU. Embrace your Self.

By Polaris AB

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