Astrology and Eclipses Rules: New Moon Cycle in Scorpio+ Sam Bankman FTX

 1975FDC1-0945-4C03-B9EB-32578C8FBEF5Remember when we said, that eclipses always anticipate changes whether personal changes, or on a larger scale as that of earth’s changes, social economical changes, or changes in government, and or changes for the greatest good, etc. Well, not only eclipses anticipate changes, but astrology in general rules.

Actually, serious changes have been taking place since 2012 on earth, but more than ever, since the GREAT conjunction between planet Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st 2020 in the sign of Capricorn. The same day of the Winter Solstice, and right after a Total Solar Eclipse on December 14th on the sign of Scorpio- right at the edge where Scorpio meets Sagittarius. Sagittarius= fire sign, while Scorpio= water sign. If we were to combine water with fire, then we produce STEAM. Steam can be very volatile. A transformation occurs when mixing fire with water. So if we were analyze this total solar eclipse on December 14th 2020, it tells us that some earthly transformation would occurs in various ways, reinforced by the GREAT conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, and the approval from a Full Moon on December 30th in the sign of Cancer. And the effects from these events would carry on until the next four to six months into 2021.

And many of us knows very well what took place within our country in January 6th 2021, in Washington DC+ and the entire country. Some of us still gets goose bumps remembering all that took place during that period. Steaming riots were across the country inclusive within big  cities as New York, Hollywood, California, and Baltimore, to name a few. And disclosure about the most ferocious criminals was rampant inclusive those babies predators within this country and around the world.

It was also the time when our country, and after two hundred years that was being govern by tyrants, was for the first time Giving back to the people. To the American people. This happened on January 20th of 2021, the day that many people thought it was the transition of power from one political party to another. NO, it was the transition of government from a political corporation call THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA= USA, to the original government as it should had been all along; the American people. It was the transition of power to a civilian government. Avatar DJT made that very clear, as he was the chosen one for activating this transition along with a goddess. It was the day when the White House was CLOSED DOWN. It was when Washington DC was PUT on locked down, and so was the entire country,+ and the entire world. It was when just about all the American people were told to put that [ THING ] inside their body whether they like it or not. And many were the people that died. Remember that? Further, who can forget walking around with masks on their faces, ironically till these days for many,+ and staying six feet apart from anyone. We are still not clear from all the nonsense, but for one thing we are sure of, and that is that the star this conjunction took place in Capricorn, is deep rooted concerning the welfare for our humanity and thus this star might have inspired for everyone be invisible for their own protection in a time of danger. Invisible as by staying at home from harms way while some military operations were taking place. That for sure makes sense for us. Now, if things got out of hands as that of harming the innocents as a form of revenge; taking advantages of the opportunity for committing malicious acts, those responsible should pay the consequences for their actions.

Meanwhile, to not make things worse, and or worry the people, a FAKE government must come a reality until the people rise up. And then an Avatar, and or actor resembling an opposite politician, became the suppose president; the suppose winner of a false election. A president of a dead corporation; of a dead government. You do not think that a person that is in worse condition than an average person in a nursing home, is running our country? And you do not think that we are so coward, we are going having a top pedophile,+ and top criminal running our country when he should had been execute, do you?

And if you paid attention, the entire inauguration of this president was as if it was that of a funeral. It was done on purpose by our arms forces. It was the most appropriate+ and official way of saying Goodbye to a dead body; to a dead entity; to a dead corporation that for much too long disguised itself “As the people government.” And who can forget, while on locked down, tens of buses with shaded windows were coming out of Washington DC every day and for months, as if they were full of soldiers, Or were they full of top politicians on the way to Gitmo? We know for a fact that thousands and thousands of soldiers were dispersed across the states arresting these top criminals right after the funeral inauguration.

And then the White House was open again for other purposes- tribunals maybe? Fake president wondering around… Confusion galore, is it not?  Oh, and why not mention all the flooding that have been taking place all over the world since those events took place, where entire communities disappeared; buildings + and homes collapsed and or washed away by the force from the flooding,+ and storms.+ and thousands of people dead. And how about shortage of food supplies inclusive toilet paper! I remember very well standing in line at Walmart in order for I get a pack of toilet paper because I could not buy it anywhere else. And for a long time as well, milk was hard to find, and etc. And do not let us get started on the hundreds of senior citizens that were murdered deliberately by top politicians in order to create a cashing bond from the dead bodies because they ran out of money. Enough said.

And going back to the Great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, and according to Vedic Astrology, on December 21st of 2020 was the COMPLETION of two hundred years cycle of an elemental zodiac sign being dominant for that time period. In this case, the dominant element was Fire for the last two hundred years. As we all know, the zodiac elements of fire are in the signs of Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. The last such Great conjunction took place in 1821. From 1821 to 2021 is two hundred years. However, this conjunction repeats itself every twenty years as regular conjunctions but there it is a catch to it, and that is that in order for a shift of elements occurs for the upcoming two hundred years, this conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn must happens in three consecutive occasions within the current two hundred years in the same zodiac sign!

In this case, the Earth elements won by the conjunctions repeating in the sign of Capricorn for three consecutive periods. As we all know, the zodiac earth elements are in the signs of Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. This is significant! And it is no wonders so much is taking place all over the world. And it is no wonder as well, the earth, with her diligently, wise, and brilliant assistants, they are globally working very hard doing a thoroughly house cleaning of what no longer serve. Discarding what no longer serve our society good. And making sure very well, that our future generation that are our precious children, are safe where ever they are. ACTUALLY, EVERYTHING IS ABOUT OUR CHILDREN.

