A New Matrix is Upon us, and the Future is in our Hands

The world that we know, has perished. And Mother Nature has taken back all that it is Hers. Miraculously, and from the ashes from the Old, a New Light; a New Dawn, a New Womb, a New Matrix emerged.

The new Matrix, believe this or not, will be built by us, the people. This will be an awesome Matrix, do you know why? Because [Consciously] we are building it together for our greatest good, and the glorious happiness of Mother Nature, and the Gods that looks upon us all ways, always.

Are you ready to take back all that belongs to us? Are you ready for responsibility, courage, patriotism, sovereignty, and liberty?


The future of our planet, and our lives is in our hands. We Are One.

Realization: Here. We. Are.

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