Affidavit of Incompetence and Dishonesty

TERMINATED CASES NO. 1-15-44530-cec/24890/07


To Alan Nisselson, Judge Carla E Craig, and the Big Boys from Long Island, New York, Berkman, Henoch, Peterson, Peddy & Fenchel/Ronald Howard, other/PC.

If you do your own due diligent and due process of a least read all documentations filed in your alleged court (alleged because all private corporate courts, and or all GOVERNMENT CHARTERS are cancelled OR foreclosed upon since 2012 and pursuant to International law of UCC Doc. No. 2012127914, and 2012114776, where all BANKS CHARTERS ARE CANCELLED. This means that at the moment you are on your own, and that you are liable and responsible for your own actions. All there it is, is direct interaction from party to party, which this bring to our attention of what we’ve been doing all along with these terminated cases we WERE in, and due to your incompetence and dishonesty you keep on ignoring our rebutted, and inclusive even lied recently with a filing from you on the 5th of January 2016 where you had the audacity to say that due to us not filing a rebutted before the 4th of January of 2016 the case is demised!



As we filed and or rebutted all your nonsense on the 29th of December of 2015 at the alleged Bankruptcy court in Brooklyn, and on the 4th of January 2016 in Queens County court, we as well sent the documentation via special delivery mail to all parties involved on the 30th of December of 2015 (see exhibit A and B). Not only these but this case is on the public domain world wide with more than forty million viewers watching the outcome of the fraudulent case. Link to: published on September 30th of 2015, and the later that was published on the date of December 28th of 2015, not to mention the websites that are doing their sharing of publishing this case for everyone to see and or learn the fraud committed to the American people by the BAR that disguise as BANKS, and the foreign corporations that disguise as the people government.

THIS PROVED YOUR INCOMPETENCE AND DISHONESTY as we have been filing all documentations way ahead of any due date, which in truth we do not needed to have to do this with you because this case has been terminated without prejudice a million ways already, inclusive of fe ramirez being in court on DATE OF December 2nd telling judge Carla E Craig that the Bankruptcy has been terminated without prejudice. As well and specifically letting her know (and in front of everyone in court) where her position ought to be with reference to a national citizen that is not a USA corporate citizen under presumption and assumption that yourselves under impersonation of public officials think fe ramirez is. That day all was said and DONE. Judge Carla or you did not need to go any further abrogating the lives of the ramirez’s family with crimes inclusive of terrorism from you in their lives, among embezzlement of credit, willful identity theft, inland piracy, currency manipulation, obstruction of bankruptcy, semantic deceit, unlawful conversion, infringements, constructive fraud, and malfeasance.

WE LAMENT TO SAY ONE MORE TIME AND OR repeating ourselves endlessly that the alleged case(s) 24890/2007; 15-44530 have been terminated and inclusive of the property being SOLD. It is your responsibility to READ the documents filed against you in sequences and or sent to all parties involved in the unlawful scheme to avoid any further misunderstanding, as from this day of December 24th of 2015 you will need to deal with the NEW owners of property if you for a fact and with prove showing (something that you could not proved until now) that you have all legal and lawful authority to claim the said property. And furthermore and under any circumstances do not refers to: 11 U.S.C & 707(a); bankruptcy codes 4004 (b), 341(a), and 11 U.S.C. & 343 because this does not apply to National citizens, you are being misinformed. This only applies to US corporations and or employees and or of their own jurisdiction.

ANY further meetings in the alleged court as that of ONE on the 12th of January of 2016 is discharge, discharged and discharged; denied, denied and denied without prejudice and without dishonor by the ramirez family and the NEW owners of property without any necessity to be in the alleged court that it is not in our jurisdiction, and more so when all due diligent and due process has been met. Furthermore, Alan Nisselson, Judge Carla E Craig, the boys from Long Island, New York City, NEW YORK CITY, Boroughs Assembly, United States of America Inc (minor), and or alleged Federal Government, FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, The British Crown, ect, etc do not represent me or the New owners of property. IN FACT, and officially you are INSTRUCTED to no longer act in any TRUSTEE capacity related to our ESTATES and you are “RELEASED” from any right or obligation to take any action related to mortgages, deeds, titles, and other such records held in my NAME or the NEW Owners NAMES.

With all due diligence and all due process, alleged CACE (s) No: i24890/2007; 15-44530 is/are terminated. Made NULL & VOID AB INITIO NUNC PRO TUNC AD INFINITUM. Aligned with common law, protected under the Constitution FOR The United States of America, Article 4, Section 3, Clause 1, governed and insured by public policy UCC 1-103, and UCC 1-308.

Any federal employee offering to harm or interfere in the normal occupations of their employers, that is, the people of this country, or to prohibit their employer’s customary use of the land and resources they are heir to is acting as an Outlaw in contempt of the Public Law and the actual Constitution and is subject to arrest under the Bounty Hunter provisions of the United States Statutes-at-Large.

These Documentations have been prepared by registered public servants working for the people and for the people and in complete authority of the Ramirez family and new owners of property.


These are the receipts from the mail sent on the 30th of December of 2015 to all parties involved in the fraud scheme.











These  documents above were sent to the parties involved on the 30th of December of 2015 with plenty of time for them to read  thus not to lied upon of what it is not true.

And Now these documents are being send to the parties below by especial delivery mail to:

Alan Nisselson c/o Windels Marx Lane and Mittendorf LLP 156 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019,

Judge Carla E. Craig U. S. Bankruptcy Court, EDNY at
271-C Cadman Plaza East- Suite 1595 Brooklyn New York 11201-1800,

The Boys from Long Island: Berkman, Henoch, Peterson, Peddy & Fenchel/Ronald Howard, PC. Address: 100 Garden City Plaza, Garden City, NY 11530


Sincerely and

without prejudice

/s/ fe-esperanza:ramirez along with new property


(non-negotiable autograph, all rights reserved)

Red thumbprints here/s/__________________________________

To all parties involved “If more is never enough” perhaps you should start by doing the right thing for the people of this planet.  Go, start doing the right thing, and leave our lives in peace. Read:

Have a great year full of love and peace

You were served on 01/07/16, and pursuant to Canon law of 3228 (i) and Canon 3228(ii) for the records and On the records.

All rights Reserved without prejudice

FACTS: Technically, we shouldn’t have to file in court, its a living soul to living soul interaction. No foreclosed courts needed. All PRIVATE Courts operating under the guise of PUBLIC courts of the people already foreclosed upon… (and we quote), and pursuant to UCC Doc. No. 2012127914; 2012114776; 2012113593, and 2013032035 of universal commercial law, governed and insured by UCC public law policies of UCC 1-103 and UCC 1-308 thereof, pursuant to our Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution FOR the united States of America.

NOTE: the courts filings(for the records only) concerning this presentment in particular may not be exactly as this one here due to the fact that both the County Public Records of New York City, and the Private Corporate Court Records are working together with the Corporate County Clerk, the terrorist organization name the BAR Association(attorneys/esquires/judges, and the alleged Corporate police force to cover the crimes committed by the alleged perpetrators of defrauding the American people of their god-giving lawful right, by them stealing their properties, children, and jail for profit by committing crimes of willful identity theft, and malfeasance. For a fact both recording entities have altered, hide, and lied about documentations in order to cover the facts. Furthermore it could have been that we may or may not made a mistake within our documentations. Regardless, the fact are facts about the perpetrators. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the American people know this. To those of concern, it is of importance that they go by the presentment(s) of this website(s) as authentic: Furthermore a contract is between two people, not between interloper from alleged, and dissolved corporations, and or outlaw.

public servants and the ramirez family


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