Abolishing Columbus Day Celebration in Perpetuity.







~ – = For the collective consciousness of the People do not consent for celebrating= honoring such entity as Christopher Columbus, a murderer along with the few that are with covert terrorism in the country for the united states of America, and or the entire American Continent.

~ – = For the people do not consent: are eliminating the celebration= remembrance of: for Christopher Columbus on October 9th of each year, and starting on October 9th of 2017.

For Columbus did Not discover America, he invaded it!

~ – = For let the memory of terrorist Christopher Columbus be for ever erased from the American people, = the people abolished the observance Day for Christopher Columbus in perpetuity.

Video: Watch the atrocities done by the US corporation, -= the so call federal government that the facts are, is a terrorist organization. FOR BE destroy.

Navigate: http://www.freeport1953.com/wt1p/about-the-counsel-of-foreign-relations-cfr-expose-them/

http://www.freeport1953.com/wt1p/abolishing-columbus-day-celebration-in-perpetuity/ = this article

~ the people have spoken

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