All Energy is Moving to Somewhere

God exists in all energy, God is ALL there is. Only man labels energy with names. Some call it light, some call it dark, some call it good and some bad. All energy is either in a State of Being or a State of Doing. There is no other State.

Many in a State of Being are choosing to move back to a State of Doing at this time. We honour their choices and the difficulties that accompany the process and we show our compassion to those they leave behind. But we do not send our sadness for no other Soul would want to think that we are sad they are being realised into Glory once again. The more difficult State is to continue living.

As a Human Vessel of light, you can do what no Angel or even Arch-Angel can do – you have a choice of free will to help and heal other Humans who seek it from you. If someone comes to you for help, you can call the angels and they will queue up to assist you with all their God given powers. They serve God ‘s will and they will serve you as a vessel of God’s light. This is the Power of the Human Spirit that is spoken about, not of ego or of acquisition but the power of God present here on Earth.

The only restriction to realising that Power is belief in the Self – to turn over your Self to make your choice of free Will into God’s Will through you. You are the Angel caller – they will serve you if you choose to use your Will to do God’s work. The stronger your belief in your Self, the higher the vibration you can work with.

Look further into the world around you, beyond the thought of separation into people, angels. For they are us and we are them and at this stage of third density, we find it easier to see our Higher Self and other beings as separate from us but the real concept is far greater than that. All are present in the vast ocean of Spirit – the wave that crashes on the shore briefly retains form and identity for us to label it, and yet the strong current that moves beneath the surface is the same ocean but in a different form of movement.

You can do all of these things and yet it is easier to think of Angelic beings and masters working through you. Water does not know when it will become cloud, cloud does not know when it will become rain, rain does not know when it will become ocean again. It is either Doing or Being. Your lowest thought is the anchor that holds you.

Each time you expand your belief and hold more light, a greater part of you becomes accessible – you are now working directly as a body of energy streaming angelic rays through you. You have no need to give away your sovereignty to a label.

See God’s Will and purpose in everything and everyone. This is Your power – All is God.

~Polaris AD/ Angelic Real = this posting


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