8:8 Lion’s Gateway


On August 8th, we enter into yet another unprecedented activity of Light, a window of opportunity of accelerated consciousness, to experience the Initiation of Resurrection,
through the amplification of the Spiritual Sun of Sirius, and the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, and the Great White Lodge within the etheric of Sirius.

Astrologically Sirius rises before our Sun at different times, through the month of July and August, lifting all Life into the encodings of their Highest Potentials, through this Galactic Alignment of Light, and allowing for a deeper merging with our Christed Overself of the Light, through initiations of Light experienced in parallel realities and timelines, primarily in ancient Egypt and Atlantis.

Through this gateway of accelerated Cosmic Consciousness awareness,
We are lifted through the Left Eye and then Right Eye of Horus and into the Central Eye of Horus, and the teachings of Light from On High through the Order of Melchizedek.

Through this event, the key codes to these teachings, found energetically within the dormant DNA, are activated through this crystalline matrix of Sirian Light,
and the Cosmic Ray of Galactic Service, as it spirals forth from the Ascension Seat in Sirius, through this quadrant of the Galaxy, and into the Unity Grid of Light,
into the Great Pyramid of Egypt, the Sphinx and related etheric Temples of Light,
then through the chakras, leylines and sacred sites, and into the hearts and minds of all Life on this Earth plane, expanding senses and realities into a sixth dimensional frequency of Light.

Invocation to the 8:8 Lion’s Gateway

As I align with my Higher Light, my Mighty I Am Presence, and Mother/Father God, I now call forth the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, the Great White Lodge within the etheric of Sirius, and the Order of Melchizedek.

I now request to be taken into the Ascension Seat in the King’s Chamber, and to re-experience my initiations of Light from ancient Egypt and Atlantis, through the Cosmic ray of Galactic Service and the Language of Light through the Beings of Light from On High, assisting in these initiations of Light.

As I enter into this Ascension Seat through an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light
I am placed in an Initiations Chamber of Light, lifting me into the Left Eye of Horus through Divine Love, and now into the Right Eye of Horus, through the Language of Light, sacred geometry, hieroglyphics and the understanding of my immortal nature as this sacred Master Being of Light, and now through the Middle Eye of Horus, bringing through an alignment of Light from the Galactic Center, and the Cosmic ray of Galactic Service.

The dormant DNA is now activated to the maximum Cosmic Law will allow, as I receive these downloads of Light from the etheric of Sirius, and through the portal of Light found with the right paw of the Sphinx, holding the Records of Light for all Life on this Earth plane.

I now merge with my Mighty I Am Presence, taking on these crystalline encodings of Light through Seraphis Bey’s Ascension Retreat in Luxor, and experiencing the sixth initiation, the Initiation of Resurrection, through the Overlighting of Order of Melchizedek and the Temple of the Ascension Flame.

As the chakras merge in One Unified Column of Light, I experience my physical ascension, taking on these master codes of the I AM Avatar blueprint becoming that which I have forever been, my Mighty I Am Presence.

I now assist in activating these key codes of Light through the Unity Grid of Light,
allowing the experience of the merging with their Higher Self and Mighty I Am Presence to be experienced for all Life by 2012.

I Am an Initiate of Light,
I Am a Keeper of Light,
I Am an Ambassador of Light,
I Am an Immortal[Eternal] Being of Light,
I Am all that I Am.


By Anrita Melchizedek

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