About 11-11-12 And What It Means To Us


We bid you good day, and yet another fine day it is; one filled with optimism and promise.  Whilst we work among you, we cannot help but key into the rising anticipation circulating around the upcoming date of November the 11th.  Normally we would say that all time is no time in itself.  True.  Yet we concede that this day is different, so we shall agree that you may go on and treat it as such.  It is wise to be aware.  So open up and allow yourself to receive.

You shall discover that all things tortured and diseased – and we speak of things existing within the confines of your human relationships – shall either fall away or be rebirthed and regenerated in a manner more befitting to the new paradigm.  The frequencies on this date shall have a peculiar quality to them, conducive to and specifically targeting interrelational issues.  Look for ailing familial situations to be especially affected by this energy.  Heal or release.  One thing  or the other. There is longer any acceptable “in between”, once this energy’s work is done.  If you suffer from indecision over what to do about certain people in your life, then on this date ask for resolution.  Ask for the strength to cast off that which sickens and inhibits you and cannot be carried forward any longer.

After this date, it shall become clearer to you as to which relationships you are meant to carry with you through the shift and which ones you are not.  Do not tax yourself unnecessarily over this, as you shall simply know.  Automatically.  There is no preparatory work to be done here, as by God’s Divine Hand it is already taken care of.  Allow it to unfold.  Simply be.  Also, we caution you not to create for yourself new fears.  Fears such as wondering that if you sever certain ties you which you currently have, then you shall be alone.    By no means, we assure you, would this ever be allowed to occur.  Lest you might forget, you are entering into your natural state of Unity and the very concept of “alone” is an erroneous and false creation.

So then, it stands to reason that a kind of side-effect of these frequencies is a clarification of your natural powers of discernment.  Who is resonant with you and who is not?  Like the animal kingdom can instinctively recognize it’s own, so too shall you be able to intuitively identify members of your own particular soul family.  Granted, your paths shall cross.  True, true, we all are One.  Yet you crave the warmth of familial bond, and therefore you shall have it.  Watch now for the barriers, fears and insecurities which prevented you from forging new, and rediscovering age old bonds with others is gently lifted off your person.  A new confidence thus emerges.  It has been difficult for you whilst laboring behind the veil, to be self-confident and accepting of others.  Understandably so, as the planet Earth is a veritable melting pot of souls operating at varying levels of evolutionary development.  Such wide disparities in vibration, great gaps in frequency.  It has been rather lonesome and painful, yes?

So now we instruct you to ask for help.  Ask for loving Angelic guidance.  We cannot intervene unless you call on us and grant us permission.  We cannot step in otherwise.  Allow yourself to receive, unhindered by guilt or feelings of unworthiness.  We have come to serve.  It is our dearest wish that you include us, acknowledge our presence, and trust.  All we seek in recompense is a simple prayer of thanks, and that you take our well-intentioned guidance to heart.  Embrace this gift God sends you, and let every word and action be an expression of goodness.  And so it is.

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art by psy naton

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