And further, the earth goals for her creation are, healing, by bringing back agricultural values, family values, spiritual values, courage, wisdom; ending hunger,+ and homelessness, and bringing prosperity for everyone under the condition of self- responsibility. Self- responsibility means for example, we are responsible for our own health and the health of our children by providing proper nutritional values. By setting spiritual values upon ourselves and our children that would protect us and them from worldly violence, greed,+ and indulgence of sexual immorality, gluttony, and substance abuse as alcohol, and streets drugs, etc. We must set example for our children starting at home- by keeping a family environment all ways always, where smoking+ and alcohol are not at play to begin with. By making the right decisions where our health, and the health of our children are NOT at stake. In general, by making sure that our children do have a root foundation from empower examples from all Family members during their growing years, for their better future.

The Earth is a goddess that cares deeply for her children, and she wants that for the next two hundred years and beyond, everyone can achieve greatness by being self- responsible. By being conscious and alert of harm’s way, all ways, always.

Do this sound and seems like something we all can relates to. You bet.

Which leads us mentioning the corruption about the financial system within the last hundred year. So bad it has been, it is beyond pathetic and nauseating. Which is why god Jupiter and god Saturn intervened, by finding a solution for this tragic situation and thus since 2013, the OLD financial system has been in decline. Seriously declining by a new financial system running side by side,+ and kicking ass until the old guy is ceased and desist. Which comes to mind, in 2013- 2016, there it were many banking executives that after finding out what was taking place, they wasted no time killing themselves before being confront and arrests for their hideous crimes against the people. I remember very well how often many of them chose jumping from high rises buildings, besides many of them blowing up their own heads. Tragic indeed many said, but not tragic for those that knew very well the crimes committed by these clean cut criminals.

Knowing well that their empire was dying, these criminals went on creating Crypto currencies. Something that was unlawful, and for sure not centralized, but they went along with it anyway. And worse, they used crypto for continuing their crimes of human trafficking; pedophilia, and purchase arms for gangs members, etc. Regardless, the entire world fell for crypto inclusive of giants companies.= 130 giants companies! In fact, even teachers pension, etc., ended up in FTX, one of the giants crypto exchanges worth almost forty five billion dollars in less than four years. But there were not only giants companies that went to FTX, these were people like you and I that invested even their paycheck into FTX every week.

Unfortunately, The giant FTX just filed for bankruptcy in November, 2022. Billions upon billions of the people’s money, lost. Billions upon billions from giants corporations, lost. This means, all these corporations; companies went bankrupts as well when FTX went down. This is so shocking!

And I am not going to talk much about the CEO from FTX, Sam Bankman-Freed. For this watch the two videos below. Mind blowing!

And surprisingly and unexpectedly, and from a technical perspective, the Stock Market had a SELL off on mid-October, on the 13th on a Full Moon, 2022. While Crypto went bankruptcy on the Blood Moon Eclipse in November, 2022.

And you might be thinking, “ What the… What went wrong here? ” Well, we can answer that. What went wrong here was, that after September 30th 2022, the United States Treasury would not print any money for anyone that their money is not backed by tangible assets as gold, silver, etc. Any corporation, and or company, and or individual that does not have their business backed by these metals, is bound to crumble on the spot. Nor is there a transferring of money through the OLD system. With these being the facts, FTX failed because in reality it was a FRAUD, let alone being backed by tangible metals.

Change is primordial in order for us moving forward thus start your critical thinking by realizing that if all these are true, then a New Financial system is already running.

And according to Vedic Astrology, this New Moon, on the 24h of November 2022, in the sign of Scorpio, can bring some unexpected events. Scorpio, that is a fix water sign+ and rule by Mars, is deep down about Devotion instead of emotion. Scorpio is about transformation. Is about transforming the ego emotional desires into devotion through the heart. This means that the Star in the heart of Scorpio is not about compromising love. It is not about transient love. This star is about organic love that is pure love. Scorpio as well, is about exposing deceits, and world events. Further, many planets are supporting this New Moon inclusive the friendly Sun, Mitra, that is all about friendship+ and true love. This means that any event happening during this New Moon cycle would have a strong base; a strong impact; a shift that would transforms our entire lives in all aspects such as in finance, health, family; children, careers, and spirituality. Many things that had us worry during the last two years, it seems it would come to an end. At first we may feel lazy about moving forward with all these transformational energies, however, with our experiences, we must push forward to do what is right. To do what is best for the greatest good.

The New Moon also would cross Scorpio point= gandanta on the 25th of November. This could trigger a new start; a new birth. A new level of change. Which comes to mind, this New Moon might bring all those changes that we anticipated in 2020 during the Great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn, as always takes its time to bring changes, but at the end he brings results, and Jupiter is most glad coming along enhancing these changes that would help our creation, and our humanity.

As for the time being, the entire world is under the protection of a global Military Alliance. This alliance cannot be compromise because it does not belongs to any country. Politic is over. Hegemony is over.  And a benevolent Queen is the commander In-Chief for the entire planet. And the only laws are her Royal Decrees. The Supreme Court is, “The Queen Court.” The Queen works along with the alliance.+ and with the people from every country. THERE YOU HAVE IT. This is the only way to stop the corruption. The only way to stop evil. More to come.

Blissing be upon everyone during these changing times, all ways, always, and let us pray the heavenly gods from the stars, guide us through a balance right path.

 Videos about FTX:

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